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sup guys welcome to the vlog welcome
back to my channel today we are doing the last would believe the underwater
house was a hundred thousands of dollars behind me the deep end of the pool we
have an underwater house that’s sitting there that’s big enough to hold the
three of us also over here stove it’s holding a briefcase with $100,000 inside
Minzy when do the honors and open it up because only the winner is gonna walk
away with this briefcase today guys this is the biggest challenge we’ve done on
my channel we’ve never done something of this scale or a magnitude before this
video is going to be insane if you guys want to see how we built the underwater
house yeah check out my last video of building the underwater house it was
very difficult it took like five or six days just to build this thing and make
it work but we got it working and today we are going to be using it for the last
one to leave the underwater house wins so let’s get started the way this
challenge is gonna work is we’re gonna have 30 minutes to collect any supplies
that you want to bring down underwater into the house
once everyone’s in the house the challenge will begin and the last one to
leave a bad house underwater will be today’s winner and the winner of the
grand prize of this briefcase at $100,000 it’s a great way to end the
year let’s think she’s gonna win I think we’re all hungry to win this grand prize
$100,000 is an insane amount of money so unless gets started let’s introduce
the contestants and of course I’m also going to be
competing in this challenge because you guys know I want that cash I have a lot
of cool things I can do with it and if I win I’m gonna give some away to you guys
well let’s get on with today’s challenge 30 minute timer to collect supplies
we’ll start put this away this is only for the winner the 30-minute timer
starts now Oh thirty minutes you got to be inside the underwater house get
whatever you want let’s go grab some waterproofing materials I’m also gonna
need some I think I’m gonna bring down a basketball it seems kind of funny but
I’m gonna bring a bunch of water down to the underwater house because well a lot
of water down there we can’t drink it so I’m gonna bring my own water
I’m about to stick you guys in here so I can bring you under with me in the water alright guys this is the underwater
house I’m the first one here where’s that water
yeah I’ll soak up the light so uh hopefully this will you know if we need
lamp it gets dark if we’re in here for like a day or two big we’re gonna be
here but it’s already probably getting dark outside or a little bit in a few
hours you can look out it’s crazy all right we
got like five minutes left I think I don’t see Carter and Liz actually not
gonna I got zip lock and stuff but I don’t want any of any of this stuff to
be a get wet not like I think I’m prepared for this all right I’m jumpin hopefully the pool
is warm but it’s cool without it now my snack wait Carter how much time is
left probably just about like a minute oh wait this is leaving with that heck
okay if she’s not back within that minute she’s gonna be eliminated from
the child before it even starts oh gosh you better hurry what are you doing up
there okay so I’m back now the only one but there’s not much time left guys I
gotta start counting his timer oh here comes Liz and this is back
no signs of snow anywhere guys I don’t know if he’s gonna make it in before the
timer okay here goes Carl is too much stuff in here we gotta get out of here we’re all in here the challenge has
officially be bad guys it’s last delivery underwater how it’s $100,000
we’re all in here we’re running on air we got to add a little bit more just a
slowly leak so we got to slowly what are you gonna do are you gonna win the town
I thought this was a lot bigger but now I mean three people what you’ve never
done before and three people in here no also we have to make sure when we fill
we don’t pass this line if we fill more air than that line and this is how you
fill you push the button this thing is gonna flip back up to the surface check
it out so we definitely do not want to do that with the three of us in here
that would be really scary and potentially very dangerous I mean to
keep an eye to uh not overflow with air you can’t be serious yeah I’m fine I
mean I can stay out here for as long as possible
100 grand are you serious I’ll sleep out here I need to sleep underwater in the
air bubble yeah no it’s honestly fine it’s deftly a mental game you got to
relax combined that’s true it’s a beautiful view you get a beautiful view
up under the water of the pool which is pretty nice I gotta say I enjoy being
down here but you know the water you can hear it right oh yeah
that’s a small leak in the tarp somewhere so the water level does creep
back up so if we all three fall asleep and no one’s going to fill it it could
get really scary let’s build the water will just keep creeping up and so we
have no water oh no we’re gonna come on soggy and we got with my chocolates our
well there’s no only thing you brought don’t tell me how it looks like we know
if it was gonna be first one out this is all she cried oh I actually didn’t bring
any food because I’m doing what they call it intermittent fasting so I
actually don’t have it eating but there right now this is not only a hundred
thousand dollar challenge but it’s also a personal challenge if a state is I’m
not gonna eat until I leave plus if I eat too much I don’t want to have to use
the restroom and get me out so my attack ticket strategy is to not eat and try
not to drink the water here because I don’t want to be eliminated by having to
use the restroom because I’m not moving either number one or two in here that’s
disgusting so you guys obviously aren’t thinking straight I brought about a loaf
of bread is it getting wet you’re gonna drink they’re gonna drain it oh no
that’s not good thank you a minor body heat body
temperatures rise okay I got my loaf of bread so I don’t think sandwich
underwater was the right move dude I think it is perfect what about Matt I am
we’ve been in here for if I had to guess maybe in an hour an hour maybe a little
bit less how long a minute I don’t know it’s been a long time
though it’s accurate it’s full week okay so I don’t know how are you I mean of course I’ve brought it
isn’t it I mean it’s in a puddle of water this is disgusting guys comment
down below if you eat a sandwich under water like this that’s all soggy I got
extra crunch oh look at that peanut butter and jelly sandwich under
water there’s no way you’re eating this that’s actually really good
I’m actually starting to get hungry if they weren’t soggy I’d give you I’d pay
you $1,000 for a peanut butter and jelly sandwich I know that’s active actually I
wouldn’t even sell to you right now what do you mean that what he’s eating his
peanut butter hey stop stop and how much she paid for the how much how much does
she owe you snow whoa is that two finger legs that’s 200 each so $400 all right
that’s the price if Liz wins you have to pay so $400 for them I’m gonna save my
sandwich for later – sorry why don’t you send it up and
everything up see later food is wrong sorry
ready eight two one oh and she’s gone I have an idea let’s
send snow bucks no no no we’ve been under water for over an hour straight it
is time for the first challenge this walkie-talkie to the boss and see what
he’s got for us let’s do the first challenges alright boss what is the
first challenge alright the house so we get to leave the house but we can’t go
above the water me to stay under water we only get one fret so it’s I don’t
know if that really helps but at least we get the stretcher at legs so what we
have to do is go all the way down there to the pool
touch the wall turn it around and come back into that house and we’re gonna do
it one at a time for time so you want to go first all right Liz is dying to get
out of here stretch your legs but Liz you realize you will be eliminated from
this challenge if you go above the water or take a breath Wow
so you cannot breathe at all you have to go touch them Oleg come back I’m nervous
nervousness great here’s a knot it began if you can’t make it just break the
water oh yeah guys one last thing the winner of this first challenge will win
$1,000 cash all right Lizzie ready yep all right I’m gonna count you down okay
tell me um four three two saint-lo
you stay funky she has I want to break the service that’s a good strategy
that dolphin kick and she’s coming back in let that was that really impressive
you did then twenty seconds time is when I went out my butt hit the door things
would have been broken all the water hit that with your bud stove you’re up next
am i oh boy we’re gonna see who’s the fastest Oh the person for this one
here’s the slowest does not get eliminated but we are trying to see who
is the fastest swimmer here it’s my time 20 seconds thanks obviously guys I don’t
know if storm had a little bit make it all the way down to the head and come
back alright so I’m gonna count you off you ready yep all right in five four
three two one very good your time with twenty two
point five seconds actually not bad pretty good my the first challenge is now complete and
technically the winner of the first challenge second second place goes to stove in
last place goes to me this locks me out and for $100,000 there’s no rules in
these challenge guys you can do and you think you was so technically that was
fair though and he should that door tight enough that I would have
had to breathe and she would have got me out and just to be clear guys we’re not
allowed to leave this underwater house unless it’s for each challenge that the
boss tells us through the walkie talkies so now then the challenge is over
we are stuck back in this house so let’s see what the big child even though you
technically cheated doesn’t matter it doesn’t matter there’s no rules
ruthless down here you do with a thousand dollars just a hundred thousand
dollars which table for the grand prize for the last person let’s keep going
we’re number three let’s go like six hours in this challenge really
dark you I know those you can see the oxygen is actually getting a little low
and I mean there’s a lot of money I don’t know how much longer I can I can
last to be honest it was a did you Fargo no card out looking at you anything all
day Huck that farted I’m sure you didn’t he and you get in someone farts it’ll be
stuck in here for the rest no party so this is what nighttime at the pool looks
like it’s dark it looks really it looks cool but whoa oh I think the lights are
turning on oh they’re starting to line up a little bit alright no it’s late
enough for all the studio lights that turn – oh gosh we’ve been in here for so guys we are almost five hours in to this
challenge living in this house under water without the breathing fresh air
above the surface so I think it’s time to see if anybody wants to breathe
number two I’m getting hungry alright well first first of the lead
guess five down and so alright looks like doing it I’ll take that but I’ll be
first person sent out now well if you’re gonna leave you gotta leave in he’s going towards those out for
$100,000 matter the challenge but there’s another walkie-talkie up here I
wonder who hello really but you heard the walkie-talkie
I’m gonna be cutting off their oxygen supply but as soon as I shut it off with
this remote actually you guys will hear it you guys hit a little that sound
that’s the breather going into the house right now as soon as I turn it off then
that means the water is actually gonna start rising because I see that bubble I
don’t know if you guys can see that bubble hold on let me show you right
there there are air bubbles that are coming out of the house so it is leaking
air so the water is slowly filling up that’s why we got that they’re coming
but let’s top it so it’s you guys it’s quiet now it’s silent that means it’s
totally off I do have the air filter pump thing is it’s turned off and press
the button no airs coming out that means they’re stuck under there without the
air I just checked them it seems like it’s slowly rising and it’s either gonna
be they’re gonna run out of oxygen or they’re just gonna be down there for a
really long time so to speed up the process I’m gonna be giving them a
noodle so I can suck the air out you know just from the leak okay we’re
actually losing a lot of it’s been I don’t know how long but I know the air
in there is getting very limited the water has risen I’ve been checking out
periodically to make sure everything’s good but the water levels are very high you need to be big uh it’s the whole
thing filled up with water because we lost our oxen quarter
I’ll go say oh I’ll save them so that way he can give me some money that’s
good sorry and I gotta say I’ve done a lot of
crazy things on this channel and staying in a narrow hole is the craziest oh my gosh oh my gosh guys that was
literally the craziest challenge ever and it is late at night as you guys can
see twelve over over twelve hours under that box but as you guys know there is
only one winner so we’re gonna dry off and there’s actually more than one
winner but there’s one grand prize winner and there’s a few other prizes to
be paid out let’s go find that money box and pay out the winners let’s go you
were the first person out so you definitely don’t win this however you
were promised $5,000 there so let’s get five grand out of this ego though over a
healthy snack oh these bags that’s $5,000 also the Liz
you won the first challenge and that was a $1,000 challenge so let’s get you 500
bucks 500 bucks that’s a thousand dollars so if my math is correct that
means there is 94 thousand dollars left in the suitcase for the last person to
leave the underwater house which was me but I really don’t think that I can
accept all of this money for this challenge I also promised Liz there’s
only a few inches of air left that I would split some of the profits with her
if I won and I’m gonna stay true to my word and I’m gonna split
yeah but so if I also want to put some with you and I think what we should do
is split this evenly among the three of us so they all walk away with $33,000
and guys I also want to share some with you you guys watch me you guys will also
have a chance to win some of this and grand prize the guys stay tuned on my
Instagram but the details only give away I love you guys
tomorrow’s the basket of cooler calm look at some merch right now I see you
guys on the next vlog bye


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