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Maxwell House Jacksonville Factory

This country was not built
on white collar. It was built on blue collar.
Hard work. Hard work means every day. Getting it right. Everytime I clock in, I give
you the best I can give you for as long as I’m here. It’s so iconic. You can
just see it on the shelf. If it’s missing. You’ll know it. Maxwell House Blue means
family. Values. And perseverance.
‘Cuz you can go as far as you want to here. There’s no stopping coffee. The bean is the most
important thing. We take care for our consumers. We make sure it’s
the best bean that is. Every one means something to us. They’re all dedicated to
putting out the best product that we can put out. Because, your family.
My family. When they drink that coffee and go,
“man, that’s a good cup!” I’m proud, because I
helped make that cup.

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