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Las Vegas Home for Sale in The Ridges – $1.6M – 3,733 sq.ft. – 3 Bed – 4 Bath – 3 car garage

Hi My name is Joani Pemberton with Simply Vegas. We’re in a William Lyons home in The Ridges actually the little subdivision Within the ridges is called silver Ridge and it is a gated community within the gated community of the ridges We’re in a plan one. It’s a one-story home. It’s three bedroom four bath It is Really very nice. The price is 1 million six hundred and twenty nine thousand. It is a builder sell out I believe this was the last one available on the market. So it’s really moving ready. So let’s take a look around Over here To our right when we first walk in this gorgeous door and let me just show you how pretty this glass door is This is a six-foot door Just beautiful and – if you come over here First we have the closet just A coat closet that has the cat5 wiring in it the smart devices I’ll call it a smart closet for lack of a better term We have 12 foot ceilings in this portion of the house And I’m not sure how tall the ceilings are on the rest of the house, but it’s considerably Higher, I’d say 20 feet So right now and this is our half bath and it has quartz countertop and it has a sink that is Risen, it’s very charming actually and let me just come in here and this also has cabinetry and a half bath Over here, we’re going into the third bedroom and it’s a smallest bedroom. The it is a 12 by 13 bedroom it has a walk-in closet Which in a mirrored door, which is really pretty charming and in this closet, and I don’t know if you can see it But it has access to that Ceiling or Access through the ceiling I should say. So this is very nice carpeting. All the colors are like light gray neutral Very well tastefully done So in here in this bathroom, we have a shower which is tiled and it has the pebbled texture look in the flooring in the shower and the tile is 10 by 20 smaller tiles that mimic the tile upper out the house, but just on a smaller scale We have tray ceilings, I don’t know if you can count up to the ceilings which has can lighting Charming stealing two floor windows here On this side of the house two more on the left side of the house. We have the third car garage So the third car garage? has Exterior door access to go outside which is kind of nice and There’s really not much to those Make a good storage area and There’s this little seating area and if I mentioned it where you can you know Take your shoes off and hang up your scaffold and so forth breathing guests as well To this entryway, I think the ceilings are probably 30 feet in this entryway a nice little channel there Moving inside the house. I don’t know if I mentioned that these tiles are 20 by 40 Over here, we have a wet bar and it is This is 2 feet by 6 and 1/2 feet. It is waterfall style and And over here we have a wet bar with the under mounted under mounted sink looks like it’s about 3/4 inch and It’s a stainless steel sink and we have dovetail Right here Connection. So this is pretty well made and it is soft close and this is a Fireplaces we have it is approximately 6 feet long So, I think actually we want to come into the kitchen next Oh On our way to the kitchen we have this we can call it a din or an office it has the open concept, however Very easily to put doors on this glass doors would be nice The tray ceiling and the can lighting are nice too. And this din is 12 by 13. It looks bigger than that In the kitchen, we have wolf appliances and again we have this Waterfall Island for the sink inside very nice As I mentioned we have wolf appliances so we have the wolf range the wolf This is actually a microwave oven – Maybe a convection oven as well and then the oven Pretty nice actually and so wolf appliances are nice, but I believe the dishwasher is a boss So next let’s come down here The backsplash is tile little tiles over In this right side of the house, we have a very nice sized pantry with a clear glass door And moving on into the laundry room Which also has a sink? And the quartz countertops are throughout this is a above mounted sink. However Now this is as I mentioned this is the last William line home standing in this subdivision Silver ridge and so the garage is really needs to be cleaned up, but you can both take a look around if you want to this is a two-car garage separated not, you know continuous a little offset, but It has stuff in it Nothing mentioned to point out it looks like it still doesn’t have a hot water heater, however, and all of these homes usually have tankless water heaters So, I don’t know if I mentioned but this is a one-story house So straight ahead through the kitchen I’m going to take you to the second bedroom bedroom number two So all of the bedrooms Occupied different parts of the house. So they’re all separated. So this is a bigger secondary bedroom. It’s in the back of the house The dimensions on this one is are 15 by 13. It has a walk-in closet Under mountain sink in the bathroom And it’s a full bath The tile tile at Matins 10 by 20 tile that mimics the same time. I was in the other bathroom a good bathroom Nobody can shoot up at the tray ceilings are very nice With the can lighting And next we’re going to the master a little boy a into the master right here So in the master bedroom they there’s a fireplace that’s double sided and it also goes into the retreat The windows are nice not they’re seven feet There’s a door that goes to the outside of the home Okay backyard Nice covered patio – this backyards already been done. It’s been landscaped it. So it has synthetic grass and Tastefully done real simple Waiting for some colorful plants There’s no one directly behind you. There’s some homes back here, but they’re you know elevated and pretty far away So no one’s really looking to reclaim your home. So this home is fairly private Next I’m gonna go to the master bath Master bath is fairly large these tiles are about 10 by 30 and there they have a little more of the slip factor They’re shiny. Um, we have dual sinks dual vanities. Nice mirrors a free-standing Bathtub now, this is about the first freestanding bathroom I’ve seen in a while It has this a place where if you take a shower, you can wash your hair if you’re taking a bath You know, otherwise you Can’t so that is a nice feature And we Master Plaza is pretty large. Very nice As big as one of the bedrooms I Don’t know if I mentioned the size of the master bedroom I Don’t have it here. Oh, yeah, the master bedroom actually is 13 by 22 the walk-in closet we have two water closets that have these nice barn doors Space-saving Any other water closet is over here we have this nice shower, it has three showerheads and You there’s the all three Faucet handles are over here. So you have one on the left side and on the right and from the top interesting tile And this isn’t necessary nearly frameless, but it’s nice well done And again the other water closet here with that barn door And we do have this sliding glass door it’s about 15 feet It is a pocket door So this is really nice to bring the inside out so you can have your indoor/outdoor living very nice And you already went out there, right So You can see the ink this is the entryway from this perspective. It’s really very nice and private because it has a iron gate within the courtyard area So this concludes our tour of this home And again, the price is 1 million six hundred twenty-nine thousand. If you’re interested in this home, you can contact me my Information below, please. Feel free to subscribe to my channel and ring the bell if you want to be notified for any new and upcoming Videos. Thank you

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