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Living Alone Diaries | Buying more furniture for the apartment, My weight gain, Adulting

[Music] [Music] you guys might have liked this obsession with the sourdough bread and a few videos ago I ate honey and bread for the first time and I asked you guys if this was a thing and a lot of you guys told me to try it with butter and that’s what I’ve been doing for the past week and my god this is the best thing ever it is so so good I have an early morning call thirty minutes so I’m gonna eat this that brush and up and yeah the day begins here [Music] [Music] I just finished my call and now I’m about to print out a return label to return some clothes I’m gonna go send this package off [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] I just got back from the gym and how about a protein shake I told you guys this before but I have been experiencing a really bad in this vault I haven’t worked out in a really long time but I’m just starting to get back into it more consistently I think what it is is that I am starting to see changes in my body finally I can see and feel that my body is getting bigger I actually went to the doctors the other day and I gained ten pounds and you guys have no idea how happy that made me I know that sounds a little weird for some people but I’ve been wanting to gain weight for so long and in the past like no matter how much I ate no matter how much I worked out it was so hard for me to gain weight so I think now that I can see that my arms are getting bigger my legs are getting bigger now I’m like really motivated to like work out and get more muscle tone [Music] so I’m gonna hop in the shower and I’m gonna be using a shampoo conditioner from function of beauty I partnered with them for this video specifically look for shampoos that are all-natural just because I very dry sensitive flaky inflamed to scalp so when I heard a function of beauty and how they create a unique formula for your unique hair I was very excited to give them a try it’s really easy all you have to do is fill out a two-minute quiz about your hair type hair goals and personalized preferences you can choose the color and fragrance and there are no parabens sulfates GMOs or toxins it’s 100% vegan and cruelty free and it also comes with a pump which makes it very convenient I’m also obsessed with the packaging and I love that my name is on it so I chose purple shampoo and a seafoam green colored conditioner in the nude peach scent and it smells so good because I have bleach colored hair and sensitive stuff my shampoo and conditioner mainly targets those hair goals like deep conditioned soothe the scalp reduce of brassiness so I’ve been using the function of beauty shampoo and conditioner for about two weeks and surprisingly I have not experienced flakiness which is actually very crazy for me they have you guys want to give it a try you can click the link in the description mark where you can get 20% off your first order and it’s currently available in these countries so I’m going to change and I have to head over to get my health insurance I didn’t get health insurance in New York I haven’t done that yet I’ve been paying everything out-of-pocket which is a very good idea so I’m getting consultation today I have less than five minutes to eat my really quick indomie noodle that I just made to be honest and you know is a little too hard I wish the endo me noodle packets had a little bit more noodles because one is definitely not enough for me [Music] [Music] so right now I am a place we’re getting consultation for my health insurance I have no idea what I’m supposed to do but we shall see [Music] so I just got back I’m gonna clean around the house a little bit because it’s quite dirty and then I’m gonna head out for dinners looking [Music] don’t stop looking [Music] let’s go by the process of editing but I’m gonna head out to the grocery store to do my week’s worth of groceries for this week I decided to make peeping pop which is a Korean rice dish I want to make this dish called penomet peeping boat which is bean sprouts is it bean sprouts are Brussels sprouts beans from again 600cc I don’t want to set it so much that I bought it please wash this [Music] it’s like a doctor zucchini zucchini [Music] [Music] maybe [Music] let’s go to a museum and leave it at the coffee shop no you don’t get my pay too much in vain [Music] thank you for coming and thank you for trying to do anything to make me smile right now about to head out to Ikea I want to get some more furniture for my apartment when I first moved into my apartment I just got the basic necessities I have a lot more things that I need to get for example I need to get nightstand tables I want to get a dresser maybe for this space right here just to store some clothes or skin care products I only have hangers and I get rid of these plastic ones that’s kind of ugly it’s so messy and so cluttered and every time I open this closet I hit anxiety so I need to get a dresser I here’s a great place because the furniture is very affordable but sometimes assembling their stuff is is a nightmare I’ll see you guys at IKEA [Music] you question just got off the subway and now I have to transfer to a bus and this will be my second time riding the bus first time experience was a bit of struggle so we shall see how this fellas make me guess you keep me on my toes wait you’re I need a new pillow because I have been sleeping with a pillow that is not firm enough so my neck has been so sore the past few days [Music] you made me [Music] I’m also thinking of using Belize I has a best side table and it’s a lot cheaper it made me [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] even Janet gets one option you question the tension I’m gonna reputation you men you won’t miss changes [Music] all my Kia furnitures on the floor I have the people who are assembling my dresser in the other room and I’m so glad I don’t have to do it that took me three hours and I believe they’re like halfway done in this bit like 10 minutes okay so they’re gone now and I also got myself a shoe rack because everyone has been telling me Michelle you need to get a shoe rack because your doorway looks so cluttered and messy so I got myself a shoe rack it’s me super organized now [Music]

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