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Littlest Pet Shop Nine Lives To Live#1 Best Cartoon For Kids And Children – Ben Chandler

Swinging from trees it running through the streets That’s wrong Jade the feather on a string thrill is gone. I am terminally bored Wanna make a vision board with me. You want to feel like your best you just look at it I come on pick from a magazine This cute collar represents my human and then kill ball because suitable And this car tire is a metaphor from I can do never quit attitude You in huh Oh Last time on Nine Lives to live You fool you confessed your deep dark secret not to me but to my evil twin Edie how long have you been watching TV three or four episodes Mondays? How can you watch this junk as a favor to you? Let’s get out of the house and grab a smoothie. I Suppose I could do with a change of scene Smoothies it is. You don’t know who I am. You must have amnesia I Feel so weird not watching nine lives to live Hopefully I’ll catch up in time for the finale. Hey Pat Isn’t Tripps new hat adorbs. I Need a picture for my vision board. Can I try it on no way? This is my new signature look so I gotta be seeing it as much as possible whenever you see a newsie cap You’d think sure it You believe Trip was so cruel to poor Roxy She reached out for a simple gesture of friendship and shrimp denied her like a heartless monster This is like an episode of Nine Lives to live So because of the show you think Tripp is turning against Roxy and it’s such a shame They’ve been closed for so many seasons This won’t be boring By my beak it’s worse than I feared Oh Quincy best friends with the tyrant and he has no idea We should say something princey Hi Quincy, I don’t want to over dramatize this but Tripp can’t be trusted He has abandoned Roxy as a friend and she may never know happiness again Good job, not overdramatize in there Tripp abandon Roxy hi. Hi. Hey, how’s it going? Buds forget about us. How is it going with you? I’m great my best me. Oh You are so brave Roxy if you need anything at all, let me know Thank you hmm So that explains why Roxy’s in a fight with Tripp, I’m in a fight with Tripp. Yes he’s obviously jealous because Quincy wants you to be his new bf

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Littlest Pet Shop Nine Lives To Live#1 Best Cartoon For Kids And Children – Ben Chandler

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