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It’s like they picked up a tropical paradise
and dropped it in the middle of Rockland County, New York.
Parkside was built in 2011. We’re nestled in between the Hudson River and Tor Mountain,
which gives you a backdrop no matter which way you decide to take your walk.
I chose to live at Parkside at the Harbors because it had everything. I could see the
Hudson River, I could have my dog live here, I can go to the pool, go to the gym. It had
everything. I chose it because she chose it.
We have a fabulous clubhouse. Whether you are a fitness buff, we have a fully equipped
fitness center open seven days a week. There is also stadium seating movie theater. We
also have a social hall. There are concierge services and of course our swimming pool opens
from Memorial Day to Labor Day. My six-year-old grandson thinks I live in
a hotel. Plus we have the cafe and the pool, and it’s just beautiful. I love it.
I think people choose to live here both for the beauty of the community, for the maintenance-free
lifestyle. They’re responsible for inside and outside
of your apartment and they do it well. And that was one of the saving graces of wanting
to be here. Basically any of your needs that you would
normally experience as a homeowner you don’t have here. Everyone that owns a house knows
that their sink may drip, or something might not work properly or make a little sound.
Here you just go into our system, let us know your problem, and it’s answered immediately.
Parkside really is maintenance free living. I owned a house before I came here and rented.
I don’t have to shovel snow. I don’t have to call anybody to deliver oil. I don’t even
have to go outside to take out my garbage. If you happen to be commuting to New York
City, there is no place better in Rockland to be than here. You can walk to the ferry.
It’s right on our property. It’s so convenient. The ferry takes you right
to the train. You walk up a flight of stairs. The train takes you right to Grand Central.
You have a pretty good range of ages of people here, and it’s not strictly for kids or for
senior citizens either. It’s a pretty good mix.
Our streets in our community are more like walking through a village than they are an
apartment building. We have a close sense of community. Many of our residents are so
happy to be here that they refer their friends and family.
We’ve had business meetings here with my co-workers before, and they all come, and they want to
live here now. I always tell my friends that I live in a resort. It’s like going on vacation
and you just happen to go to work every day.

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Parkside at the Harbors

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