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Market Finder: Learn About Localisation When Expanding Internationally

hi i’m bert director of localization at
google googles mission is to organize the world’s information and make it
universally accessible and useful the localization team at google localizes
over 120 google products into over 100 languages to make them accessible to
millions of users we are now providing you with an opportunity to localize your
own websites localization is crucial to successfully exporting your products and
globalizing your business localization means more than just
directly translating your website’s content the aim is to make your products
and services look and feel as though they have been cleaned especially for
the markets you want to export to speaking the same language using the
local currency and paying close attention to local culture reassures
your new customers and familiarizes them with your products localization runs
across every aspect of a globally focused business online communications
advertising promotional material and other resources that support your
business the news service allows you to work with professional translators who
are native speakers to reach into the hearts and minds of your global audience
by capturing the nuances of local languages as well as their meaning this
service includes a self-service portal where you can have your translations
completed by Google partners in a simple interface by providing an easy and
accessible localization platform to you Google is enabling you to more
effectively reach users and customers across the globe

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