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Life at Lowestone Court (Kinver, Staffordshire) – McCarthy & Stone

Kirsty came in and gave us the plans and then
she said “I don’t want you to rush” she says “no pressure don’t want you to, I would much
rather you take your time”. Next day “we want that one” and that was it
no going backwards, no doubts. We have been positive right from the word ‘go’. We used the smooth move and it was very smooth.
They were absolutely fantastic, right down to the sold sellers with the packing tape
over and I was like wandering around thinking “well, I should be doing something I should
be doing something” they were polite, efficient. The gardeners are there mowing the lawn, doing
the weeding and that sort of thing and doing the jobs I used to have to do, I think that’s
wonderful. It’s the community spirit here, there’s somebody
around all the time so you can’t be lonely not in this place. We get together on a Friday, we’ve got table
tennis which I like, I love the table tennis, film nights, cheese and wine’s anything social.
I begin to feel lonely whereas here, now I just pop along and see Jill or pop along and
see dot. She’ll say “i’m just taking this downstairs” and two hours later, yes two hours
later. The friends we’ve made I think that’s probably
the most important thing. The first question I asked “can I bring my cats” and they said
‘yes’ so they’re indoor cats but they’re fine but they love seeing other people come up
and see them. Even our furniture fitted in beautifully,
we had a 3 bedroom house before we came here but the bedroom here is bigger than any of
the bedrooms that were at our house, the lounge is bigger than our lounge. The house manager Tracy, yes her door’s always
open you can go in any time and talk to her yes. It doesn’t matter how busy she is she’s
always got time for you. It’s another one of those things that gives
us confidence, you know, knowing that she’s there and the staff are there and the fact
that we have made a lot of new friends and we do look on them as friends opposed to people
who live here. When I was in my bungalow, I was a bit frightened
at night time being on my own so, no the security is wonderful. The one thing I worried about was how I’d
feel having just a one bedroom apartment but we’ve had no problem at all. Everything’s
gone wherever I want it. Even our furniture fitted in beautifully and the apartment’s
lovely, lovely shower and the walk in wardrobe it’s got everything in it that I need so yes
we’re very happy with it. It’s lived up to more than our expectations
it’s just, it’s just so lovely. There’s a massive sense of community we’re
like a great big family here. There’s nothing I can say that isn’t wonderful about this
place I love it to bits.

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