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Loxone Smart Home Case Study – Smart Apartment London

We’ve added quite a lot to what it was originally and obviously everything is connected to the system. It’s lighting, heating, security climate control with humidity sensing. Motorised blinds and curtains. There are cameras for baby monitoring. Obviously, then audio/video, so multiroom audio and a nice set up with a cinema in the living room. You have heating control throughout. So, each room is an individual zone. That helps, especially in the winter and also if you have guests you can set different temperatures. Also important with the baby, so he sleeps in a room that is cooler than the rest of the house. Another one would be controlling the music you know, when I play the lullabies for him, I can play it either from a different room or when he goes to bed I can just control it from the phone, without having to get up, for example. So, it’s very little disturbance to him going back to sleep. A great function is ‘All Off’. You don’t have to go around every room and check whether you switched off the lights. You can just press one button and the music goes off, all the lights go off… It’s amazing. Especially with the kid, you have you’re hands full when you’re going out and it’s just a one-button press, and you know you can go. Well, the first thing in the morning we can wake up to the sound of our favourite music rather than a nasty alarm clock. We always play our favourite radio or another type of music. Also, the curtains, they are put on timers so they can open automatically. either before we wake up, or whatever time is convenient to us. So, the automated lights in the bathroom and you can play the music there as well when you’re having a shower, so that puts you in a very good mood before leaving for work. In the bathroom, again, it is sensing humidity so when you’re having a bath or shower and the mirrors start to steam the demisters part on the mirrors just automatically turn on. Obviously technology is moving forward but, you know, that convenience is really only achieved by having someone planning the system, from the start, for you and then implementing it with you. so you get all the benefits and the usability. It will be very, very hard to achieve buying different gadgets. You realise that, actually, it makes your life easier it makes living, much more comfortable you don’t want to go back to what you had before.

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Sergio Gallego Gómez

Aug 8, 2017, 6:26 pm Reply

Very nice video but I miss seeing the controls (remotes, the cool Loxone wall touch pads, etc.). Well done!!

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