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KPC Residence Life Testimonials

(MUSIC) HUNTER BOTNER: I’m originally from Austin, Texas. UH, I came to KPC from UAA. I toured KPC over last summer and figured out that it was the right place for me NEKKIE CIRILLO: I’m from Tucson, Arizona and I chose to come to KPC for the Process Tech program. REECE COWAN: Um, I’m from Homer, Alaska and I came up here to take the PRT program. HANNAH MCLEOD: I’m from Soldotna, Alaska so I just wanted to be closer to family. (MUSIC) TIM LEHMAN: This place is amazing! It is so close to classes, uh it is very convenient, I have some amazing roommates, that are all in my major. So I’m in the PRT wing and it is so convenient to go to classes with these guys. Come home to uh just work on classes, work on homework together, and if I need help with any of the assignments I can just go next door and knock on my roommate’s door and be like “hey, how’d how’d you do this problem?” (MUSIC) HUNTER BOTNER: The community is uh wonderful here. We have people from all over, um from different walks of life. Um, We always get involved together so nobody really feels left out. You know, there’s something for everyone here, and um I think it’s a great kind of mixing pot of you know, different backgrounds, different uh majors, different interests and uh I think everyone will find a spot here if they chose to come here. SEAN MCBRIDE: I really like all the people here, I mean there’s so many different people from so many different backgrounds and it is right across the street from the school so you can just, hop, skip, and a jump and you’re in class. (MUSIC) ANDREA MCKNIGHT: The fact that I have my own room. Um Yes, I have to share the common area, but I have a place that I can call my own. That was really a surprise to me. NEKKIE CIRILLO: I think it’s a really friendly environment. I didn’t think everyone would be so open to having people over and just being like kind of a big family. (MUSIC) TRISH TULUK: Yes, I believe so. Because when I first came here, I was shy and as the years went by I got used to everybody and the Res Hall like became my family. (MUSIC) HANNAH MCLEOD: Um, Well one thing I like a lot is if I have classes with someone, I can just go find them in the hall and ask them for help, I also like that we have a dishwasher and um laundromat, that’s really nice and a gym. SEAN MCBRIDE: You get your very own individual bedroom, you share a bathroom with only one other person and you share an entire kitchen: stove, oven, microwave, whole shabang; with a total of four people. It is amazing, do it. (MUSIC)

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