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Living a Spiritual LIfe Dallas

sIt’s an interesting thing, because we’ve been on this planet for a long time. We’ve been here longer than we think, and
even before you could call it this planet, we were souls already existing. In other words, we’ve been in movement for
a long time. We’ve existed for a long time, and we’re fairly
intelligent. I know that’s questionable, but we’re fairly
intelligent. But the point is, you’d think by now, we would
have figured this out. And there are times when it doesn’t seem like
we’re any further than we were thousands of years ago. Sometimes, like we’ve digressed, other times
like we’ve progressed, but it all ends up in a mean average of nowhere, a little up, a little
down. It averages as flat, and that’s of concern. And one of the messages behind that is that
of ourselves, we are nothing. But there’s a divine presence within us that
we don’t allow to take control. We don’t allow the divine presence to be our
teacher, our guide, our healer, or leader. We sort of have a life that we run and then
call upon God now and then. Where in fact, the problem is we are God. Ultimately, one with God. The only challenges we have are there because
we think we’re separate from God. So how is it helping for us to continue living
as though we’re separate from God? I mean, it’s not doing us any good whatsoever,
and yet that’s what the world teaches, preaches, encourages the unholy trinity of this world,
politics, religion, and science, and they keep perpetuating the same thing, which is
really interesting. But generally, there’s the same thing underneath
all of it. Dorothy, we’re not in Kansas anymore. Toto, we’re not in Kansas anymore. That’s essentially what they’re saying. Religion, science, these systems are telling
people that they have problems, and either there are no solutions, or the ones we’ll give
you won’t work. What do you think that’s gonna do to people,
other than depress them? And if they get depressed, what are they going to do? They’re going to become addicts of something,
because we need to stimulate or sedate, always, stimulate or sedate. So the world doesn’t encourage that you have
healthy boundaries. Boundaries are not just… It’s not just a conversation about, “How can
we have healthy boundaries against bad people?” This is an inside job. If you wanna have healthy boundaries, which
the world does not encourage by the way I said that, but it doesn’t encourage you. If you wanna have healthy boundaries, then
it means changing oneself to such a level of light that creepy people aren’t attracted
to you. That’s kind of what it’s like. You’re just radiating this light and predatory,
creepy people get near and they’re like, arrrrrrghhh… And they have to move away, because you’re
just shining, this beautiful light. You’re a shining star, no matter who you are,
shining bright to see what you can truly be. What you could truly be. Shining star, you’re a shining star. It’s not just lyrics. When Maurice White wrote
that for Earth, Wind, and Fire, it was a chant, over and over over and over the song ends
like that. That’s a brilliant writer. When you can write a song, if people just
think it’s kind of a poppy kinda cool, dancy song. So you have them chanting, spiritual affirmation. The song ends, shining star for you to see
what your life can truly be. Shining star for you… And people are like, no, you’re chanting. You’re chanting. When John Lennon Wrote “All You Need is Love,” he wrote it as a chant. And people think it’s a cool song. But it’s written, you’re chanting, “All you need is love.” At the end, Love is All You need. Love is all you need. Love is all you need. Love is all you need. It’s a chant. That’s spirit’s way of saying, “Folks, stop
your form of thinking and start going somewhere else. The chant is taking you into something else,
into a different state of being. Meditation was not made to be hard, complex. It’s our way home. But when you sit there and over think meditation
and you make it so difficult to accomplish that you don’t get anywhere, how is that helpful? We need to make everything simple again. We are not separate, therefore it should not
be a complicated process to get back to the thing we’re not separate from. So simple reminders, whether it’s the chant,
whether it’s the affirmation or from A Course In miracles, “I choose to only think what
God would have me think and to not think What God would not have me think.” Another way of saying, “Here I am God, you
show me, you guide me what to think, what to say.” And to say it even in another way, that’s
even simpler to stop talking to God out there somewhere instead call God’s presence in right
here. When people say, I wish I knew what God wanted
me to do, which is a normal thing for us to humans to say, I’m not wronging it. It’s a normal statement. But when we say it, it contributes to the
same thing. I wish I knew, but I don’t because God’s out
there and apparently has left me, clueless. The truth is the laws that were one written
on stone we’re told are now written in your heart. So when you say, I wish I knew what God would
want me to do. Well, okay, so go in here. It’s called Your soul, go into your soul and
ask metaphorically. What that means is we have seven chakras. The upper three represents the Holy host of
God, the trinity of God. Where are those right here within me? So when I turn my heart instead of downwards
into my human self, lower three shockers, and we’re not dissing the lower shockers,
we’re saying that if all I do is live as a human being from my lower centers cut off
from God, how much could I have of a good life? Success comes not from my own doing, but from
my true being and the true being is the One Right here, the chooser, the chooser, the
human self, is only the effect of the choices I made. I wish I had a better human life make better
choices you made about who to date and so on on. Yes. But there’s the ultimate choice I of myself
and nothing the arms in the statement of surrender. I don’t know. Oh wait, look what happened as soon as I say,
I don’t know. My body creates a mandala, a mudra, a body
Mojave here I am. I don’t know, but God does. But again, I’m not saying God somewhere, I’m
saying, but God does. The I Am presence of God is right here within
me. Three shakers. One is an eye, one is an a, and one is an
m, the IM presence is right here. So my heart says, God, I don’t know. Show me cut through humility when human say,
we won’t be needing any of your advice today. I think I’ll just go down into my humanness
and figure it out. You’re back to Einstein saying, how do you
expect to create a better life with the crazy minds that mess it up in the first place,
I slightly paraphrase there. So I am God, but I don’t remember. What does God want me to do? I wish I knew. You do know. And all you have to do is God a person? What does God look like? Oh, well, because God’s old, we assume grey
hair if God’s old probably has a long beard, ’cause it’s been a long time, called Eternity
since he shaved last. So God must have… Forget the image. It’s not true. Then you go, “Okay, well, it’s not an image,
a force up in heaven, this energetic force.” You’re still giving it kind of an odd energy
to it. You’re putting an odd energy ’cause it’s a
force of some kind or than anything else to know God. You know, God is a feeling more than any other
way to know God, just get out of the head and attempts to describe it or shape it. It’s a feeling that feeling is synonymous
with God. Anyone name love, joy, bliss piece, you see
oneness, the feelings. That’s how to know God. Now, if we only thought of God as a feeling,
it would be enough, but if we only thought of God is a feeling and it seemed to abstract,
it still might not help you. So Jesus says, calling Pop A colon father
or father mother. God. Why? Because then his main point to that was so
that you can feel it, someone that’s close to you, like a loving parent, not because
he wanted to put a gender to it, or a father or mother kind of image to it. So you’re better off as a feeling. Some people don’t want that. They go, now I want the long hair and then
it works for me. Okay. Sandals and whatever fashion hasn’t changed
in heaven since at the beginning of time, I guess. So Sandals and things. If you can’t figure that one out and the children,
you, we and man made God in His image. That’s what we did. We formed God in our image. I’ve always loved that quote. That’s from a Jethro Tull album, but I won’t
go there. It’s a great line. And man created God of His own image. Like, God, here’s what you’re gonna be. God’s like, but I am no, you’ll be this, the
box, fit into it. And this is what we do. But the truth is, God’s a feeling. So when you say, I wish I knew what God… , I want clarity, was one of the words. Focus was one of the words. How do you apply these in your spiritual path? Especially in a very ADD world that we live
in, what we do is we say, God is a feeling. And so you imagine, what feeling would you
most imagine God to use one or two words, love an abundance, peace and joy, wholeness,
whatever words work, and then focus everyday starting in the morning and at night when
you first wake just before sleep, imagine filling up with that presence. I’m filling up with peace and joy. I’m filling up with love and abundance. I’m not praying to God out there to give me
a little measure of peace and joy. No, I’m calling for it here and now. I wanna be that, bring it on, pour it upon
me. Shine tha light. Shine it into my being. I want every particle of my being have that
energy. Fill my mind, my soul, to my body, fill my
emotions, every part of me. That’s the best way to know God. Fill up every part of your being with that
light then become it. Don’t just take doses of it. Integrate it and become it. So breathe it in and feel or imagine, which
is your highest faculty as a commanding imagination. Breathe it in. And then imagine becoming that. What do you mean by imaginary make believe
so on stage, you can have some children doing a play. Okay. Kids pretend you’re trees, and children kind
of do this newer time. There’s a breeze, even a child’s gonna know
that the branches move and so on. All you have to do is practice that. Imagine boys and girls, ladies and gentlemen,
that you are filled with peace. What does peace do? And you just imagine it like the children
becoming trees. You imagine being peace, you imagine being
loved and you don’t just, you feel it viscerally so your body starts kinda decompressing. Now, if you sit there, going, hold on. I’m focusing hard on meditating on peace. You already don’t have it. When you form your forehead to know the lord,
something’s role just you know, relax, get the tensions out, and just… We only have to be as intelligent as children. A kid’s not gonna say, if you say, imagine
that you’re a beautiful new tree and the wind’s blowing, they don’t go and scrunch their face
all up. It doesn’t make any sense. So relax and then you imagine, I mean, seriously,
you start the morning saying, “Here I am.” And you start imagining, filling up with peace
and love and joy. I don’t need to go and make success. Success is the outcome of my being connected,
because, “Seek first, the consciousness of God.” So don’t go and make something happen. And relationships, all these things of life
are struggles, wrestlings that we do with the world, trying to fix it. There’s a, paraphrasing a part of A course
In Miracles, that “God hears the prayers of its children who cry out because of a world
that they have made and do not want.” Meaning we have manufactured a world of fear,
and we know it’s not okay. We know it doesn’t feel right. So we’re calling out for help. But God doesn’t get into the details. Tell me what your problem is again, because
I didn’t catch that. And you, will send me a fax? Can you send me that, and send me an email,
and text me your problems?” It doesn’t work like that. All of mankind’s problems are basically one. We believe we’re separate from God and from
that, we became terrified and started creating a world of compensation. “I feel separate and that bums me out, and
I need stimulants.” “Hey, nice to meet you.” That’s my stimulant today. A new person. “You seem to have just enough fire in you
to be stimulating to me,” which is also called, “You make me feel so valued.” When you feel that way towards somebody, “You
complete me.” Just run. Just run, just run. Get it over with. And even if you have to, while you’re running,
you’ll be tempted to look back. “But what if we could get together?” No, just turn your head and run, because nothing
of this world, Buddha and every great teacher in history, male, female, black, white, ET
cetera. All great beings knew, this world offers you
nothing. Not because you’re dissing the world, because
the world is nothing. It’s nothing but a hologram. To say, you know relationship was one of the
words brought up, to say, “I’m looking for a relationship. I’m looking for a partner.” Let’s talk about that. I’m not saying don’t have ’em. I’m just saying, remember when you’re having
them, all you’re talking about, is that that guy or girl, you wanna meet, all they are
is just shadows. All they are is figures on a screen. This is just a hologram. When you think someone is going to complete
you, it’s kind of creepy. Because you’re just talking about a screen. It’s not advisable for you to go to a movie
and actually fall in love with a character in a movie. “I can’t leave. I fell in love. Projectionist, can you put that back on the
screen? Oh! There they are. Ahh! Just freeze frame, and I’m just never leaving.” It doesn’t make sense. If you see food on a screen that you think
is really delicious looking, boy, that’s not gonna fulfill you. You’ll just be fasting, because you never
can eat the food on the screen. This is a screen. This is a three-dimensional screen. Quantum science understands that now, but
spiritual mystics forever understood it. This is not real. I know that’s hard for some of you to understand,
but it’s not the God in you that has a hard time understanding that. It’s the part that… Is it real, that doesn’t wanna believe that
this isn’t real, ’cause then it disappears. It’s called the ego. The master of this world, the ego, that creates
a three-dimensional version of manifesting our fears. All it wants to do is prove itself having
power, and it doesn’t have any. Only God is. This concept of God is the Alpha and Omega. Stop making that an abstract concept. God is the Alpha and Omega means, start your
day and end your day with God. Start everything with God. “I’m about to go into a new business plan.” Really? Have you centered in? “Well, I don’t need that ’cause I’ve been
doing business a long time.” Oh, scary. Scary. “Oh, relationship? I don’t need, like, God about relationship. I know how to be in a relationship, intimate. I’ve been married 20 times.” Well, that’s real food record. That’s a real good track record. I, of myself, know nothing. Meaning, I of my ego, separated self, know
nothing. But God does. This idea that God already knows what you
need, we thought, meant, “Excellent. So I don’t even have to ask for it. Cash. Cash, cash, cash. God knows that, right? I want cash.” No. When it says, God knows what you need, it
means the consciousness of God will give you everything. So God knows you think you’re separate and
now you’re in pain because of that belief. Change your belief about who you are. You are a shining star. You are the light of God. Even the stars in the universe are mirrors
of who we really are. We are the light we see in the sun. The sun is a symbol of the Son of God or the
children of God. You and I, we are the light of the world,
means “I am the sun. The sun is me. I am the light. The light.” What does the light bring to this planet?
Warmth and vision. We can see. So, clarity, we have the light of God. It brings warmth and light. If you are a child of God, you’re supposed
to be bringing warmth and light to the world. Then, when you’re not, you’re behaving like
you’re not-self. You’re not being yourself today. “Sorry, I’m just not myself today.” Capital, S. “I’m not myself today. Today, I was kind of in a separated, rude
state of mind.” And you’re allowed to do that, but don’t confuse
the two. Don’t say, “As I’m being a jerk, I am the
light of the world.” Just own it, man. “I’m just not myself today. My real self.” And that’s when you can ask others to help
you. That’s when you can sit with your minister,
your chaplains, and say, “Wow.” And your Chaplain program. Let’s remember, you’re not here to do like
gratuitous prayer. You are taking the role of the light of God. You’re saying, chaplains in any of you that
practice prayer and healing. I don’t care if as a midwife or even as a
mommy or daddy. Anytime you play a role as a helper in in
some form to people on earth, it’s really a simple metaphor. Your label doesn’t give you automatic gifts. Your licensing doesn’t give you automatic
gifts. It’s all in here. The choice. Recognize what you’re really here to do as
a minister, as a chaplain, as a parent, or whatever role you play. It’s generally like this. You play this, the following role, you basically
are saying, “Connect with God,” and then say, “I’m going in.” And you come to the world. That’s every day. If you don’t connect with God as the Alpha,
you’re not gonna be much help in the world. You know why? Because you disconnect from God, you disconnect
from God. You go down into the world, think of the terminology
instead of up and inside, you go down and out. “How are you feeling today?” “Pretty down and out.” Because you forgot to go in and up, connect
with God and say, “Be with me,” whether you’re a surgeon or an attorney, a chaplain or a
mommy. You know? “God, be with me.” Sometimes you can even hear the mantras and
the chants of the children in the other room before you get out of bed. It’s called fighting. And just basically go, “Oh my God, I’m going
in.” It’s true. And say, “Be with me.” See, you know what humans pray? “Dear lord, please take me out of this mess. God, help me, save me from my bills,” which
means they are powerful, more powerful than I, and I need saved from them. “God, please help me with this relationship.” Why? Because it is greater than I am, and I need
saved from it. That’s a human prayer. It’s why Jesus said in the Garden of Gethsemany,
he’s demonstrating. It’s easy to say, if it were up to an ego,
I would say, “Get me out of this mess.” That’s what everybody’s prayers are about. No offense, but prayers are generally selfish. “I want what I want, how I want it, when I
want it, and don’t bring me more than that.” It’s very controlled and controlling. The real prayer should be, not “Get me out
of this,” but “Be with me while I’m in it.” Because in this world you will have tribulation,
we’re told, meaning, this is a world of separation. This is a world of illusion. So there’s gonna be stuff, lessons. It doesn’t have to be affirmation of major
conflict, but lessons, issues now arise here and there. Your job is not to say, “Dear Lord, I woke
up this morning, I tuned in, I chanted. Om Mani Padme Om, or Boom, Chuka Lucka Boom… ” Or whatever your chant happens to be. You do your chant. You get out of bed. “God, I feel so tuned in.” Before I even move from my bedside, I’m gonna
stand and do some yoga and wow, that feels great too, and some New Age music. A little smudging. You do all that. It’s fantastic. Until you see the mirror, and then look what
happens. “Oh my God. More gray hair, more wrinkles. Oh, I look terrible. God, please.” Like God has some sort of holy cosmetic it’s
gonna send you. It’s not gonna happen. It generally isn’t gonna look any better the
next day. This is life stuff. This is human stuff. What does A Course in Miracles promise you? “This book will not change the world, your
face, your hair. It’ll change how you feel about it,” which
is a really horrible sales pitch if you think about it. “We’re not gonna at all, help you with your
problems. You’re just gonna not care as much about it.” Well, good drugs, do that for you. Just get high enough and you won’t notice
your problems. Like, thanks Jesus for that material. Hundreds of pages, I could have just lit up
or something. And I know I sound a reverend, but it’s okay. I’ll be gone next week. But… But it’s to change my feeling. It’s not just a feeling like what a drug would
do to numb me. It actually, by changing my feeling about
it, what it means is you’re changing your consciousness and it has no power over you
now. A drug would be a stimulant, sedative. It’s a fake version. I actually am immune to this. I don’t notice it. And you know what’s amazing is, when you’re
in the state of God, your body will feel younger, and a lot of those things will change, but
they come because of a change in consciousness. Seek first, the consciousness, the Kingdom
of Heaven what that means is, seek first the consciousness of God. God, first in all things, I am the Alpha and
Omega. So I begin and end my day with you, God. What is God? It’s a feeling. What feeling? Love, peace, joy, oneness, abundance. So don’t just go after success in the outside
world, call in the consciousness of God, known as abundance. Salomon, the wealthiest man in history, wealthiest
man in history. And yet, he wasn’t a banker or anything of
the financial world. What is the thing that Salomon did to get
wealthy? He asked for a word that I asked you to find. Peace, joy oneness. He used wisdom. He realized if I have the consciousness of
God in the form of love, or peace, or wisdom or whatever, that it’s all God. If I call in the presence of God, everything
else will come. He was so right. And he became wealthy because of a state of
consciousness. So this is a world of compensation, where
we go and try to make things happen to make up for other things that aren’t happening. We go try to make something in the outside
world to make up for something that’s not happening in the inner world. So fill me up, God. Fill me up with your peace, your love. Instead of me, wrestling with parenting, let
me feel your presence. Let me feel love. What is love and peace? And now when I call that in, don’t just do
it like a prayer, “Love, peace, love peace, love piece.” Call it in and feel it viscerally. Feel it so that when you come out of your
morning, even if it’s two minutes or twenty minutes of embodying peace, love, joy, whatever
your word is, you become it. And before you even break out of that morning
exercise, you take also a minute to visualize it happening. Call in the presence of peace, love, and so
on, and then visualize it happening. So call in love and abundance, and then visualize
success, in detail. Now, there’s only one distinct difference,
if you think about it. Systems that tell you to visualize, success
are fine, but if I didn’t first center into God and visualize from my God feeling the
success, it’s then manufactured as opposed to coming from God. So all the schools and systems and books that
are selling millions, very successful, ’cause you can have success without God. It’s just not real. That was an Amen from over there. You can manufacture relationships without
God. I just wouldn’t recommend it. With God, all things are possible. We’ve heard those words, and it doesn’t mean
you have to be a minister to know that or preach it. All of us have the capability of saying, “With
God, all things are possible.” Where’s God? Wait, no, not up there. Where? Right here.” Where? “My upper chakras.” Why isn’t it in the rest of your chakras? Why isn’t it embodied from head to toe? So call it in. Breath it in. Become that thing. “I wish I knew what God wanted me to do.” So where does that go? It goes here. God is a feeling. So go into the feeling. What is God? Let’s say it’s joy to you, joy, joy, joy,
joy. I breathe it into my heart from the heavens
and I let it wash over my body. And so it is. And I breath it in, peace and joy, and it
washes over. And so it is. And I do that several times in the morning,
and I become that. I visualize feeling it, feeling it, feeling
it. Make it visceral. Then, some visualization. What would peace and joy look like in my parenting? What would it look like in my health? What would it look like at work? And you take categories of life and you just
let yourself download what you just called in, called God, and a feeling, into the world. You see, you’ve just infused the world with
that vibration. Still not done. Lastly, I have to go out and live it. I call it in. I visualize it to
the world. If all I do is try to make a better world
without connecting first, I’m working at it and it’s exhausting. If all I do is set up in a cave in the Himalayas
call in and chant the presence of peace, but don’t go live it with anybody, it dies on
the vine. Call it in, envision it to the world. You’re not done, practice it, walk out and
do it. Instead of, “God, help my children be better,”
or even, “God, make me a better parent.” God’s going, “Well then, call it in.” “No, God, make me a better parent.” Call it in. “No, no, you’re not hearing me. Make me a better parent. I’m going to to to sleep now, and when I wake
up, it better be done.” So, instead, “Here I am.” Filling up with peace and love, patience,
’cause we have inpatience, and we have reaction, presence of God, presence of God, being, being,
filling up, filling up, actions. And that’s when you say, “I’m going in.” Cling to God, tether to God, cling to God,
and then into the world. Never go into the world. If you can avoid it, try to remember every
day, do not go into the world and about your business without being connected. That’s why you’ll see so often at unity, for
example, meetings and conferences, and different things that happen, start with an opening
prayer. Call in that presence, especially if you’re
tending to forget that energy, call in that presence before a meal with your kids and
husband, and wives and partners. Call that presence in. Start your day. Call that presence, and you’re gonna go to
work. You pull up in the parking lot, cause it’s
seconds, just seconds of your day. Just seconds, park the car and say, “Be with
Me today.” You’re asking to bring that presence to work. Not, “God, save me from this job.” It’s, “Be with me.” Jesus taught you in the garden. Of my ego, I would say, “Save me from this.” But “Let your will be done,” means show me
how to bring your will to the moment. And don’t think that that means “Okay, fine. Fine. Okay, fine, Michael, that helped a lot. You’re telling me I just have to deal with
the fact that my life stinks and I just have to remember to bring God into my horrible
life.” It’s not what I’m saying. That’s where I’m starting, but that’s not
where it ends. I’m saying, God be with me. I’m gonna go into that life that doesn’t feel
so good, l so that we can change it, but you’ll inspire me on how to change it. And one of the most practical ways that that
inspiration will come will be along these lines. If I’m calling and joy and I visualize parenting
and work and partnering and different things like that, dating or whatever you do in life,
work and so on, from now on, when I said, take actions accordingly, so that there’s
a congruence. Partly what I’m saying is the compass is here. When I call in the presence of joy, joy becomes
my compass. Now, how, who will I date today? Which jobs do I think I’m gonna go for? I have two jobs. One pays a lot more, but it’s not really my
thing. What if the other one pays less? But it is my thing. I personally would go with that one. I’m also okay picking one that pays great
and is my thing, ’cause you can have your cake and eat it. But know the difference. No settling. You don’t say, “Well, I’m gonna call in love
and self worth.” It’s great. Probably the best for the average person in
the world that love and self worth. That covers so much. Call in love and self worth. Call in joy, whatever works. Then ask yourself when you have a decision
to make, this house, or this house? Which one most resonates with love, peace,
joy? “This one’s far more impressive to my family
members.” Peace, love, joy. Which job? Should I stay at my job? Well, if I’ve got six months to retirement,
I can do that. That resonates with joy and I’m done. If I’ve got 60 years still to go, I’m done
today, ’cause as soon as I imagine staying at this job for 60 more years, I wanna combust,
just spontaneously combust. That’s not a joyous feeling! Go to the compass, guys. And when you say, “I wanna date somebody.” Who? It’s, “but I’m lonely.” Be careful. Do you want your mantra to be… I’m lonely, I’m gonna start looking on… I’mlonely.Com websites for dating? HazardousPredators.com? Seriously? Where do you draw the line on the bargaining? Just pause and say, “Wait a minute. If I have to be alone for a thousand years,
but it does not take me away from peace, love and joy, and self worth, I’m okay with that. Now. I’m not saying you will be alone for… I’m saying, that’s the kind of tenacity you
have to have. “I will not settle. It’s not an option.” Settling does not resonate with joy. Go to The compass. Stop the notion. I wish I knew what God wanted me to do. I know that’s a human statement. It’s not a bad thing, Fine. To err is human, but there’s an answer, the
compass. Call in the compass. God, in the form of a feeling like love and
self worth, and then ask every decision you have to make. Does it resonate with love and self worth? Does it resonate? And if it doesn’t, you should reconsider choosing
that particular thing. And when you slip, and in the past, when I
have slipped, there are hurts, and moments of damage and trauma, love and forgiveness,
love and forgiveness, love, and forgiveness means what? You could join us in this afternoon’s workshop
on that. And there’s books. I’ve written an article on it, but in a nutshell,
remember, love and forgiveness is not like you just go, “That was a horrible experience. This person was devastatingly harmful, but
I forgive them.” That wasn’t real at all. There’s a process that’s simple to really
understand, love and forgives. There’s a process. It involves refusing to hate anybody, no matter
what they’ve done. And that’s only the first step of a few. There are different techniques and you have
to own things. You can’t say, well, I forgive when you haven’t
even looked at the fact that you’re at or angry being in denial does not help you find
love and forgiveness. So anytime you’ve deviated from the compass,
you will hold it against yourself and when others look like they were the ones to kinda
not you off, you’re gonna need Logan or iveness for them. So I need to love and forgive people that
seem to have pulled me off center, and I need to forgive myself for the times I was weak
enough or whatever. It was vulnerable enough to go off center,
but love. And forgiveness is only about times I’ve gone
off center so I will need love and forgiveness less often when I am able to maintain. How is that from when we started immunity
becoming so clear, God’s presence that I don’t even make decisions that go off center, I
get better and better at being the embodiment of love and self worth it. It’s quite beautiful. I’m holding this presence. I am, as God created me, not I hope to someday
be it’s right here. I’ve shared this story before when doing talk,
but as I’m coming to a close this idea of that living that word, what is your word? And since the word came up about how to focus
every time you try to meditate. If you’re mind drifts every time you try to
make a decision, if your decision making drips, bring your mind back by focusing on your word. Hold it. I’m drifting again. Love and sell for it. There we go. Three seconds later. I wonder what I’m having for much. No way love and self worth. Use your mantra. That’s what the word means. It’s a mind tool for focus, monitoring a mind
to a tool of the mind to keep you focused. Jesus says in, of course, in miracles, you
are far too lenient mind wandering. You drift. You claim to be all spiritual. No, I’m absolutely dedicated to God my spiritual
path. No drifting. Who? What’s that? It’s like, there’s no… It’s just like where you act. Where’s your focus? Where’s your strength? It’s called will. And we have allowed ourselves to become weak. Will anything and everything pulling us off
and don’t judge when you get pulled off just for give and come back to what your words,
your words are, God. So technically you’re coming back to God,
but not religiously. I must come back to God. I must look a certain way. I must wear a robot. Shave my head, or do this, or do it And no,
no, no, God, it just simply is a feeling I drifted into frustration, peace and joy, peace,
enjoy. Call it in, wish it upon others, peace and
joy to you all and move about your day again. You slip again. Come back again. It’s living in that beautiful zone and the
story one time doing a talk many years ago, this was… Well, I won’t say this is in a particular
center, and I said, it’s following your bliss. That’s what one teacher called it. Follow your bliss. Listen to your mantra, Use your inner compass. They all mean the same thing. Follow your bliss. The saying was coined by a guy named Joseph
Campbell, and He said, follow your bliss. What did he mean? Where is your focus? What focus? You don’t even have one. No wonder things are messed up for you. What would you like your focus to be love,
joy. It’s gone, but as a word, as a feeling. Okay. Let’s say it’s bliss. Great. So my word is blessed. What camel was then saying is not just now
you have a cool word to think about he meant let it help guide you in all the things you
do. Follow your bliss, live your bliss, stay greet
with your words and when you drift, get back as soon as possible. And I was telling the story about how important
at this one, unity, how important it is, have a word and follow it, live it guys, you’re
allowed to slip. I mean, how much more lenience can. You’re allowed to slip, and then just come
back soon as you can. Follow your bliss. Learn to Live, and the joy you would like
to see in the world. Be that presence. Follow your bliss. So I’ve told that story. And so when service was over, this elderly
woman came over to me and she said, “Oh, I loved your story about Joseph Campbell and
following your bliss.” And I said, “Yeah, isn’t that amazing?” She said, “Yes, he was my husband.” And I was like, “Oh my God, you know, oh,
how cool is that?” What a great full circle kind of thing. So she heard him say that. She saw him live that, so much so that when
he was offered in the first book to be published, typically you write a book and somebody says,
we’d like to publish it. You go, that’s success. Any success that is not congruent with your
center is not a success. Any decisions made still congruent, forget,
it makes this much or that much. If that’s gonna keep going. When the universities like Solomon, you’re
serious about this center, the rest will come, don’t forget this piece. It’s God first in all things. When I’m true to myself, to saying to non
self, be true means to the known spiritual self, be true God and all things. And so I recognize, it’s like, yeah. So bless, had Joseph Campbell was told, we’re
gonna publish your book. You’re supposed to go, Oh my God. That’s definitely a sign of success. And yet he told them, he checked in and he
said nothing. They’re like, Are you crazy? We’re offering to publish your first book,
yeah, it just doesn’t… Something’s not right. And that was a demonstration of someone can
even say no to an external success, because he knew when he checked in there was something
not congruent with bliss, it was drifting over here. So he said, no, you don’t have to get attached
to that. You don’t have to judge it or in whatever. Just it doesn’t align. And I don’t know why, and I don’t care. It’s not an alignment, say no. You’ll find later sometimes that there were
really amazing reasons why it wasn’t an alignment, but you don’t need to know that if it doesn’t
come up just now someone wants to date. You haven’t dated in a while. “Oh, I would really like that.” But something doesn’t feel right. So you say no. Even if your friends are saying, “Oh, but
come on. It’s been a long time since you dated.” So tell them to date them, okay? If your mother says, “Honey, you don’t wanna
grow old alone.” You date them, mom, go.” You know, don’t listen to any of the voices
out there right here to the own spiritual self. Be true. And you’ll find that didn’t resonate, and
every time you live to this principle, the universe ramps up what you’re able to bring
into your life. That’s your success. It rewards you for your dedication to consciousness. You wanna be shallow, what kind of reward
you’re gonna get is congruent with that. Here to your center. And then you find sometimes later, reasons,
and sometimes you won’t. And I’m not caring about that, but sometimes
it’s pretty startling to realize. “This person I wanted to date. They seemed right. They look right, they were the sign my astrologer
said they would be, etcetera, etcetera.” And you say, no. And you hold your center. Two years later, you find out they had 15
restraining orders on them. Whatever. I’m glad we didn’t do that. Right here. And please do not let your eyes pull you into
something such as… “But if I don’t get this now, I’ve lost it.” Don’t let your senses determine your response
for having been true to yourself. You need to go to higher senses called, knowing. Not my eyes tell me, I’m alone. My hands tell me I’m alone. Yeah. And the word alone, when you split it is “all
one.” So it’s, okay, hold your center. Stay your course, and this two shall pass,
this stuff, and more things better things come. Please take a few centering breaths, and we’ll
share a moment of internal work. Setting aside all stuff of the world and all
stuff of life. Even in just a brief meditation, we can succeed
at reconnecting with everything that we need to connect with. Everything that matters, God. So think of a word or two, synonymous with
God. A feeling word, and imagine it up in the heavens,
this beautiful golden energy in the heavens. And that energy is God, but it’s also a feeling. Picture it. That energy is the answer to all prayers. It’s the presence of all miracles. God, and it’s a feeling. What feeling is God best represented to you? You get to even be the one choosing that. Peace and happiness, love and abundance, love
and self worth, bliss and wholeness. Pick two words, synonymous. And know and affirm that that golden light
in the heavens is God, and that it is that bliss, that joy, that happiness. It’s the truth. We’re not making it up. It’s true. Know that. Know that, like a child on Christmas. The anticipation of when I get out of my bed,
out of my bedroom, down the hall or whatever to the Living room, there it is. Have that level of excitement and inner happiness. Something’s awaiting me. And the Christmas is just a symbol. Christ mass. It means a celebration of the Christ being
born. Where? In us. Know that that golden light is that thing
that we’re anticipating, and then allow it to pour down through your head into your heart,
on an inhale. Viscerally try to feel it and imagine its
presence, and then exhale and let it wash over your body, every cell. And let that keep happening like a wave, a
tide in and it washes over. With each breath that comes in, it fills my
heart and then washes over every cell. It’s baptizing my mind on the inhale, my heart,
and the momentary pause between breaks and my body on the exhale. My body is just a symbol of my material life. Here I am, God. With each breath, comes in peace, joy, and
washes over. I am becoming the presence of God, it’s not
up and out somewhere. It’s right here right now, filling me up. I am that presence. Every particle of my being is that presence. Stay focused. Breathe. Tune out distractions, and then the distractions
come, just recognize what they are. It’s actually your willingness to allow yourself
to be something other than God created you to be. You’re settling. A show you watched. Something you want to have for lunch. Whenever the distraction, I choose to only
think as God would have me think, and then call in that presence. Again, spiritual discipline, not discipline
as in hurtful or intense, just choice making. Call it in. Call it in. Every cell of my being. It matters not what color I think I am, what
age I think I am, what gender I think I am. This is the pure perfect presence of God. It doesn’t matter. My background, history, legal, or other wise,
my financial status, all of that has gone. Here and now is only the perfect presence
of God. Listen to the sound of that music. It’s setting the tone that something wonderful
is happening. You expect to hear that kind of music in a
movie where Jesus is talking, and it’s perfect because it’s celebrating and playing the background
to your presence, you’re awakening. I am, as God created me, I feel it. And even when my head doubts it, then do your
best to imagine it, and it will start becoming, and eventually, it’ll be no effort to it because
it’s simply the truth of God. And then, hear these words and absorb them
as best you can. The truth of God. My life is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof. My mind is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof. My creativity is the Lord’s and the fullness
thereof. My body is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof. My finances are the lord’s and the fullness
thereof. My friendships are the Lord, God’s and the
fullness thereof. Everything, paraphrasing, the prayer of Saint
Patrick, Christ, in all that I am. Christ in all that I see. Christ in my eyes that looks upon others. Christ in their eyes, when they look at me. Christ in my actions. Christ, TO MY RIGHT Christ, TO MY LEFT. Christ before me, Christ behind. Christ, above, below, and within. The presence of Christ. The perfect, holy presence of Christ in every
word out my mouth and every word spoken about me. All of my actions filled with the presence
of Christ. Christ in every feeling. Christ in every decision. Christ, when I make love. Christ, when I have meals. Christ, when I cook. Christ, when I clean. Christ at work and in my home. This is my affirmation, that I am as God created
me and I choose to be the Christ on Earth. Christ in my playfulness, I can still watch
tv’s and movies, and it doesn’t matter because Christ is with me helping decide what I’ll
watch. Christ helps me decide what I will eat today. Christ, in all things. Christ in every organ, in every gland, the
perfect Christ frequency. And we close by feeling a sense of gratitude,
that This is true, that This is so. Christ In All things. It’s a choice I make, and I make no other. And if by chance I slip, Christ in me, gives
me the power to bounce back. Christ, the power of Christ within me and
around me. And soak that in as a sense of gratitude for
the next half A minute, and we’ll move into the next part of the service. But take a moment, breathe that in, try to
imagine it in every cell viscerally before you open your eyes. And then when you open your eyes, bring the
Christ with you back into the room. Don’t leave it back in the meditation.



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Thank you Michael!
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