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Man pays $1,500 monthly rent for cat apartment

oh you get $1,500 you can do a lot with that Yeah right well one family in California decided you know what let’s just get an apartment for our cats understand $1,500 however if you are loaded and you live in Silicon Valley I guess you can do it it is known for its sky-high rent prices with the average studio costing about two thousand dollars a month there in this case a father whose daughter was headed to college found that he could no longer house his daughters cats Louise and Tina in his place oh what’d he do he decided to rent them their own 425 square foot studio and it costs $1,500 a month no way they don’t drink they don’t smoke they don’t call please loud music it’s not been my life lifelong vision or dream to have cats as tenants it just worked out that way say what you know somebody comes by he’s a cat every day we hope they clean up after them as well how my father is is not a pet person you know maybe that passed down generationally but my father right now will be looking at that story like say what all those homeless people are Oh in California a lot of people who are pet lovers are finding that one a little hard to imagine 1,500 month for your pets mm-hmm


mike sanchez

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Good dad

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