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MadHouse | Sitcom S01E11 – “Before 06-09-2018” In The House | Niharika Konidela | Telugu Web Series

‘Dear citizens…’ ‘Ring the notification bell for Pink Elephant Pictures.’ ‘Witness the spectacle.’ What are you doing here? Damn! It’s you?! He’s from the Army. I’m writing a new story on him. That is why I’ve been following him
since morning. He’s not from the Army. He’s a director. How come? I thought he’s from the Army. I’m not sure. He’s always jobless, just like you. So I assumed he’s a director. He’s not from the Army?! Who told me that he is from the army? [door creaks] Why did you tell me he’s from the military? Why did you do this to me? Why did you lie? How could you insult such a big writer? It’s April 1st! Why is Tom so furious? Shant! I think Tom is angry. He’s not… Angry. That’s the face he makes
when he’s hungry. Tom is angry! No. He’s hungry. Definitely hungry. Enough! It’s not funny. You fooled me, huh? Wait and see. I’ll take revenge. I’ll fool all of you by evening. And I’m hungry! [mind voice] It’s strange bumping
into him here. Hi! [gasps] Hi, sir. Nice perfume, huh. [mumbles] Crap! I stink. Thank you, sir. Why are you following me since morning? I’ve been observing you. Any problem? No, sir. All good. [mind voice] Am I in trouble? You’re hiding something. I can understand. I’ll make it easy for you, okay? [mind voice] Easy?! Why is he coming closer? Is he going to slap me? He turned the elevator off. I’m dead! [grunting] [Tom screaming] Shant! Shant!
President is gay! President is gay! [peppy music playing] “Mad House!” “These conversations on life” “They go over Einstein’s head” “It’s the beginning of many tales” It’s time chaos surrounds us” “Watch them closely…” “They’re all gathered under one roof” “Fun times are calling” “Mad House!” [door creaks] Guys! Guys! Guys! Guys! Guys! Guys!
Please help me. Please help me. President is gay! Please help me, guys. Please! April fool, Jo. April fool, Charu. – Funny, Tom.
– Shall we continue? Let’s play. Guys, I’m serious. He’s after me. Please, guys. Please help me. He’s gay! So what’s wrong in it? Doesn’t this society have a place
for them? I support them! Exactly! Me too. You know, few animals are also gay. – Oh, really?
– Yeah! Walrus and penguins and few other birds. Shant.. What are you looking at? I’m just checking if there are any videos. [gasps] Show me! Show me! Show me! Guys, focus! Yeah, let’s focus. – Guys! Focus on me.
– Hey! He smooched me! What?! What nonsense! Whatever, huh! You can’t say whatever you want
just to get your revenge. Dev is gay! He licked me! No! Dev isn’t gay. I’m the proof. He stares at me, man! I mean, I’m so pretty after all. Guys! I’m serious, guys! Okay, Thomas Sandulu. Tell me. I’m asking you as a lawyer. Where’s the evidence to your claim? How did it happen? What were you doing there at that time? – Hmm.
– Tell me, Tom. Where all did he touch you? Who are the witnesses? And… What were you wearing? I’m sure you must have worn
something short. Yes! I object! I was decent. But these men are such perverts. I’m the victim. #MeToo. I object! My client Dev is not gay! So close this bloody case because… – Because?
– Because? I’m hungry. [doorbell rings] Forget all this…
This case is not strong. There’s no evidence proving
that he kissed you. Order! Order! [door creaks] – Hi!
– Hi, everybody! – Shant, he’s here for me.
– Tom forgot his book. Hi, sir… Please come in. Do you have to invite him in? – Tom just told us about you.
– I see. Please sit. He’s here for me. He’s here for me. So, Mr. Dev… Tell us what you know. What were you doing there at that time? [gasps] The nation wants to know! Sir… Coffee? Yeah, sure. Charu, can you make him coffee, please? Okay. Coffee! Sir, we’re actually nice people. And we respect our guests.
Is that right? [awkward laugh] He’s still staring at me. [chuckles] Shant, he’s staring at me. Look. Do I have enough make up on? I’ll be right back. Jo! Why is he closing in? [phone ringing] I’m getting a call.
I’ll be right back. [whispers] No, Shant. Please! It’s Lucky. She’ll kill me if I don’t answer. Shant! Hey! I read your script. It’s really nice. Even I love movies. We have the same tasteas well. Great work! I’m not what you think, sir. Please, sir! – You have the wrong impression.
– Stop worrying, Tom. – This is quite common.
– Shant! – I know you like me.
– Shant! [door slides] I’m not your type, sir. Please. I just followed you around for a script. What’s going on? Sir has done some research
on Love and Equality. He was just telling me about it. Oh! Love is a sacred thing, sir. [phone dings] ‘I won’t come if I’m busy.’ ‘But you have to come no matter what.’ Equality is important, sir. ‘That’s the rule of Love.’ Don’t we deserve equality, sir? How does gender matter? Love is love, sir! Do you believe in such stuff, Shant? Yeah! You’re the only person
who understood me, Shant. Hmm? I want to appreciate you. Come. Come to me, Shant.
– No! – Oh shit Get lost! Don’t touch my friend. Get out of the house! – Get lost!
– Chill, guys! – Tommy, what are you doing?
– Why is he forcing us? It’s supposed to be mutual, right?
Ask him to get lost, Shant. – Tom!
– Get out of the house! That was Hindi for you. Get lost! – He’s the President, Tom.
– No! You get lost! I’ll get back to you! – I saved you!
– My foot! – Sir!
– How dare they ask me to leave? What? Seriously? You proved you’re the perfect candidate for Fools Day. Very good! Tom, you need to apologize. We might have to vacate the flat. Listen to me, Shant. Go and say sorry. Go! Please go. Okay, fine! I wonder how many sacrifices
I have to make for my friends. He might think I’m back for a kiss. [door knock] [sighs] Dev sir! Sorry, Tom. I can understand your feelings. But I’m really sorry. I can’t be with someone who doesn’t
express his love in front of the world. Shant is the man for me. He’s not like you. He expressed his love like a strong man.
– [mind voice] I’m safe! So I like him. I need a person like him. So tell Shant that. Good, sir.
Good choice, sir. And I don’t want to see your face anymore.
Please leave. I’m really sorry, sir.
I’ll send Shant, sir. [mind voice] Shant, it’s your turn now. Yes! Shant… Shant… Shant! That President is sobbing, bro. He wants us to vacate the flat. Please, bro.
You’re always solving our problems. – What?
– Please help us, bro. Tommy! You know what? You’re supposed to smash a cigarette
outside the house. You can’t bring it inside and smash it
on my head. Tell him something like this, bro. He can smash any cigarette then. Shant, please do something.
Please, Shant. Please! Fine! Whatever. I wonder how many sacrifices
I have to make for my friends. [door knock] Hey, Shant! Hi! What are you doing here? Wow! Come on, man. I knew you’d come.
– Thank you, sir. What’s happening, Tom? You guys didn’t believe me, did you? Now watch. 1… 2… 3!
[gasps] [Shant] Why are you touching me, sir?
Let go of my shirt! We need to help him, Tom. Let’s go! Shant has surrendered. I think we need to help him. – Let’s call the police.
– Hold on. I’ll handle this. I have a solution. [lock creaking] It’s locked. Call the police. Oh really? [Shant groaning] You said equal rights for gays, right?
Why are you sobbing now? What if he’s gay? Consent matters. He was a monster, man. You said he’s your client, remember? Did you have to mention it now? [mumbles] You’ve taken his side
since the start. Now sit down. Police showed up. They said it’s illegal. They gave a warning. To both of us. Both of us! Alright, bro. Now that he’s told it’s illegal… He won’t bother you again. ‘A major relief appears for the
LGBT community.’ ‘The Supreme Court has decided to review
Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code…’ ‘Which criminalizes homosexual actions.’ ‘The Apex Court has also sent
a notice to the Centre, asking for a response on the petition…’ [door bell rings] ‘Watch this report.’ [Dev] Shant! Damn! He’s back so soon.


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It should be more entertaining and at least 15 minutes episode.
Characters are really good. Hoping for more entertainment.

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