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hey did you ever try to come to our shop
and you couldn’t find us okay so we are located in porn Island right next to a
bank right we bang yeah and that’s the bank of year this is what you gonna do
if you’re coming from the blow burg side to the Cape Town side you see the
mountain behind me okay there will be a board thing either bar well if you come
next to us will not give you free beer but yeah we’re just something healthy
anyway see this F the bank there’s the parking lot outside all we
need to do is coming us this is Johnny follows reporting from the way to Lina’s
ketchup see wait wait wait wait in case it didn’t song there was a
number 28 Marine Drive right on top of it you see that in the best yeah now
we’re gonna do this follow him are you doing you go up the stairs turn
left by the way we have no name here they don’t like this yet why’d you go
hold the way to the end and here we are so now you know how to find us
Leena Sketchup what are you waiting for follow us John follow us from Lena
Sketchup we can’t let this happen we cannot let this happen mo do the
thing yes

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