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MASSIVE BACK TO SCHOOL SUPPLIES HAUL – HUGE Smiggle Haul – Back to School Shopping at Smiggle

Hi guys, it’s me Emily>>and Evelyn.>>And today we are in London, and we’re going to
be going to Smiggle. So come on! And we’re in our hotel room, and we just got
back from Smiggle and we got a bunch of cool stuff and we are
super excited to show you guys since we are living in the USA. We do not have Smiggle. So we got like a lot
of stuff from Smiggle because it’s our first time and we’re super excited
to show you guys.>>Most of our things that we
got are insider backpacks and then the umm bag is full
of gifts for our friends. So we both got backpack
and this is mine. It’s basically like ice creams
and they’re kinda like melting and mine also has like
a little ice cream zipper.>>Mine are a bunch of kitties
and their sweets like we have a popsicle
and ice cream and a donut kitty.>>It’s super cute. And this is the back and this cool straps and mine
has a pink kitty on the zipper. We also got lunchbox
and water bottles. Mine has treats on it. Like it has a tea cup, a cake,
a cupcake and like a cracker.>>And mine has like umm
my backpack theme ice cream.>>And then we got
water bottles. Mine is like purple teal
and lighter teal and it has like emojis like a cat ones, it says
Smiggle on the front.>>Mine is umm like a little
ice cream water bottle and it is cotton candy ice cream
and umm bubble gum ice cream.>>Now we’re going to show you
all the school supplies we got that we put in our backpacks.>>Okay, so I got a little
ice cream truck pencil case. Case umm ice cream.>>I, this is my pencil case. It’s a fluffy rainbow ice cream with cute face and a heart
and a zipper ## here. It is one piece.>>Mine has two zippers.>>Yeah, hers is two piece. Okay.>>Okay, and then I got and then we got like these
little popsicle highlighters. Scented highlighters.>>I got this like
collectible mini journal. I got the puppy
that’s named emoji and it’s super cute and comes
with a secret badge inside.>>My next umm thing
that I got is like this little pastel E,
um keychain thing.>>Okay, this pen is super cool because it is fluffy and it
has a little cute face on it. It’s super fluffy and it smells
like cotton candy, it’s so good.>>Can I smell please? Oh, yeah, it does oh.>>And it has like
different colors. So like let’s say you want
to use pink, there’s pink, or yellow or green
or spin so on. It’s super cool.>>I have also
but it’s from Dubai. Okay, next my next thing
I got from Smiggle is like this multicolor pencil. So pretty.>>Okay.>>Oh, it smells so good? It smells like fruit.>>Okay, this is a funny pen. It’s a pen. So it’s a strawberry and you can there’s
like a lever and blast off. And it smells like strawberry
a little bit like cotton candy, but it’s cool. Can I smell? Mm, that smells amazing.>>Yeah almost everything
in Smiggle is scented. So we smell
like everything there.>>Okay, my next thing is
this umm little mermaid notebook and it’s also
like full of sequins.>>Okay, this is
another hilarious pen. I’m a boxing unicorn. You don’t wanna mess with me.>>Okay, my next thing
is a boxing unicorn too. You don’t wanna mess with us.>>And it has
lever tongs at back. So you can see.>>There you go.>>Okay. Um, I also got–
I love the pens there. So I have like lots
of pens and pencils. This adorable burger pen. It is so adorable it’s green. But it’s a– I tested it out,
it’s actually black pen so. It’s super cute
and this can come off if you wanna cuddle with it when you sleep. Just make sure
it doesn’t get lost.>>It has umm like a little plastic.>>It’s super cute
and it has a little thing and it’s super fluffy. And scented like a burger
that is super cool. It smells like cotton candy cause everything I have is
like cotton candy smell but it smells like a burger>>My next thing is ah little umm
like some little erasers like milkshakes, a lemonade, ice cream and like
little candy party. Party hats.>>Okay, let’s see here. Okay, another very cute pen. It’s not funny
but it’s adorable. Umm, I didn’t test this one out, but I think it’s black
and it’s super fluffy. It’s a donut kitty
with super cute tail and this is same series
with my backpack. Fluffy, it smells like a donut.>>Everything looks like Hawaiian
and sweet and sprinkle.>>That’s cool.>>Okay, my next thing is
like this little blue scissors with little ice creams on them. Okay, there. So [inaudible]>>Okay, this is so cute. I got a little keychain. It’s a little purple kitty
in a teal cup. It matches with my umm
lunchbox and it smells like tea. I’m not kidding
it smells like tea. That’s so cool.>>Can I smell please? It smells like cotton candy.>>It smells like tea.>>Okay, the next thing I got it’s like it’s for both of us but it’s like this little
Smiggle alarm clock.>>It’s pink.>>Mhm, ring ring ring.>>Okay, let’s see.>>Oh, I also got
those scissors so that it just the same. It has the cap with the same
prints the ice cream, and yeah all of them are ice cream. So yeah, it’s a bigger one.>>I’m ready to box. Okay, my next thing is like
a little umm cupcake umm pencil.>>Okay, I got
these adorable erasers, it’s juicy scented erasers. You can’t really
smell from the box, which is okay.>>Okay, my next thing I got, it’s like a little diary thing, and it has like the lines and it’s like all
rainbows sparkly. Smiggle.>>Okay, I got a notebook too. It’s a fluffy kitty,
it’s funny, and I’m going to [inaudible]
plastic really quick so I can feel how fluffy it is. Wow, it’s so fluffy.>>Oh.>>It smells like nothing, but that’s so cool and
let’s see how the pages are. All the pages are so cute too. So yeah, this is super cute. Put it back. And it has a bow
the cat has a bow.>>Okay, the next thing I got is like a little kitty umm
little journal thing. And it comes
with a secret badge.>>I got… Well my next thing is.>>Mini.>>Aw, cute little erasers. There’s a biscuit,
it has a face. Yeah, there’s another biscuit,
it doesn’t have a face, and then there’s
cute little milk containers. They’re so cute. And they’re supposed
to be scented.>>Okay, my next thing is. Okay. This little like umm
scented era– lip balm eraser.>>All right, this is cute. It’s like it’s a very. Whoa whoa, it’s upside okay. It’s a very thin notebook. Umm, but it’s super cute and it’s like cakes and eggs, and milks, it’s super cute. It’s like cooking stuff. And just like a normal one. It has Smiggle and a little cute cupcake,
and it has a ruler right here. Super cool. I’m gonna use this a lot.>>Okay, my next thing is a little, a mini electric sharpener. It actually go with this.>>Okay, let’s see here.>>It has sweets partying.>>So, I got another one of
the different colored pens. This time, it’s not furry
but it’s still cute. It doesn’t really smell
like anything but umm it’s like it
matches my backpack, has like these sweet kitties and this time
it has darker colors. It has like a red,
a black this time, darker pink. It’s super cool.>>Okay, next I got like little
like a little wallet and you can color it, and also comes with some
markers so you can do that. You can not use
like highlighters, markers or like.>>Regular ones cause
normally they are washable. These are have to be permanent.>>Mhm.
>>So yeah, it’s cool.>>I think that this
can fit my phone or something, it’s big.>>Speaking of markers. I got markers. Wait, there’s a cow
one and a chicken one. I hope that’s not like manure
or something, oh oh. And these are supposed
to smell like stuff. So I’m gonna take these out
cause this looks cool. Okay, I’m gonna test this one. I don’t know what it is. I hope it’s not manure. It smells like a farm. Okay, that was, let’s
smell good one this time.>>We’re sharing the markers, right?
>>Umm, yeah. Umm, the cotton candy! Mmm, this smells so good.>>Oh whoa, yeah.>>All right, the black,
let’s see what the black one because I don’t know what
a black one smells like. This is what the. It’s like stone oven. Ugh eww, smells like
>>Eww.>>burned bacon. Eww, that’s so eww. Okay.>>It smells like pork.>>Okay. Okay. Those are my markers, okay. And I, these are
gonna be for school.>>Okay, and my last
little thing I got is like a little ice cream penguin
keychain holding a little.>>Oh, I also got
the coloring wallet with the same markers. It’s the same one. So, yeah.>>Oh, oops.>>Here I got–
What is this? Oh, yeah, I got the highlighters
as well, scented highlighters. Okay, this is a big thing. It’s a safe with owls on it
and it has a code. So let me show you
what it looks like the inside. Okay, so it’s super cute
it’s kind of like a mini locker and it has a drawer, and you can fit stuff like in there. I’m gonna fit my pens
and erasers and stuff like that. So I don’t lose them
cause they’re really tiny. And it have this bigger area which is more for bigger stuff, and it’s super cute
and small stuff get lost because we have a lot of things so it’s gonna be easier
to have a safe. Okay, the back. Oh okay, so I got this pink
pencil with like a pug eraser and I love pugs
with all my friends. We love pugs,>>and I really like these pink.
>>Me too.>>So I got the pink pug. Okay, I also got a colored
pencil with like rainbow colors and it matched my backpack. So cool.>>This one too.>>Okay, this one is umm clear. It’s a scented lip balm eraser. You can see and.>>Oh, this is like
ice cream kitties.>>Mhm, and this is
ice cream not cakes [inaudible] just like ice cream. Okay, I think this is eraser. Umm, it’s super
cool and colorful. It’s not scented but it’s cool
and I really like the colors. It’s like pink, yellow and blue. That’s it for that
pocket, second one. Okay, I got the eraser
party erasers as well. There’s like ice cream,
candy with a party hat, umm lemonade and then drink. Evelyn got this as well.>>Yeah, party time.>>I also got the umm ice cream
pencil as well that Evelyn got. And I got berry smoothie
double scented pencils, that’s super cool. It supposed to
smell like berries and ice cream equals
berry smoothie, and it’s four so we’re
gonna share them. And I got this E pastel rainbow
that is gonna go. It’s a key chain. That’s gonna go on my backpack. Okay, so that’s all. So this bag is full of
presents for our friends, and we’re not gonna show anything because we’re gonna
post this video before we meet them again. So it’s full of stuff
and we’re not going to umm… We’re not going
to spoil the surprise because it’s not gonna be as fun
to get them and it’s super cool. So we’re gonna give you a little sneak peek to show you
guys like what kind of in there. You guys ready? So this is all we can show
you from this bag. But just to give you a hint most
of the things in there, it is what we got for ourselves. So yeah, and>>Beep beep.>>Umm we really love
what we got from Smiggle. We really wish we had
Smiggle in the U.S. because then we can go
to back to Smiggle. And it’s super cool
to have such cool thing. I love that everything
is scented, and it have funny boxing pens
and scented pens. It’s so cool.>>So, please let us know what’s your favorite
from our Smiggle haul.>>We hope you enjoyed this haul
and thanks for watching.>>See you next time.>>Please subscribe and bye!
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