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Lake Michigan Mansion Dream Home for Sale 186 S Division Holland MI

Lake Michigan Mansion Dream Home for Sale 186 S Division Holland MI Our video tour today is in sunny Holland Michigan. We’re at the Hazelbank Estate and it’s the largest estate for sale with direct access to Lake Michigan. Now this home is shingled… It’s also a casual variation of a Queen Anne Style Home, It’s Coastal inspired. This home for sale sits on 38 pristine acres with another 16 acres for sale and available right next-door. Now the hub of entertainment in any home is the kitchen and this one exceeds expectations. From the reclaimed Chicago brick fireplace to antique Terra-cotta tiles, to the ultra distressed custom cabinets. You may have noticed the wood detail in the kitchen and the dinning room but take a look at this. This ceiling bracket was hand crafted onsite and each piece of wood was bent to get to the product you see today. This pillared gallery hall bonds you to the experience of the home for sale and each room you pass offers beautiful views of the waterfront to Lake Michigan. This Master Suite is a private oasis, I’m excited to show it to you. This Master Suite features both formal and informal sitting areas, a walk in closet, designer tiled walls and floors, walk-in shower, custom bay window vanity, and a 2 person Jacuzzi tub. This instate for sale does not sleep! When the sun goes down it’s the perfect time to sit back and enjoy the views. Thank you for joining me on this video tour of the Hazelbank home for sale. Now if you want a personal showing please contact Realtor Wendy Ryder at Sotheby’s International Realty.



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Love it!

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Nice job Bryce!

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Is it for sale


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This house can be found on the Zillow website.


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5 million?

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good video.


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Nice suit coat, Ron Burgundy.


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Price: $9,900,000                  http://www.trulia.com/property/3077619759-186-S-Division-Ave-Holland-MI-49424

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Is this how rich people are supposed to act. I'm lmao!

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There workin' it. LOL!!

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