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Living In A Van With My Dog | Van Life In Scotland

What I do is not hugely weird,
like I’m a normal person I have a job,
I pay tax, you know I do all of these things,
I just also don’t have a brick and mortar house. My name is Emma.
I am 35, unfortunately. I came from Aberdeen, where I worked in
the oil industry and then I decided that I was
moving to Edinburgh and I became a barista so, yeah
I now work in a little coffee shop full time in Leith.
So my normal day in the van I get up
reasonably early depending on when I’m working
I usually get up at about six-ish. I walk the dogs
give them their breakfast and then I obviously
don’t have a shower in the van so I have
to go to the gym, and I try and do exercise
at the gym but quite often I just…
I’m lazy and I just go in and have a shower.
And then, yeah then I go
to work and I work Monday to Friday.
And then I come home and again, I walk the dogs.
We often go to a pub or whatever to see friends
and then yeah, I end up coming back
and maybe reading a book or watching Netflix
I have a TV so that’s always nice and yeah.
It’s a really nice place to come back and relax after
a long day of working So, I had a flat
in Edinburgh for a while and it was
lovely but it was really difficult once I gave that
flat up to find a dog-friendly flat and now I have two dogs
so it was tricky Somebody I know lives in
a van and had said: “Why don’t you
think about it?” and so I looked into it and
I started researching it and here we are.
I don’t have to worry about accommodation,
you know I just take the van
and I park outside my friend’s house and
I can sleep in it and it’s… Yeah, that element of
freedom and not having to spend money where you
don’t need to, you know I can go on a day trip
to anywhere and all I have to pay for is
my fuel, and it’s great I never really got to travel
when I left uni so at the end of 2020
I plan to do a road trip I’m gonna start off in
Europe and kinda see where I end up really,
I haven’t planned really very far I’d like to do some work away,
I’d like to just travel around and meet new people.
I am slightly nervous of traveling alone but
I think travelling alone has become a lot less
dangerous these days than it used to be,
so I’m sure it will be ok

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