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Landlords in Wales need to watch this video! Rent Smart is here!

So if you’re a Landlord in Wales you should
by now be familiar with the words which are on everybody’s lips which are? Rent Smart!
Rent Smart Wales. If you’re a Landlord who has absolutely no idea what I’m talking
about then this video is definitely for you because the times in the rental world, they
are changing, my friend. So what is Rent Smart Wales anyway? It’s stemming from the Housing
Wales Act 2014 and it’s basically a service within Cardiff City council although being
run in partnership with every single local authority in Wales and Rent Smart really they’re
looking to do two thing. So one of which is to make sure that every Landlord with a rental
property in Wales is named on a central register, so registration. The second thing they’re
looking to do is to make sure that anybody who manages a rental property in Wales, that
they’re adequately trained. At the moment it is a voluntary service but come November
2016 that’s all going to change, it will be compulsory – so if you’re a Landlord
you’ll need to register your properties and you need to make sure that whoever’s looking
after them, whether that’s you as a Landlord or a managing agent, that they’re licensed.
So depending on how a property is owned will determine who needs to register it. Unfortunately,
you can’t have somebody else do it on your behalf, you will have to register as the owner.
How much is it going to cost you? That’s what everybody wants to know! Not as bad as you
might think! So it’s £33.50 online and that’s per Landlord so no matter how many rental
properties you have, £33.50. If you’re not, if you don’t manage your properties that’s
pretty much it you register pay your fee, you do to need to make sure that the person
who’s managing your property is named and that party needs to be licensed. So licensing
is a separate thing What does this entail? Well, it’s a one day course and its being
offered by the Rent Smart website at the moment although they’re going to have online training
options available at a later date. So the course will basically cover the main aspects
of letting and property management. Again price? its £144.00. Now I’m yet to meet
a Landlord who’s all that enthusiastic about Rent Smart Wales to be honest. I think because
there’s almost a feeling as if they’re being punished when most Landlords to be fair, at
least most Landlords that we deal with, you know they really do their best. But we knew
it was coming so like it or lump it, Rent Smart is here! And I guess if, if it is going
to raise then standards throughout the private rented sector in Wales then surely it’s
a change to be welcomed. For more information about RentSmart, please click the link below
or if you’d like to talk to a letting agent in South Wales about Rent Smart then please
by all means, get in touch with either me, Astrid, or my colleague, Sue, at View in Cardiff
because we would love to hear from you. Until then, thank you very much for watching and

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Martyn Green

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We are offering On-Line approved Rent Smart Wales training for Landlords for only £20, fully inclusive of Coursework, Examination, Certificate, and also any re-sits required – http://martyngreen.co.uk/academy-mgl

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