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Luxury Condos For Sale In Friendship Heights | DC Condos | Chase Point Condominiums

What really sold this place for us was we
walked out of the metro, looked across the street and there was the house. I’m going to miss Chase Point condo. Our unit is just, its home, its home. This corner that we have of the building which
is filled with light, beautiful views, we’ve had lots of guests and we find its a great
place for entertaining. The floors are absolutely gorgeous and I like
being able to be in the kitchen and not be missing out on anything that is happening. I like the fact that we have 2 full baths
instead of a bath and a half. Its really nice its a great place for a family
to be together. After looking at a lot of neighborhoods in
the Washington DC area, and a lot of buildings in those neighborhoods, we are really happy
we chose Friendship Heights, we are really happy we chose this building. 24 hours a day, we’re greeted by people
that we know and like and who look out for us. This neighborhood is just wonderful. We can get anything we need by walking. Many restaurants, lots of shopping and a grocery
store across the street. The building has 2 parking spaces. Its easy in and easy out. The interstate is a very short ride away and
you have access to all of downtown Washington We were in our last house for 30 years, we’ve
been here 3 1/2 and this feels just as much like home as that did. Friendship Heights is a wonderful area and
this is the best of the buildings in that area, so I’m definitely going to miss being
here. It’s been great.

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