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Life in Japan: Inside Fontana’s Tokyo private apartments

We have more than 746 appartments including guest houses and private apartments In Japan, it is very difficult for foreigners to go to normal Japanese real estate companies and look for a private apartment. People also find it difficult because of the language barrier We decided to choose an apartment to have our own privacy What I like about the apartment is that it’s spacious and I have a balcony so I can go outside for fresh air without having to actually go downstairs I love having the ability to be on my own I’ve always been a very introverted person and being in a private apartment forces you to become extraverted We have a lot of apartments all around Tokyo The difference between a private apartment and a guest house, is that in a private apartment the utilities are not included in the rental price In a guest house, the utilites are included. Gas, water, electricity, internet It’s all included in the rental price I had lived on my own before coming here, so the experience was already known to me That’s also why we wanted to go for a private apartment instead of a sharehouse We can live together, we have our own kitchen, we don’t have to share this or the bathroom The bath, the shower, it’s all ours That’s the most important factor for us There’s a lot of things to do around the apartment we have a lot of convenience stores, grocery stores, we always have something to buy if we need food Besides that, walking 20 minutes from here there is Nakano broadway It’s a huge mall We all really prepared to deal with any foreigner who comes to Japan Nakano is very convenient, there’s a lot of supermarkets convenience stores, drug stores, cosmetics, etc Everything, restaurants It’s very easy to move around from Nakano, you can even walk to Shinjuku You don’t need to worry about the train if you really want to go by foot, it doesn’t take that long Back home I had the comfort of living with my parents, being taken care of You don’t have as much responsibilities as you do here And that forces you to learn new things about yourself It forces you to take new responsibilities and take care of yourself Take care of the food you have to eat, the groceries, the money you have to pay, the bills you have to pay It teaches you how to become an adult, basically When you come to the check in, we don’t only give you the keys to go to the apartment by yourself We always want our client to come to the office, so that we can take good care of them We explain the contract face to face We finish the paperwork and one of our staff member will drive you from the office to your place And then we show you the location Post office, convenience stores, bank, and the supermarkets I had issues with my AC the first day and I went down to see the managers and they helped me immediately, the customer service is really nice When it comes to Fontana, we make things very easy and we are a friendly kind of business Because as a foreigner, when you meet another foreigner, student or worker We speak the same language so things go very smooth for us


Ysabel _Yl

May 5, 2019, 1:35 am Reply

I want to go

Jacquelyn Saenz

May 5, 2019, 1:42 am Reply

I like it but that depends how much does it cost like the bills. And is it a safe area to the University. Does it also have like Wi-Fi and is there more space or are these private Apartments cheap


May 5, 2019, 2:37 am Reply

do the company have a website?

Jacquelyn Saenz

Jun 6, 2019, 5:01 am Reply

I think I'm going to take the private apartment in the future I need to find a perfect one that is cheap has Wi-Fi and also allows dogs I'm bringing my dog to Tokyo with me but that depends how much is the monthly of the pets

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