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Macklemore Goes Sneaker Shopping With Complex

What’s up everybody it’s Joe from Complex. We’re in Seattle at Recess, for another episode
of Sneaker shopping with… Macklemore. My first pair of Jordan’s- first grade. Bam! We’re going to get his current thoughts on
everything that’s going on in sneakers. Things that inherently bother me about the
culture. Totally. That I also love. Let’s do it. Let’s start with the obvious, you’re wearing
the Clay Suede sneakers. Yes sir. Yes sir. The internets went crazy over them. How did that come about? We played the Jordan high school classic- Okay. In uh- in Brooklyn. Honestly, they were like, “yo, we’ll let you do a Jordan if you uh-
play the show.” And I was like okay, dope. Yeah. What Jordan? They were like you can do a mellow. I was like, dope that’s really tight. I would
also like to do a classic Jordan. It just so happens that last year was the
year of the six. Yes. It just so happens that my favorite Jordan
is the six. Okay. Living the fucking dream man. Yeah. My first pair of Jordans, first grade. Bam! Nice. Fours. Classic. Mom wouldn’t buy them for
me. Grandma came through for Christmas. Wow. Nice. Grandma came through. They always come through. Shout out to my grandma man. It still ranks as like one of the best moments
of my life. Getting that- getting that shoe and literally
putting it on and going outside And be like, I can jump higher, this was that
shoe for me. We’re part of the same age to where anything
we missed out- Fortunately we can get them now. The great fives. This looks like a pair from
’06. I really wanted this shoe, in ’06 when they
came out. And then they came back out. Yeah. Um, I loved this shoe. Like everyone had it. And there’s that like exclusivity with Jordans Which is what I also like kind of fight with
in my head. Like not all kids can afford these and it
feeds into consumerism It feeds into capitalism and there’s things
that inherently bother me about the culture. Totally. That I also love. But the quality on these
ones… The leather, I was disappointed in. Which
happens from time to time. Yes. You know this is the tumbled leather on the
– on the laneys. Not my favorite color way- I wish they would
have done This leather in this shoe. Yeah. It’s refreshing to hear someone who actually
cares about the quality. Of course. And you know I think Jordan now- it’s good
that they’re doing the remaster. Absolutely. They listened to the people You know we see some of these shoes you kind
of talked about The yellowing and you know a lot of consignment
stores sell worn shoes. How pristine are you or precious when it comes
to your sneakers. In theory I’m all about beating up shoes.
Like threes are great to beat up. Ones are the best to beat up. Those are the
two that I like to just like- Wear the shit out of them. And they look- some of them look better even
beat up. Absolutely. Especially the threes. The fours even particularly the the- the retroed
ones. The leather is just not- it’s not like the
OG leather Where you beat it up and like the creases
made it something. It’s a little bit different of a crease. Did you get the oreos? Did you see the remastered oreos? Or? Um… I didn’t get the Oreo’s. They’re actually over here. This is more like a three leather- the tumbled
leather. And. That you can crease the shit out of them and
they look like dope. They killed it with this. Talk about meeting Jordan. And you actually
got a picture with him. And he’s notorious for not liking to take
pictures. Yeah, you’re like what do i talk to Michael
Jordan about? He’s like six six obviously. And his daps
like- and you’re like- Fuck. So the six was still in the design phase. And I showed him the shoe. And you know I
have two pairs. I got the greens and the clays. And he was
like I don’t like green. He was like fuck green, it reminds me of some
Christmas shit. Like no one’s trying to wear some Christmas
shoes. Like just completely discarded my color away
and I was like- Okay, I’m a- I’m still going to do it. Yeah. Fuck the game up but- I I hear you. Well get some sneakers and see which ones
you wanna buy. Let’s do it. Any catch your eye off the bat? Yes, a lot. I really like these. Okay. These I’ve wanted- I might have to fuck with
those. Hey Mac, I found a few things I think you
might like. Oh Military fours. Military terry from ’06. Which ones worked out? Uh, I’m going with these. Okay. Military fours. Militaries. Classic. This is a little too much for me. Fair. Three M. They did a good job. Play off twelves. Sick. I wanna see me on the basketball court, playing
horse. In these. So these two- and I feel like I
have to get some Baby shoes. The shoes that my baby will be in. Bam! Great
fives. And Bam, Olympic sevens. Young patriot. Winning already. I feel good, yeah. I feel really good. All right your total’s going to be nine thirty
seven oh eight. So Macklemore. Thanks for coming through. As you guys can see, he kept it realer then
maybe any guest we’ve had so far. Walked out with a few pairs of sneakers for
him. And a couple for his new child. Congrats man. Thank you bro. Let’s do it again soon. Good to see you man.

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