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Marinated Garbanzo Bean Salad – Family Plot

So Summer Celebration is right around the
corner, Sarah. So you want to tell the folks a little bit about it? – Sure, Summer Celebration is an annual event
we have at the West Tennessee Research and Education Center in Jackson, Tennessee, the second Thursday of July every
year, rain or shine. – Rain or shine, and it’s usually shine, and
it’s usually hot. – Yes, so come prepared to be warm. – Yes, and it starts nine to five, nine o’clock
of course. The master gardeners there are Madison Country, doing a good job with their plant sale, so that starts
at nine o’clock will go to five o’clock, and then all of the speakers will start at 10 o’clock and that goes until
five o’clock, so it’s going to be a good day. – [Sarah] Yes, a lot to learn. – And then, guess what? The Kitchen Divas
are going to be there, and they’re going to be cooking so. – We’ll be there. – What are you going to cook for us today? – Well today, this year’s theme is herbs,
Herbalicious is what we have named our segment. – [Chris] Herbalicious. – So everything that you eat when you come
to a Kitchen Divas session is gonna have a fresh herb in it. We’ve even got a beverage that’s gonna have an herb in
it. – Would that be a mint julep? – We might have a lot more people come through
here over that. That’s a good idea. I’ll bring that up. We’re going to offer eight to 10 items for people to sample.
Like I said, they’ll all have an herb in it. Today, we are going to get to try two things. One I’ve already prepared.
It’s a fresh dill dip, and dill is such a fun thing to work with. This is super easy too. The other three divas kind
of laugh of me when I bring my recipes, but you know, I tell them, I’m a working mom, I’ve got two small kids, my
husband works, I don’t have time to just stand in the kitchen all the time, so I try to get stuff that is not huge
length of ingredients that people might have on hand that you can kind of whip up and have ready, so I’m going to
go over two of those with y’all today. The one already prepared here is the dill dip, and basically, you just have
to open up some cans and mix it together. It’s a cup of sour cream, a cup of mayonnaise, some fresh dill, some ground
garlic powder, and some onion powder. And you just mix all that together with your dill and add in some fresh parsley
and let it sit. I let it sit overnight, just ’cause I love those fresh flavors get to mill together. It’s really
easy. You can serve it with crackers or even some of a vegetable tray. It’s versatile, and it’s real easy, it’s not heavy.
You know in the summer time we want light, cold stuff to eat, so that’s an easy one that you can make ahead
of time. So I’m gonna actually make one here with y’all today called the marinated garbanzo bean salad, and if you’re
not familiar with garbanzo beans, they also are referred to as chickpeas. They’re used to make hummus and
things like that. They are packed with protein, so this is a meatless meal. – Alright Mr. D, meatless. – This is a meatless meal, but we are packing
it with some protein. These have a lot of protein in them, and really, there’s not any fat, hardly any calories in
this as well too, so you know, it’s all fresh ingredients, things that you might have on hand, hopefully, but basically
what I’ve done here, I’ve taken, it’s just a can of garbanzo beans, they’re very easy to find at your store, I
drained and rinsed them to get any of the salt and things that may be on there added, and I let them sit in a colander
for a little while to get all the liquid out of them ’cause you don’t want a runny salad. So I’ve done that, and
then the marinade is very simple. It’s just a Balsamic vinegar and an extra virgin olive oil, and I added a little
garlic powder to that and whisked that together, and then poured that over the beans, and they’ve been marinating
since yesterday afternoon, so hopefully they’ll be good of flavor, yes. So all we’re going to do now is simply open
this and add it to our bowl. You can smell it right away when I open it. Well y’all can. – Yeah, I see Mr. D’s already eyeing that
here. – I’ll tell you, when you come see Kitchen
Divas we’ll give you the recipes, but then we’ll tell you how we did it. I don’t want you to see the recipe online, and
think she didn’t do it that way. So what I’ve done here, I’m going to leave the dressing in here as y’all can see.
The recipe tells you to do some other steps, but this is easier, and if you feel like when you’ve made your whole
salad that you need a little bit more of that dressing, just add what you like to taste, so we encourage people to play
with their food. So then, I’ve added this, I’ve cut up a tomato, which we’ll have, some people already have now fresh
out of your garden, we’re going to put that in here. A cucumber, if you don’t like cucumbers, I know some people
have trouble eating cucumbers, you could add celery, you could add bell peppers, really anything. This is just to
give it a crunch, but I think even onion if you wanted to add an onion, but this is easy to substitute your favorite fresh
vegetables into. – [Chris] Well we love those veggies then. – Yes. Yeah, this is a really healthy, healthy
thing. So I’m just going to give this a good stir. It’s colorful too. – [Chris] Mhm that’s good. And by the way,
Sarah, this recipe is actually gonna be online at FamilyPlotGarden.com, so if folks want to check it out, they can go
to the website and see it. – Well that’s easy enough, good. Yeah we’re
just going to mix that up and get those flavors going. This also is one that’s good to make ahead of time and let
it sit and kinda flavor up. I do have fresh basil. The recipe calls for fresh basil or fresh oregano, so whatever
you have on hand. This smells great. – [Chris] It does smell good. – It’s going to taste even better in here.
Just about half a cup. I did wash this already and everything, so I’m just gonna chop this up a little. – [Chris] And you did say that’s out of one
of the Kitchen Diva’s garden. – [Sarah] It is. Our Diva, Gwen Joiner, the
agent in Carol County grew this. Yes. – [Chris] Guess Gwen might need to teach a
little horticulture, huh? – Oh and you can really smell it as I cut
it. These summer flavors are just too good not to take advantage of, so we’re just going to throw this in here. Give
us a little bit more. – You can just scatter herbs in flowerbeds
pretty much. Pretty easy to grow. – So we’ve added that, and again like I say,
when you’re making this, put what you want to in there. You know, I’m just doing as it’s called for today. Then
we’re just going to put a little bit of salt and pepper to taste. This is one of those things that people are going
to love, and you’ve made it, but you didn’t have to spend hours in the kitchen doing anything. – It’d be good for a nice picnic or something
like that huh? – Perfect for a picnic, you know. Family get
togethers this summer, or even you know throw the beans in the marinade over night and come home from work and just
throw it all together. Feta cheese is what I’m going to top it with. This is one of my favorite things on salad. It’s
a strong cheese, but I really like it. It’s optional. If you don’t like it, leave it out, or if you’re making this
for people that you’re not sure if they like it or not, you can put it on the side and people can add it their selves
later, so I’m just going to sprinkle some on the top here. It really makes it kind of finishes it off here. Just
kind of stir that in, and like I say, if at this point you feel like you need a little bit more of the dressing, I
think we’re good today, this is where you could kind of taste it and see if you need more salt and pepper, if you wanted
to add more of the balsamic vinegar, or more of the olive oil, this would be the time to do that. – Alright, well let’s go ahead and taste that
then. – Yes, it’s ready! – I’m ready. – Here we go. – Let’s do that. – And then there’s crackers for that one,
if y’all want to try that. I’m going to spoon you some on here. It is a really colorful dish. – [Mr. D] I’m ready. – And you could not use the whole can of garbanzo
beans if you feel like it’s too much. You know, this is a recipe that’s very easy to manipulate and make your
own. – Oh that’s good. – But I love the flavor of the balsamic vinegar. – Okay, Sarah while we’re tasting this, could
you, one more time, tell us about Summer Celebration. – Yeah, Summer Celebration, Thursday July
the 14th. It begins at nine, the last sessions begin at five. To see the Kitchen Divas, there is an additional $5 charge.
Tickets are available at nine o’clock for the 10, 11, and 12 o’clock shows, and then at 12:15, they’ll go on sale
for the one, two, three, and four o’clock shows, and the Divas do end, our last show starts at four. – So come on out, Summer Celebration. I’ll
be there at the Diagnostic Tent. Come by and see Sarah at the UT Kitchen Divas. – Thanks for being here. – Thank you. – This is good. – It’s really good, really good. – Great.

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