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Learn Real English – SHOPPING

Hello. Do you need help with your listening
skills in English? I think you may do. Today, I’m going to teach you how to improve your
listening skills. But it’s going to be fun because you’re going to do it when you go
shopping. Who likes shopping? Good. Okay. Shopping. Wow, I’m so excited. So you’re going to go shopping. You’re going
to improve your listening skills, and — three in one today. It’s on sale — you’re going
to learn how to understand all those native speakers. So crazy.
Don’t understand. So if you go shopping or you actually buy
something, you have to go to a cashier. Or if you’re going shopping for food, you’re
going to go to the checkout. Now, in my city of Toronto, our lovely government has put a
five-cent tax on a simple plastic bag. So if I want a bag, I now have to pay five cents.
Now, you might be thinking to yourself, “Ronnie. Five cents?” And I say, “Yes. Five cents.
One nickel. There’s a beaver on it. I’m not going to give the government five cents. It’s
my five cents. I will put things in my pocket and carry it in my shirt before I give someone
five cents.” Yes. Yes. I am that cheap. So when you go shopping, especially at a grocery
store in Toronto, they’re going to ask you this question. They’re going to say, “Doya
wanna bag?” “What? Yes. Yes. Sure. I don’t know. Okay.” “Jim bag?” “Jim bag? I’m not
Jim. What? Hang on. What?” You have no idea what this person said to you, and they’re
standing there like — what’s happening? So I know, probably, automatically, you would say,
“Yes.” Five cents right out of your pocket — gone. Maybe you need five bags. That, ladies
and gentlemen, is 25 cents. You get more of those, that’s one dollar. That’s a lot of
money for Ronnie. So what they really are saying to you — but they speak so quickly,
and they are native speakers — is “Do you want a bag”? Or, “Do you need a bag?” But,
of course, they don’t say, “Do you need a bag? Do you want a bag?” They’re going to say
this, “Doya wanna bag?” “Doya wanna bag?” “Doya wanna bag?” Your turn. “Doya wanna bag?” You say, “No.
I brought my own bag, thank you.” Or they might use the verb “need”. It’s the same idea,
except instead of saying “wanna”, they’re going to say “needa”. So they’re going to
say, “Doya needa bag?” “Doya needa bag?” “Do you need a bag?” No. They say, “Doya
needa bag?” You try. “Doya needa bag?” So first step is done. Now, at this point,
if I were you, I would just want to get out of the store with my beautiful cupcakes and
eat them. But no. They’re going to ask you more questions that you don’t know the answer
to and hope that you can just buy things on the Internet. They’re going to ask you — because
they’re very nosy — “Do you have airmiles?” “Do you have an Optimum card?” “Do you have a
points cards?” “Do you have a Sobeys card?” “Do you have a Target card?” “Do you
have a Sears card?” “What? What? What?” So, “do you” — that you can either say “doya”,
or really, really fast, “juya”. So it’s going to sound like this, “juya”. So they might say
to you, “Juya have airmiles?” “Juya hav. Juya hav.” So we actually take out the H.
You say, “jav”. “Jav airmiles?” Airmiles is a points card
— it has an airplane on it — that if you buy enough products at one store or various
stores, you can, by some stroke of imagination and luck — fly on an airplane for free. I
don’t have enough points to do this because I always forget my stupid card. And they
say, “Jav airmiles”? And I say, “Yes. ” So they’re waiting for me to — I’m like, “I don’t
have it here. I do have one, though.” So pretty frustrating for me. An “Optimum card” — there’s a really big,
huge, supermarket that’s actually a drugstore in Ontario called “Shoppers Drug Mart”. It has
everything. I understand in most countries a drugstore only has drugs. Our Shoppers Drug
Mart has everything: cosmetics, food, snacks, cleaning supplies, toilet paper — everything
you want right there, except for drugs. There are no drugs there. They have something called
an “Optimum card”. So an optimum card or a points card or a store card — for example, if
you go shopping at the very wonderful store of Target — and I am being sarcastic — they’re
going to say, “Java Target card?” It kind of sounds like this now, “java”. “Java airmiles?”
“Java Optimum card?” “Java points card?” “Java Target card?” Most of the time, you’re going
to say “no”. But if you’re lucky enough to have one of these cards, you can earn free
points and yay and fantastic. You’re going to have to fill out a form and write out your
name and — it’s troublesome. It’s troublesome, but you might be able to get points. So safest
bet, “Doya wanna bag?” “No.” “Juya have airmiles?” “No.” “Java points cards?” “No. No, no, no.”
So first two questions, no and no. Yes. We’re almost done shopping. I’m really hungry.
I just want to eat what I bought. The next thing they’re going to ask you is,
“Crediter debit?” Excuse me? “Crediter debit?” “Did you just? Huh? No?” “Credit or debit?”
Or they’re going to say, “Are you going to use credit or debit?” “Are you going to use
credit or debit?” “Here. Take my money. Leave me alone. I just want to eat these cupcakes.”
“Credit or debit?” In English, we never bother to say “or”. What we do is we take out this
“or”, and we say “crediter debit?” This is a general rule when we put two words together,
we never ever ever say the “or”. We always stick ER or -er on the last or the first word.
As an example, if maybe it’s Friday and you’d like some fish — no, sorry. “Fish? What?” Maybe
you’re on an airplane, and the stewardess comes with the cart and says, “Chickener beef?”
“Chickener? Chickener?” “Chicken or beef. Chickener beef?” You go, “Chicken?” So when we
say this in English, we never say the “or”. We always say “er”. So they’re going to say,
“Credit or debit?” This means are you going to use a credit card — like a Visa, a MasterCard,
or American Express — or are you going to use debit? Now, a debit is a bank card. So
maybe you have a bank account — I hope so. If you do, send me some money — and you have a
debit card. So they’re going to say, “Credit or debit?” Or, they might use a longer sentence,
and they might say, “Are you going to use credit or debit?” But they say “areya gonna”,
“areya gonna use”,”areya gonna use credit or debit?” Your chance. Try. “Areya gonna
use” — “Areya gonna use credit or debit?” So then, you go, “No. Just debit card. Card.”
Done. The other thing — the easier thing, if you want to — is you just wave some cash
or some money in front of their face. They don’t even have to ask you. You go,”… cupcakes.”
The easiest thing is to use cash. I personally don’t ever have cash. I always use a debit
card. It’s a little bit more difficult. But I’m lucky I understand
these native speakers. Now, the last bothersome question they will
ask you is, “Do you want — or do you need a — or they might say ‘the’ — receipt.”
Now, first of all, the way we say this word is really crazy. It looks like ree-see-pee-tee.
Would you like your ree-see-pee-tee?” But we actually say the word like this, “re-seat”.
So they’re going to say to you, “Do you need you want a receipt? Did you need the receipt?”
For this one, I guarantee you the best thing to say for this is, “Oh, yes. Yes, please.” So
“no, no, debt, yes, please.” Smile. Cupcakes. Eat. Happiness. Glory. They’re not going to say, “Do you want the
receipt” or, “Do you need the receipt?” They’re going to go back to this one. “Doya” or “java”.
No. They wouldn’t say “java”. They would say “doya”. Okay? So “do you want” — like this
one, you would say, “doya wanna”, “Doya wanna receipt?” “Doya needa receipt?” So it’s just
like the very first question, “doya wanna” or “doya needa”. If they say “the”, they’re going to say, “doya
wanda”, “doya wanda receipt”. It depends on if it’s “a receipt” or “the receipt”.
It’s all articles. “Doya wanna receipt?” “Doya needa receipt?” “Doya wanda receipt?”
“Doya needa receipt?” So this one is going to sound like “needa”,
“Do you needa receipt?” Did you like shopping? I hate it. But it is
necessary. My hobby is going to supermarkets. So I actually like grocery shopping. But sometimes,
it’s very annoying and inconvenient when I just want to get out of the supermarket and
eat my cupcakes or whatever I bought. And the cashier asks me these crazy questions.
“No, no, debit, yes, thank you. Bye.” Please say “thank you” at the end of all the transactions.
It makes the person working have a better day. And if you don’t understand what someone
has asked you, try not to get angry — advice. Just ask them to repeat it. But “yes,
yes, no, no, no, yes” works well. Goodbye. Happy shopping.


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