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LEGO Shopping MALL! 10,000 pcs, 17 shops, 2 stories, custom MOC!

Hello everybody its Jang here from JangBricks.com with a look at my all custom Lego shopping mall This freehand build covers to 48 by 48 base plates and uses an estimated 10,000 pieces from the outside you can see a number of store display windows and along the street level There’s a whole lot of random signage Those are mostly Advertisements for shops inside the mall the high arched atrium style entranceway feature lets in a lot of light makes a real visual statement The roof line is textured around the edges and up top to HVAC units with full ducting work to keep mall patrons comfortable year-round the star of the show on the roof though is this nearly Full-length skylight feature there are 200 clear bricks on the sides and over 120 clear garage panels on top Best of all the whole thing comes off as just one big assembly the same thing goes for that atrium style entranceway feature The remainder of the roof structure comes off in one no make that two pieces That exposes the full second floor of the mall but before I took off everything I sent in the mini jane-cam to get some minifig Iviews inside them all Alright, let’s take a walk around the mezzanine and check out some of these second-floor shops Everybody’s favorite way to get to the second floor. Though is by taking the hydraulic elevator It’s kind of a glass tube inside of a glass tube it gives great views for folks riding inside The elevator drops you off next to the cupcake shop Everybody enjoys a good cupcake and the two girls who work there are very skilled and very proud of their craft With this great location they end up doing a lot of business out of this small stall Next to them is kind of a hole in the wall Nutrition shop you got your protein powders over here and all kinds of wild supplements here I don’t envy the cashier because that’s a really constricted space to working all day from the smallest shop though We go to one of the biggest this mall department store spans both floors And it’s loosely modeled off an American Macy’s store Here’s the second floor main entrance the store Also has its own escalator which drops you off right in the housewares department glassware pots and pans etc This is the clearance table, and it looks like there’s a little criminal. They are thinking about doing some shoplifting I think he’s waiting for a nearby clerk to drop his guard and look away Sneaky the menswear department is pretty well stocked with a wide selection of different types of items in modern Styles Prices are decent when there’s a sale Continuing our tour now we move on to the stuffed animals shop with two peas and an e The entrance is pretty inviting and you can see a kid there rushing the door There’s also a side window viewable from the first floor lobby store stocks all kinds of stuffed animals including cats dogs bears Turtles hares more hair They also have a fully stocked accessory station that lets you customize your new friend There’s barely enough space for the checkout register though next to that huge stuffed Pony I think the gold brick represents how much you’d have to pay to buy the pony well. That’s it for that store Let’s go ahead and walk across the elevated walkway hmm. This is a pretty happy looking family See they’ve got matching clothes. They call themselves the extreme team all in good fun The store here is called things and things they sell all kinds of shiny stuff and specialize in antique Replicas nothing real here, but it is the most eclectic collection of items you’ll find in the city their most expensive Item is this replica antique telephone. Can you believe it needed a wire to get a signal? Oh, this is cool. Old-style weapons the elemental blades spin on their holder to grab your attention through the lobby viewable window Next up is a gown store. Where dreams are made to come true They do private fittings by appointment the store displays six different lego friends and Disney Princesses full-length gowns and there’s a rack of Extras next to the mirror don’t need to worry about a dressing room because Lego minifigs Just pop off their head and limbs onto whatever clothes. They want to wear now Let’s move over to the action figures store this place specializes in the big 12 inch scale figures This kid is saying yes, they have Benny The store is the perfect place to employee my playstation 4 greatness awaits commercial guy You can google that the small physical space limits stock on hand But they still have a pretty decent selection and you can definitely Special order anything that you don’t see one thing that you can’t do though is buy that super special limited edition Convention exclusive gold figure that actually belongs to the store owner, and it is for display only we’ve now reached the other end of the mall and that brings us to the Second department store this one is inspired by an American Sears store There’s the second floor main entrance looking at the checkout register this one Also, gets its own escalator and the guy coming up looks pretty concerned I think he’s worried that this crazy lady at the top might fall She looks scared to the men’s clothing department here is not very impressive This is like a Sears after all they do sell some decent work clothes But most of the styles are very dated And the colors aren’t so exciting a lot of many things actually wonder how this place manages to stay in business at all The situation in the women’s department isn’t any better that lady, right? There is not impressed by the Select and even this construction site Foreman who’s just looking for some work clothes to get dirty He’s probably gonna walk out empty-handed from a slowly failing store. We moved to a wildly successful one This is the octan store in my lego world octan is no longer a big oil and gas Conglomerate and the gift shop sells memorabilia from those old times people still love the company though so anything with an optin logo on it will sell that doorway leads to present-day octan and Coffee mugs octan now has a global monopoly on the production of coffee mugs with so many different colors and prints There’s a coffee mug for everybody many thinks who don’t drink coffee still buy octan mugs Even many thinks who don’t drink anything at all still buy octan mugs alright Let’s move on to the last space on the second floor It’s a little pretzel shop checkerboard pattern in the back looks like that customer is some sort of hipster doofus. Oh well We don’t discriminate all the pretzels sold here are baked fresh And if you look really closely you can see a couple of them in the oven That brings us back to just about where we started But I didn’t show you the two little break tables with a outside Window view looks like we got a cute little couple here on a date Toasting Cheers with their cupcake and pretzel while we’re looking through this window We might as well get a better view of the elevator another sort of minifig. I’ve you now Let’s peel back a layer to get to the first floor first off come the elevated walkways Then one large section of the mall that looks kind of awkward This part comes off all is one now. We’re getting there final section looks like this We basically just sliced off the entire second floor of the place leaving only the escalators and elevators sticking up There’s the full plan of the first floor and let’s go ahead and dive in the place is asymmetrical so there’s a short walk down this way and a much longer walk down the other way as Before we’re gonna start in kind of the middle at the elevator lobby There are some movie posters advertising on the sides and behind the elevator are his-and-hers restrooms Those are pretty important the insides of the doors are decorated and these are single stall units Toilet toilet paper small sink and a couple of dispensers just the basics Oh Looks like this mall has a skeleton in its closet Literally there was a construction worker who went missing during the initial building of the mall it looks like we just found him I don’t suspect foul play do you? Moving right along it’s time to check out the Lego store It’s the crown jewel of the mall this takes cues from a number of real-life Lego stores including the Lego brick inspired ceiling insert up top Unfortunately that casts a shadow inside of the place, so it is removable ironic since this has lights in the real stores Aha now we can actually see in there check out the pick a brick wall and the dual checkout counter Sets are arranged by theme looks like creator and architecture there got some city stuff back here Can’t really see it But the little round portholes have colors behind them and the rectangular windows enclosed micro mosaics that represent sets on display Sometimes guests usergroup mocks go in there, too You can see the one on this side better This here is supposed to be the little place where you can pick out pieces and make your own custom minifig in the store Here’s another random display. I guess that’s supposed to be a brick built frog on top and in one window display We’ve got the super stardestroyer and on the other side is a classic town man and an astromech droid There’s a happy customer leaving with a big bag of stuff and the greeter is happy for him all the workers are based on real Employees of my local Lego store now I’d love to hang out at the Lego store all day but I hate to say it gotta move on the next stop in our tour of the mall is the first floor section of the Sears style department store There’s the inside ground-floor entrance it also has an outside ground-floor entrance very common in real malls There’s a lady walking in and the male clerk is looking at her But the female clerk is just bored and she’s pulling out her phone to mess with some apps over here we have the appliance department and that appears to have all sorts of Washers and dryers and also some refrigerators in the back and this lady here is thrilled to have found the biggest and most expensive Of all much to the chagrin of her husband Against the wall over there are the range and oven sets and these appear to be Dishwashers as we cross the hall we arrive at the tools Department Got some pretty sweet lawn care machinery down here, and then tools hand tools bench tools got a bench grinder Drill press miter saw looks like a large air compressor in the back. There’s even a chainsaw Circular saw power driver impact driver yard tools – here’s a look at it from a different angle I had a lot of fun making those shot tools I wanted this to be the type of place that I would want to go in Contrast to that here’s a place that I wouldn’t want to go this is sort of the Punk culture Store sort of like a hot topic if you will I like the entrance Signage on this one and inside you’ll find that in my lego world folks who come to shops like this go for the medieval styles Not just your typical vampire and which kind of fair we’re talking straight-up Chainmail and stuff that looks like plate armor they even buy weapons to accessorize Hey, I’m gonna buy something no, okay, whatever Hmm. I look more closely. I think I actually would go here wouldn’t buy anything just look from a very dark place We go to a very bright place Wow the orange This is a mobile store based on the old Cingular Wireless style mini jane-cam view from the front There are a few phone options looks like one’s out of stock and here are some more the lady in lavender is saying oh I’ll take the pink one Trying to be all fancy. They have these rotating checkout kiosks There’s an employee there happily making a sale to a cheerleader it appears got a couple of wide-format tablets for sale there And it’s just a different view of the rest of the store Next we’ll slide over to the mall coffee shop This little side is mostly used as an exit most folks go in through this main entrance There are a few pre-made food items here But they also do made to order stuff got a cutting area back there sink little refrigerator over on the right But the stores most important asset is of course its coffee maker and dispenser there are a few culture items on the walls it has a very nice comfortable looking seating area if the copies the $7.00 I wonder how much it is for a cookie When we now cross the main lobby we get to the very first store I built it’s a mall jeweler when I started on this I had only a faint idea of how the whole mall would turn out looking at this store now It looks kind of plain, maybe someday I’ll go back and spruce it up In the corner there a manager is checking out some prices of some items on the store computer And this female employee is helping a customer to pick out a ring she appears to be recommending topaz With that we’ve now gotten back to the store, that’s not Macy’s except It kind of is but it’s not through the first floor main inside entrance You can see the makeup in perfume counter and an employee There is pretty freaked out by one of my silly figs. This guy goes around on rollerskates with his burlap sack I really wonder what he’s asking for maybe some foundation or an eyebrow filler. That’s it There’s the mini jane-cam view of the outside entrance to the place now on the right hand side is the main women’s clothing department This area is well stocked And they have some of the latest Fashions most of the patrons who come in here end up buying something the place is pretty clean and well organized and the store has a
generally good reputation on the street I tried to make this a place my wife would like to shop on the other side of the store is the escalator which is Much easier to see on the ground floor than it was from up above over on the left That’s the women’s negligee department keep immature comments to yourself every department store has a section like this It’s just a fact of life this LEGO version sells of course tops and bottoms Including prints look at that and now we move on to the last stop on our tour of the mall This is a videogame store the window displays our advertising some kind of mech and some sort of future anarchy world’s rocket powers deaf car game products on the walls are Platform and down in the middle you’ve got your used games for sale here are games for the most popular platform of the day and in the corner are some peripherals as well as a Ceiling mounted demo monitor the checkout counter is pretty cool because it’s all transparent green And that my friends is it you have now seen the entire first floor of my all custom Lego Shopping mall. You’ve also seen the second floor. You’ve also seen the roof For a single creation this was a pretty big and involved project But when you look at it in the context of my entire all custom Lego City This still left me with a lot of work to do eventually you should not be able to see any truly empty space out here It’s daunting but I can do it watch me No seriously Watch me follow my blog and Jang bricks comm to see everything that I’m up to Including all of my custom builds as they happen on YouTube You’ll see the finished products showing off like in this video as well as my usual reviews of official sense Thank you so much for watching this video I really hope you enjoyed that and I hope you’ll leave a comment hit thumbs up or down browse my channel For more videos you might be interested in and check back for more on a regular basis because I’m always putting out new content I’m gonna go get back to building and for now I’m gonna leave you with some extra footage that was left over from making this video bye for now



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Since this video was made, so much has improved! The mall is now fully illuminated with LED lights in every shop: https://youtu.be/bcL7JFddUh4
I've moved and built a way bigger city with lots of new buildings, tons of vehicles, new custom trains, and hundreds of minifigures! See the latest in my city update playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLprPXqd7y-iUyGtofdSHx2p6J31mIP4_6
Also check out some of my add-on themed displays plus train camera & drone flyover views in my full LEGO layouts video collection! https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLprPXqd7y-iWhszXj3XVfZFnh3vn-z2Re

Thanks for your amazing support!

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