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Living in Low Rise Apartments at Wesleyan University

Hi. I’m Neha Srinivas And Hi. I’m Jessica Gay. And we live in Low Rise. Yeah. Low Rise is an apartment
complex for juniors. Each Low Rise unit
has four people in it, a kitchen, a living
room, a bathroom. And that was sort of a
big difference for me. I like having a full
kitchen, a full living room. The responsibility is
shared between all of us. It’s like a lot more
convenient, and it’s really nice to get to come home and do
my homework instead of like, oh, I have to trek to the
science library or Olin to do my work. I was very surprised by the home
feeling, like you come home, and your friends are
kind of like home. And sometimes I’ll come
home and it will be like, oh, there’s cupcakes on
the table waiting for you, and it’s so nice to come home
after a day of exhaustion and see that somebody else
has made cupcakes for you. Yeah. It’s definitely nice.

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