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Marcus Scribner Says The Coolest Part Of The White House Is The Bathroom

– I started acting when
I was 10 years old, I booked a little show called “Castle”, I heard that you’re a fan. – I’m a huge fan and I
actually remember this. – [Marcus] Oh they have a picture! No!
– [Kelly] I know! – Oh god.
– It was such a great show! – Yeah, it was so good
but my characters name, I had a one episode gust star role, biggest, I was so proud of it. I ran in, one of the
characters I was like, I ran up to him, my name
was Timmy in the show. Of course, a little kid
named Timmy, shocker. – (laughs) He’s in the well. – Timmy’s in the well! But I ran up to him and I was like “Uncle Havi, you want to
see my baseball cards?” – [Kelly] And that was your moment. – That was my big moment. So that was the break, that was it. (audience applauds and cheers) – First of all, you are
hilarious, you are so fun. – [Marcus] Thank you. – I mean, God you’re like a walking party. So you’re on “Blackish”, so who’s the most surprising
fan that you’ve met? – The most surprising fan I’ve met, okay so let me start by saying this. We got to go to the White House for the Easter Egg Roll
a couple years back, I know you guys can see
where this is going. – [Kelly] That’s amazing. – Gets pretty good from
here, but we got to go to the White House for
the Easter egg roll, I got to bring my entire family, went to the Oval Office bathroom. Their paper towels are
literally like real towels. – I love that you went to the bathroom. – No the bathroom was the coolest part, it was like marble all over the place, I was like “Whoa, this-” – Most people are like
fascinated by the office. – No but the bathroom was tight. You spend a lot of time in the bathroom. (audience applauds) But we got to meet
Michelle and Barack Obama, it was an amazing experience,
yeah, there it is. (audience cheers) If you pay close attention you can see my arm isn’t around Michelle because I was like “Is this illegal? “Am I allowed to put my
arm around Michelle Obama? “Like is Secret Service just
gonna jump out of the roof “and like “Put your hands up.”” – I think you chose wisely,
I would’ve been nervous too. – So it’s just awkwardly standing, 14 year old Marcus just
like (imitates groaning) so.

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