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Hi sisters! James Charles here and welcome back to my youtube channel. You guys sister Ian is back in town Brother- – Brother Ian Oh oh my god You’d think that after 27 videos we’d been over this by now! Ian is currently back in town for the summer It’s been a Fiesta in the James Charles apartment with us together, and since we’re currently on a little hiatus from “Brother and Sister” I definitely want to film something with Ian because I know you guys all miss him a lot Yesterday I was getting ready for an event in front of and I walked into my closet and I didn’t know what I wanted to wear and he was helping me go through things and he was critiquing a lot of my wardrobe and Ian definitely has a huge interest in fashion But a little bit different than your interest a little bit different Yeah, but he definitely does like fashion a lot Ian’s outfits and in opinion are Scary. It’s the same thing for you though Yes Ian never texts me his Instagram pictures before posting them, and every time he does, I always look at them and I’m like wow That outfit is literally the worst Since we clearly have very different fashion senses I thought it would be such a fun video to do it in and I tried to buy each other I’ll bet like James did say we definitely do have different styles of clothing. They like to wear about growing up together I feel like we both have a good sense of what we like so I thought this challenge might be easy Okay, I think every time I see you were in a very very new style you change that your interest and clothes a lot Whereas I’m feeling – I’m pretty similar for the past few years so I think of anything you might have this easier than me, you’ll see you like to wear like $1000 black sweatshirts cuz they say So basically to do this job today We’re all gonna head over to the mall and I’m gonna shop with my best friend drew and he’s gonna take my videographer Kelly and we’re going to Sister shop for each other in secret and we’re going to avoid all cost Not show each other what we’re getting and we have to put together a full-on Look so head to toe whatever it takes to put together like a full Instagram ready. Look Oh Good question. Okay. I feel like we actually maybe should do no budget for this. Let’s just do no price range I am scared of that. I won’t talk to you define you am buying you an outfit Well, yeah, but if its an ugly one what am i gonna do with it return it , well Yeah, I guess you got me there. Okay, I guess we’ll do no price range, but please don’t go crazy on my credit card I got you Do you? Yeah, okay. All right, I guess um, this is yours. Thanks bud Let’s go sister shopping All right guys, we just got to the mall and I’m ready to pick out sister Ian’s outfits I definitely have a lot of work to do today. His style is very much um Bad So I definitely get a little like kind of just good cohesive look And I know he’s said earlier that he wants a ring So I’m gonna try to be a good older sister and gave him a cute ring to make him super super happy Hopefully he’ll love the outfit that we come up. All right guys right now. We’re in Nordstrom I’m hopefully gonna find James a full outfit so pants shirt or sweatshirt shoes accessories Everything lots of good and fresh from the t-shirts that are probably all Would you get him a love wins t-shirt? 320 a white sweatshirt Like me if I’m shopping for yourself About to be wearing this is a tricycle it can be this right now. Okay. I’ll be purchasing this for myself. Sorry. Yeah What doesn’t he have Should we look in the woman’s I do not see anything over here. Honestly lets give it a try Okay, I decide this jacket from champion wears a lot of champion, and he also wears a lot of chocolates like that This could be a really good and fresh piece for him oh You know why she makes a plenty on do with the Puma that’s what I’m saying, they’re also 7:17 There’s something different Hundred forty-five dollars. All right, we got these are 700 so Janesville is Adsense you can afford these pretty easily. So this might be enough I’m so annoyed. So when we find anything besides those shoes everything was con overpriced those buck. Never leaf It changes style if we put the Valentino’s on hold, but I’m kind of scared to spend 700 club. We’re gonna keep on looking Like Dragon bone pans and that’s the only straight boys that I really know in my life So that could be a better option for you. This is definitely James book $350 there’s no matching pants Might not be a good idea To use rain today and they monster champion jockey We need these It says James it’s only five ninety. So those adsense fam easy and it’s black so it’s gonna match anything a Non-profit shirt for one. Look I need to just get him like a queue relatively simple plain shirt that doesn’t have the ugliest design So we decided to get the Burberry jacket was six forty six and some change after-tax Hopefully it’s gonna like it. It’s gonna match everything. So let’s keep on jeans. Are you excited by your sister purchases? I really I wasn’t gonna bring brown back Okay guys who successfully bought a pair of shoes in a jogger pan and a jogger for me art widow came to it three hundred And twenty six dollars. This is proving to be very expensive very quickly, and we only have two items down south Russ Iris price level Valentino chef and I think we’re gonna go because he changed it true adidas sister need a sponsor There we go. This is the hundreds on slinky low by right? Yeah, not bad. That is ugly short of everything about her life I really like the shirt business blind mannequin chilly to conventionally waiawa pians outfit But he is notorious for wearing oversized shirts and he’s already very very tall and skinny So I don’t want to make him really any more of a string bean than he already is and this shirt is very long So I’m gonna hold this we’re gonna His pants are usually like just straight fit pants that are cropped way to hide those ankles always look weird But my biggest have to be with alpha Japan being couple be honest like this one is like charcoal jeans that I think it actually really good and they’re definitely not something that he has so We’re actually done at getting has a tear outfit so that’s really great work fully professional shopper is less than Sandra are done So earlier we’re gonna go get sister ice cream a sister snack while again the finished stuff because he sucks We’re definitely a look at some Kappa stuff. I know Jame’s has a couple items already, so we’re gonna find something he doesn’t already have Alright, we have a white Kappa Tee here, I feel like this will match the shoes and pants and jacket, so might have to get this Ian is still shopping, so I decided to peace out for a few minutes to take a little bit of a detour to get a little sister surprise, so We just got out of Bloomingdales, we got some Dior glasses and a Kappa t-shirt James and Drew said they were done with their whole outfit, but they said that we back in 30 minutes So I’m quite curious to see where they are This is so big 16 9nk courtesan three-quarter 63
my little brothers definitely more of a man than I am, THAT’S for sure So 63 is this wide, it wouldn’t fit me That’s so beefy
Yeah it is, right? How much is this one? 37 a good impression, should we just do it? Yeah. It’s kind of fun We can be twinning Sister siblings – for REAL That’s all I’m paying you today as a man I love that when you buy a 4000$ ring, you get a free cookie 11 large over here. Okay they’re good actually, it better be good for 4000. It’s kind of worth that Can we come back for more later? Look at this: 4106.26$ We’re back! I’m scared. Oh So am I, I am actually very scared I think you should go first. I’ll show you yours first. You think? Yeah Are you that confident? I am very confident (yas, sister Ian) Okay, well then, let’s do it! All right, so we’re gonna do like the bottom up, like shoes and then top I guess so bottoms up, bottoms up Wait, is that the lyrics where’s the bottle? It’s bottles up my bottoms There we go, a sister shoe Wait, do I open them now? Yeah Ohhhh, these are good and fresh! Yeah, I know IAN???? Yeah, I know Tea, oh really love those, okay Funny the boffin There you go, bud It’s your 15th pair of Adidas joggers Okay, sure. Do need always more Can’t go wrong with a brand new pair Perfect, we love a good pair Pants were the hardest part Really? Yeah Well, I love these obviously I couldn’t find pants that like- UH *snaps*
So I settled with those Kinda like- UH *snaps* Ready? Yeah Okay Love a good kappa shirt Ian, these are good so far! I TOLD YOU Okay wow (calm down Ian) That’s pretty good and fresh Next two items, so like they’re WUH I’m scared they’re WUH close your eyes They are closed Ready? Yeah UHHHHH This is good (that’s burberry) It’s a burry jacket? Yeah Sister (shook) Told, you I went all Wait, how much did this cost? Don’t worry about it Wow Ian, I actually love this You actually like that, too? Yeah, I do Okay, good. Close your eyes, this is the masterpiece.
Keep them closed, keep them closed They are closed, Ian (duh) Then keep them closed for a while.
Open your eyes *Inhales* IAN, you’re literally kidding me. Me and Drew walked by these in the store and we’re like we need those right now SISTUR, THESE ARE SO GOOD I am a professional, I told you OH MY GOD Wait Ian, you literally did the best I ever I told you this OKAY HEY OH MY GOD Did I go off or did I not go off? You kinda went off, not gonna lie.
How much did you spend total? 1.5 You spent 1500$ The glasses were 700 and something, dude. Are you ready to see yours? I am kinda scared I think this will be good. I hope you like it, you have the weirdest clothing taste ever Okay, ready? Oh, I am scared. Well, first I got this adidas jacket which is mine, so… Well, love that first cloth Look at that over there. Okay, first we’ll start off with the sister shoes. Ready? Put it in my handy already I’m scared Put it in my hands! Okay, ready? PUT THEM IN MY HANDS! Okay, so I want you to know that I put together this whole cohesive outfit, too. So everything will match I’m scared, bro It’s not like bad matches, so it’s like… PUT IT IN MY HAND OKAY Ready? Okay I think they’re pretty similar to the shoes you have on now. They match the whole outfit, I think they’re pretty cute Do you like.. that’s like gray, red and blue, so you can match it with the most outfits. Pretty good So I gotta gdsnjddf outift, I’m guessing Yes Okay Do you like them? Yeah Really? They’re not bad Do you promise? They’re not bad (I hate them) Okay cool, love that I feel like when I was picking your pieces I really want to make sure a lot of the things like went together because like one of the main issues you have with your outfits is that they never match there’s always like a few really good elementos, and there’s always like that one thing that you add and that’s never right Ever. I told like… Mean Not mean! You just have a… Mean No you just have questionable taste Okay, okay Okay ready? I have no idea what pants you got for those shoes now. I’m actually really scared. Why a pair of pants That’s not true. We actually don’t really think about uh-oh. I don’t really think about these pants watching my shirts Well the rest go together really nicely. We’ll be fine Okay Okay, good, I got you a good pair of dark skin easy so they’re not fully blocked because make like you have a lot of black pants already and they’re like a nice wash and they also Think you don’t really have that when you purchase skinny jeans my most a lot of pants that you wear Are kind of straight fit and you cuffed the ankle and it doesn’t look good Okay, Wow, two for two so farmers are gonna move in with the shoes though. Yeah Yeah, I will admit I don’t really think about that together, but I think we should be fine next item Is your shirt rue de Mexican dude this shirt Beverly cute I feel like you have a lot of like graphic tee style introduce thing That was like simple, but I had like some sort of element to it. So it’s like you would actually watch we’re Cool. I think it it’s a little bit longer. We have to crop it develops with the outfit no, not cropped but like just like cut like two inches off not like a prop top although that could be good until You pick a lot of items that make you look like a string bean like you’re already very tall and lanky and you wear shirts That are like eight inches too long and pans that are straight and no jacket and like long shoes So you just look like you’re like 87 feet tall about Your knots we need to break it to you ready? I Guess lastly we have this last one. I now you Southwest Okay, we found this one first and I actually think you’re really gonna like this one Oh God I almost got another one for myself This is really I think you’ll look so good or not It’s a large so it still gives you like that oversized shape with a bigger t-shirt And then we got you the really skinny jeans They’re kind of like taper the body give you a little sister shape instead of being a sister string be Yeah I’m excited. So you go put them on I think we should do a sister What Pull them up more on their skinny jeans. Well, you’re saying those four to twelve ey v. Those are a medium Mac It’s an extra sister in here Kind of is a good luck Yeah, they really are a little big role that’s how you do That’s what you do when your pants are too big dude Oh stupid and you can’t see it Hello the host of gay is tell It’s a good luck it’s a hundred degrees my program you just gave me a winter jacket you gave me a winter jacket as well You’d be kind of killed that How do you like your life pants? I? Might use the pants like that everything you guys sister structs them out. I’m just not used to skinny jeans I actually really love with us left looks on you I think even though that skinny seems a little bit uncomfortable They do look really good at dump I did exactly what I wanted it to do of giving you kind of like the larger oversized person on the top But this ganger portion on the bottom. So everything looks a lot more cohesive and not as Strangely like I do have one last thing to add to this outfit Oh God, what did you do? I’m so scared probably made our bully bottom Fulton Perez. I just wanted to really completely off bad. Give it a full sister James look It’s beautiful Lucky here on Tom. Wait, how much did this cost the fall outfit? Yeah for $1,750 Okay Pretty fun though, right? You know, I spent one point five. So that means we literally spent over six thousand dollars on this challenge today That no budget thing. We made it no challenge Already it’s like a sec completes his sister shopping spree in this video today. I actually had up so much I’m doing this not gonna lie I was a little bit worried in the beginning because like I said to him cell is ever-changing But I was very much looking forward to putting you something much cuter than the average sister You’ve helped it and I’m very proud of how this turned out and I’m glad you like it I think James’s style is very hard to find in store Is actually really true finding clothes that you would just buy like looking at was kind of difficult You’re really dead this alpha is so good. I will definitely be wearing this under now No TV probably soon on Instagram. If you guys who doesn’t do this today with me and sister via the room So what I’m doing those, please don’t forget to give it a big thumbs up down below and show your support It really means so so so much to speaking of support really. Hope you guys can skip that If you have not already as well, don’t forget to click that big red subscribe button down below come join this effort We just hit six million sisters. Oh my god, literally like Hello What do you people got my mind is blown every single day and I feeling distress or that it’s growing it’s so so so fast you all meet up so much to me and I promise you when I say there are a lot of Really really amazing things in the works that you guys are gonna be so sister took over So thank you guys as always for all your love and support And I say in every single video but truly like I am so thankful to be in this job I’m so grateful for you guys. I don’t mean us as well. So thank you. Love you. Click the subscribe button Also click that bell I don’t see be notified every time I or we Upload a brand new video. If you like to follow me and I make up to read even follow me on Instagram or Twitter They’re both the same shara and my snapshot for more I haven’t seen things up you CH are some extra ass after Charles for the filming my Brother charity all my social medias are doing jttours. This videos sister shadow. Cosa sister, Emma Thank you so much for all your touring know I love you little you so so so much and if you like to me, the next video is sister shadow Don’t forget to always a retweet my bit early. So they go live on a Twitter. Alright sisters. Thank you. So cha-ching We love you and I will see you in the next one. Hi you


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