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Louisiana Tech University Apartments

Alright guys, today we are at our Park Place
Apartments, and one of the many perks about these apartments is that they are next to campus.
All you have to do is cross the car bridge. These apartments come with a washer and dryer in them,
so you don’t have to share a washateria, and there is nothing like
having your own kitchen. You have a private room in here, and you share a bathroom with one other
person. You also share your own thermostat with one other person. Across from the gravel
lot we have our University Park Phase 1 apartments. These apartments come with a full sized bed,
nightstand, desk, and chair per residence. In your general living area, you have a love-seat,
a chair, a coffee table, and an end table. For your kitchen, you have a mini fridge and a modified
size stove. A quick walk across Alabama Avenue and you will be at our University Park Phase 2 Apartments. These apartments have a similar setup as our Park Place apartments, but one of their great
features is that they come equipped with a grassy quad area with permanent grills in place for students to utilize. They have a very close proximity to the Lambright Sports and Wellness Center. The Lambright, as many Bulldogs refer to it, is the campus recreation center, open and free to all Louisiana Tech students. It has a six-lane bowling alley,
five racquetball courts, ping pong tables, billiards, an indoor 200 meter track, and
two 3-court basketball gyms… because ball is life. Before you go get a pump in our main
fitness area, you can lock up your valuables in our locker rooms that come equipped with
a sauna and steam room. We have an aerobics room for Zumba and Yoga classes and a spin
room, where you can take the best spin class in North Louisiana. There is an upstairs gym
that is smaller, but it overlooks our heated indoor pool and outdoor pool deck. Before
you leave the Lambright, you can stop at Sandwich Shack and get a quick bite to eat.
Lambright is the perfect place to get a workout in, or just have fun with some friends. And
best of all, it is free.


Cactus Jack

May 5, 2018, 4:01 am Reply

0:38–0:48, do you share the living room with your other roommates or is that only for you

De Selby

Jul 7, 2018, 5:16 pm Reply

at 1:12 they come with a grassy quad area. What's all that brown stuff?

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