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London Bishopsgate Penthouse Apartment Tour l Family Travel

Hey guys Carrie Anne from EverythingMom
and we’re in London, England. A great option if you’re traveling to London and
want to stay in the city, is an apartment and that’s what I want to take you
through is we’re staying at 196 Bishopsgate which is right downtown in
the financial district opposite the Liverpool Street Station. So easy access
to everything. So I wanted to take you on a walk through to our apartment. It is
one of two penthouse apartments in this particular building and it’s perfect for
families especially larger families like my family of five. So it is accessed by a
keycard both on the outside of the building, so people can’t just wander in
which is great, and then in your room in particular. The penthouse is on the fifth
floor so it’s not a very tall building and there is an elevator but it is
really really tiny. Dad’s not in yet, stop trying to close the door. Rane, this is the closing door button [laugh]. So when you first come in you
have this inner hall area that’s closed off from the rest of the apartment. This
is perfect for putting an umbrella, putting your shoes, bags, just other things
to get them out of the way. It has a little closet here which I’ve been using to
store our luggage so it’s not kind of in the living space which is kind of nice.
So from that entranceway you come into I guess your common living room space with
your TV, your telephone, and the penthouse is kind of a loft style. So the living
space has actually quite high ceiling because there’s no sort of rooms above.
Right across the street is the Liverpool Street Station. So just off from the
living room space kind of tucked underneath the stairs that go to the
loft you’ll find a little dining room space. It’s perfect for like a breakfast
or a quick lunch. Just beyond that is sort of a galley size kitchen and it has kind of
everything that you would need. Your dishwasher, a stove, a microwave, a sink
and they’ve also included you know that types of dishes and bowls and
cutlery as well as pots and pans. so it’s perfect kind of setup for sitting down
and grabbing breakfast or an evening snack or a cup of coffee. And there is a
grocery store just down the street. Easy enough to stock some essentials in your
refrigerator. So that’s pretty much the main floor. I’m going to take you up the
stairs to the loft. So as I said over the living room space it’s all sort of open.
The nice thing too about this loft style, like having it sort of open, a bigger
open space in your living room area, is sort of the bay of windows gives a lot
of great light in the room which is really nice. The upper portion of this
penthouse you’ll have sort of a hallway that’s basically that overlooks the
downstairs area. The first thing you encounter is this kind
of open office area which is perfect if you’re looking for a central area to
check emails, do some work, we have a charging station there for everybody’s
phones. So this unit has two bedrooms which I think have double beds in them
and there are five of us. This particular unit in the office area has this little
daybed which is perfect. Just ask for some extra linen and then you have kind
of another bed if you have the slightly larger family which is great and it
saves sort of the cost of an extra bed and just kind of the hassle of an extra
bed and where it’s going to fit in the apartment. So down the hall from the
office area you will have a I guess the main bathroom off to left with a tub
shower combination and toilet, sink. The nice thing I like about this, I guess I’m
just calling it the master or the main bathroom, is having the
tub option which is nice. Great with kids because sometimes they prefer a bath over a
shower. But this here, heated towel rack. Nothing beats getting up a bath
or a shower to a nice warm towel so that’s like a really nice perk in my
books. And then at the end of the hall is the washing machine a built-in washer
dryer which is perfect again. You don’t have to pack as much. Kids make messes,
you need to kind of clean things. It’s great to just sort of have that on-site.
They give you a one starter pack but as I said the grocery store, the Tesco, is
just down the street. And then on the right hand side of the hall will be the
two bedrooms. And the first one is I’m just saying as the parents room, mainly
because it comes with its own little bathroom. The second bathroom is sort of
an ensuite to this particular room. This bathroom has a shower stall so it’s
perfect for mom and dad to kind of separate the kids in their own bathroom.
The room has a great storage unit for hanging clothes, drawers. It has its own
television. Actually all the two, both the two bedrooms have their own television
plus the one that’s downstairs, for rainy days is perfect. The second bedroom is
pretty much the same size as the first one. Storage unit, double bed, lots
of light in it, and its own television. The only difference is
the other bedroom has access to the ensuite which makes it perfect for
parents. So a lot of great features that love about the penthouse here at 196
Bishopsgate. So it is an apartment but it’s sort of an apartment hotel (serviced apartment). So there is housekeeping daily, so they’ll come in and make your bed and do up dishes,
refresh towels if you need to. They’ll also provide you with some toiletry
items like shampoo and soap so you don’t need to worry about bringing that
including also a hair dryer so some things that you don’t need to worry
about packing when you’re coming. So there’s a lot I love about staying in
this apartment in downtown London
but one of my favorite features has to be this private patio up on the fifth
floor. And it’s accessible from both bedrooms. It’s got a little seating
area which makes it perfect for a morning coffee or the evening when just
trying to wind down feel a bit of a breeze have a Pimm’s and so I love
hearing the sound the city, hearing the music, hearing the people. If you like
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Wow London. You folks are awesome travelers!

Michael Burtyk

Sep 9, 2017, 3:40 pm Reply

Loved Dad laughing as he gets into the elevator! Ha, ha! Looks like a wonderful and different place to stay while in downtown London.

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