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Hey Whats up guys? Everything good? Everything correct? And I’m so glad to hear it. Let’s see, is everything ready to be filmed The camera is always on the boarder with Rodolfo Just like that Sensuality high level *hehe* and a lil’ juuuuice Lots of people in my last video wrote things like: Hey this thing about the lil juices is all good and well ey, but where is a that good blunt to see what’s up. And it’s like “ey man, you may like blunts, but I like to give them, come get em.”
Don’t smoke the devil’s lettuce, please. Smoke my smile, accompanied with a nice little juice. Oh damn, the little top fell in. but before beginning this video, I’d like to ask for forgiveness from my audience, which I feel right here in my chest, for not having put up videos this week, but it’s like *breathes* Look, I’m not gunna lie to you like many people do, right? like “Well I have.. lots of projects right now.” If your project is touching your balls on the sofa, eh bitchass. It’s all a lie, it’s all a lie when they go: “No, I just have a lot of projects.” Yea project “Balls I have been and I am very addicted to this game, Forrnite Even though I am worse at it than an anal tumor, but a very strong one a quite sizable anus ..and the tumor as well. it’s a game i have love-hate right ? because i play and kill me at 20 second and I get angry and all “What..fuck shit” but i do another one, and I’m like that for a week It’s a vicious cycle, baby. I try to do it well but ey, I go up, I parachute myself, find a nice zone Ah, that one’s peaceful,shot me and when I get down to all host, because he shot me in a dive there’s already four machine guns pointed at me saying hello..welcome to …tomato town, take a souvenir : a shot to the throat I don’t understand people. 5 seconds since the game started and they they come with a bazooka. but but What the real fuck
(I shit in your ancestors) give me time to get a pistol let me die with some dignity don’t don’t kill me if I only have a hammer in my hand but whatever, it’s done. I won’t get into it further. Let’s start with today’s video make a video of me talking about my experience in the fornite in this game write it to me, please
*muak* looking at my channel and seeing what people have asked me to do, one of the things that most of you ask for is a new video commenting on ads for flats I have made a recompilation of ads for flats that are weird and strange surrealists and un pleasant, so let’s take a look Flat for sale in Madrid with 74 meters squared, three beds and 1 bath. with lots of light, light for the whole day with views of green zones that have tazzlllr I guess it’s “tal cual” (just like that) how it looks in photos well well well wait for the green zones and the light that shines “all day” views of Brick Town the flat is given just like what you see in the photos How are you going to give me the flat like this, for the love of Christ! How are you about to give me a flat with all of the windows blocked with BRICK…. but
but who lived here before who you didn’t even let see the street because you have the window blocked…Bin Laden or what? Flat in barcelona: It’s an old farm without appliances well communicated with an exclusive interior patio, ideal for kids to play in total privacy without bothering the neighbors look at the patio that in theory is ideal for kids to play in. but how is a kid going to play there, what are they going to play? “let’s see who will dies first from a disease?” from a disease Here a kid plays with a ball, and he falls getting a small cut on his leg and you have to amputate it from all the disease that got in there. If you buy this house and your kid has no friends and he doesn’t have anyone to play with Don’t worry, he can play football with Tetanus Old farm to be renovate, and that’s it…why give more explanations..no? why waste time here. oh and it’s fuck old no? this was at least the summer house of Beethoven. He went during the summer to compose That it’s old is really not so important, because the ad says it all, it isn’t fooling anyone. It’s old as balls but the next photos is one that impacts me. Well well well there is something there! call me crazy, but i look and see something but what is that? What is that creature? It’ looks like..like a man bent over a man like..he’s planting a pine tree..he’s shitting a little. My god..an old farm to renovate with Lucifer included in the price. No no no, look the bigger the image gets, it’s worse. I’m SCARED. Look for as long as Ihave lived I have seen lots of sketchy people, really dodgy but sketchy sketchies. But what you’re all about to see, I had never seen before in my fucking life Discreet flat for sale if you’d like to see it, here are some coordinates I don’t have a camera He puts his house for sale and he doesn’t have a camera so he puts down the coordinates of google maps of his flat so that people can see it…from the air the sketchiness in its extreme.. but careful, it doesn’t end here. If you take the coordinate and you put them into google maps, the following comes up. No, no! discreet it is, this house! because basically it’s in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean As for neighbors, you have 2 jellyfish and a crab.
Putting an ad up to sell your flat and putting the coordinate of the place instead of photos is already sketchy. And then.. if they’re wrong. You’re a half-wit, my god Look maybe he didn’t mess up and the guy lives on a rock no? in a bag of air in the middle of the ocean and he’s sharing the place with a goldfish and a hammerhead shark hey, maybe it’s alright to share a place with a jellyfish or Squidward, or some shrimp or anchovies…no problem. It’s just that later at the end of the year when you’re thinking of making dinner and you start to fry some shrimp..there’ll be some tension in the house Flat for rent in Santa Maria Port in good shape and complete with furniture the last tenants had to go because they had to work outside of the country and they left all of their furniture Well it’s cool normally when you rent a flat and you don’t have lots of bank, it’s cool that in the flat there are already pieces of furniture so that you can save some money but in this particular case, I’m either crazy or I only see one piece of shit sofa WHERE in the world is the furniture you say there is in the ad? Where? Oops, my god in the bedroom look how furnished it is! It’s completely equipped and there’s not even enough room to move about with the amount of furniture there is! It looks like Ikea. But WHY do they put things in ads that later are not so! Flat totally equipped, yeah my balls they’re totally equipped…if there’s only a shit sofa Opportunity in a good zone in Alicante. Next door, a general hospital, tram stop, parks grocery stores. To be renovated. Well here at least they’re being sincere and letting you know “to be renovated: The flat is a pieces of shit so you’ll have to tear it down to make it up again but the important thing here is the state of the flat that you’re about to see… To start, in the first photo it looks like there’s some guy fixing the washing machine and then I ask you the truth…because I’m now very curious Was there really no other moment in the entire day that this dude could take a photo? Is it seriously necessary to take a photo when this poor man here is fixing the washing machine?? But wait, there’s more. This flat is like a family album it’s like a party. In this photo, I guess this person wants to show us how the room looks, but there’s a woman there and it’s like… is it necessary that you’re there? Really. This isn’t Big Brother..the cameras do not have to see you please leave. And then there’s more people in the back..We can see the suit of the man of the real-estate agent it’s like…So who’s missing here? I’ve painted over the little kid’s face, it wasn’t them, but I did it like so that you can’t see the face of the kid, but it for them it doesn’t matter at all It appears that we’re only missing Grandma. Wait I will look for her because I’m sure she’s in some photo.. So said, so done I found Grandma here and this…I just ..there are things in life that I just don’t understand We’d like to see the photos of the flat, not of your family. Flat for sale in a great zone equipped with appliances in the two double bedrooms Views of a peaceful parking lot. I went to take a look at the flat in total tranquility and it’s not bad, it’s actually good.. Look at that terrace! It’s great but I don’t seem to find a kitchen Where is it? It’s just not there! The more i look it’s just not.. Oh wait a minute. What’s in that closet there? Yeah that one. Tada! A new concept in modern architecture of a kitchen in a closet..next to some shoes Honestly to have the kitchen inside of a closet…I’d rather just have one without a closet…it’s just embarassing inviting someone to eat at home and saying “oh I am going to make..”.and having to open a closet so that the other person says “Jesus man, what a fucking weird dude.
Renovated small house with one bedroom in the outskirts, absolute tranquility This living room isn’t the best, I shall not trick you, I go in there and I’d say “Watch out, if that chair could speak.. it would tell more than one story, ey” Well well, the bedroom is a supreme death. It has yellow strains that have to be pee on the walls Let’s see, I get it that there are people out there who have better or worse flats me, for example, I have lived all my life with my family in flats they’ve been small. Don’t think I came from a big condo, but fuck, even having to always live in a small flat we’ve always been careful with our rooms so they didn’t look like places to abduct people…express style Let’s take a look at this photo, for example. Fine, its a person who wants to sell the flat and it’s perfect Fuck, takes some photos that are more or less interesting, because this shit…who’s going to say “OH WOW, what a bedroom. It’s the prettiest one, honey. Let’s rent this flat.” Noooooo, this flat will say UY what a good flat–a serial killer In conclusion I have more flats to comment on but I think this is enough for today I hope that you have laughed with this video and if you liked it and form here you’d like me to make an other one leave a ‘like’ because material…I assure you I have. And so don’t lose our usual custom.. before going, I have to comment on a small thing a few weeks ago, the people from flooxer offered me to go on a trip where I wanted and make two videos for them to me it seemed like a good idea, since I could choose the destination Romania! Most people when they are offered a place to go to they say NY, LA, or Tokyo or something like that. So I wanted to be a little different and say Romania..I’m not sure why but I liked the idea So I went there and made 2 videos…not looking for iPhones or stupid stuff like that, two vidoes really living in Romanian culture the first one we have added and I will leave the description here for you. I would you to see me there and tell me what you think about these types of videos. I’m a newbie in these types of videos…I’m not accustomed ..but I think that this being my first time, it went well. Alright, we’ll see each other in the next video. Auronplay dale dalee al play
(Auronplay click that play) It’s a game I have love-hate relationship with. No? because I play and they kill me 20 seconds in


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Jul 7, 2019, 9:16 pm Reply

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Like si quieres que auronplay aga directos de fortnite

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Tunombre T

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Soldier of the Game

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