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Living in a High Rise Apartment at Wesleyan University

[MUSIC PLAYING] My name is Princeton Carter,
and I live in High Rise. High Rise is a giant
apartment complex filled with mostly juniors. In there, we have a lounge,
we have a trash area, bike storage, and also laundry. We have our own bathroom, and
kitchen, and living space, and you know, much more
space in our bedrooms now. In High Rise, you have
complete responsibility over what you cook, clean. For example, I have to take
all my trash out to the trash bin outside. Clean your own dishes. And this year, I’m learning
more people in High Rise because not only are
we living together, we see each other all
the time in the elevator, and the stairs. I think it’s very
important to have that system of
independent living because it helps a gradual
transition into the real world.

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