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KOREAN STREET FOOD ? LARGEST Traditional Market Food Tour in Seoul, South Korea | Namdaemun Market

(upbeat rock music) ♪ You’ve got what I’m looking for ♪ ♪ You’ve got everything that I want ♪ ♪ My sugar and gold ♪ – Welcome to another episode
of Market Tours with CupofTJ. (laughs) How dramatic was that
on a scale of one to 10? I think that was a six,
let me do it again. Welcome to another episode
of Market Tour with CupofTJ. We’re here at Seoul, Korea, at one of the oldest traditional
markets here in the city. It’s the oldest and
it’s one of the largest. And, seriously, by the looks of it, it looks pretty darn big. Mm-hmm. In today’s video, we’re
gonna walk around, stroll, and sample some of the
traditional Korean street food we can find at this market. I’m pretty excited, I’m
pretty hungry, as always. This Street Food Tour is
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like and subscribe! (laughs) On today’s episode of
food as big as my face, I present to you, this! (laughs) I think the correct way
to say it is hotteok. I effed that up, I’m so sorry. I’m sorry, it’s gonna pop up right here. Bing! Okay so basically it’s a giant rice dough. Inside there are veggies,
there are noodles. It’s fried so the outer layer
is super crispy and golden. I mean, I just love that
it was laying in that oil. All right, I’m ready to bite
into it ’cause it smells amazing! Ready? Let’s do this! Nom, nom, nom. Wow. Oh! Let me take one more bite. (mumbles) Oh! Hot, hot, hot, hotteok! (laughs) Inside is packed full of veggies. And, oh my gosh, do you
see that steam coming out? Oh, baby girl, breathe that fire! Breathe that fire! (laughs) There’s like thick, thick noodles. And seriously, the veggies is just falling out of this thing. All right, let’s take another bite. Oh! Oh my goodness! A lot of these fried battered
goods, they are so thick. When you bite into it, it’s
just like, heavy, heavy, heavy. But this feels so light. You can really taste that scallion. Oh my gosh, this is the
most satisfying feel. It’s like warm, squishy,
but also lightly crispy. Fantastic, this is definitely worth it. By the way, with these kind of stuff you usually think it’s very touristy, so it’s all tourists lining up. But when we were in
line it was all locals, that tells you something. Yes it does, and that’s
the tea, on to the next! ♪ I can’t get enough of this ♪ ♪ Never felt or feel it like this ♪ ♪ Now you’re mine ♪ ♪ Give me some more ♪ ♪ Give me some more ♪ ♪ Of what you got ♪ ♪ Give me some more ♪ – Doo, doo, doo. It is time for some mandu. Now, it was so epic
seeing them just wrap it and make it fresh downstairs. They have this whole spread
of these wonderful dumplings. Is it dumplings or is it buns? Is it both? It feels like both. Let’s take a bite into it. This is the kimchi version, there’s one that’s just with meat. Here we go. (mumbles) Oh my goodness! That is delicious. You guys know it’s good when I take a bite and, I’m like, just let
me take another bite before talking about it. Holy smokes, guys. This is absolutely delicious. The dough-to-filling ratio
is very, very, balanced. You can just see that they
packed this little dumpling. I mean, look at it, all the ingredients are just falling out. And that’s when you know
it’s a very good deal, because they actually pack
it, instead of just being filled with dough. Let’s take another bite. Yum. You definitely taste the
crunchiness from the kimchi, but it’s not an overwhelming spice. Because a lot of stuff
I’ve tried in Korea so far has been so, so, spicy. But this is pretty good. Just the right amount. Oh, my gosh, I take it back,
this is pretty darn spicy. (laughs) Just slow release kind of spice. Yes. Now let me tell you guys
something, this market is gigantic. It’s huge, there’s so
many alleyways and turns, and most of the market sells goods, like crafts and clothing, shoes. These food stalls are kind of tucked away. There is a place as you exit five. It’s the noodle alley. It’s actually very close to here. It’s really awesome,
because you get a set menu. You can get, like, three, a big noodle, and then two smaller ones for about 5,000, 6,000 won. The problem is, if you go,
each person has to order a set. And so, I have a cameraman, hi, Rishi! We would’ve have two sets, and that’s about six bowls of noodles, that’s just too much food. We didn’t wanna waste food. Right next to it is this spot, which you can order the
noodles individually and you can get some
of the mandus as well. Hello everybody. (laughs) How’s it going? Okay, so right in front of me
I have Korean cold noodles. It’s naengmyeon. I probably ain’t saying that right. But it’s very similar
to Chinese liang mian. So what we are supposed to do is cut the noodles beforehand. Because the noodle strands
are really, really long. Here I go. Don’t trust me with a scissor though. I’m just gonna cut it. I’m sorry if I’m doing this wrong. This looks right. Oh, (speaking in foreign language). Oh, okay, there we go. I have just Edward
Scissorhand up my noodles and it’s time to slurp. So this is bibim naengmyeon,
which means there’s the gochujang paste on the
side, a chili paste on the side, and it makes it a little bit more spicy. Let’s take a slurp and
see what this tastes like. Ready? My initial reaction is to blow on it, but it’s cold noodles, so. (laughs) Here we go. Nom, nom, nom. No wonder you have to cut
it, because those noodles are super springy, very
hard to pull apart. So these are buckwheat noodles. They’re definitely a little
bit more gooier and chillier than most noodles, but the
bite is very, very refreshing, because it’s just in this light broth. With the pairing of the
cucumbers and the pickles, it’s just a wonderful
springy noodle crunchy bite. Springy noodle crunchy bite! Here we go. – Much, much, much later. – (laughs) Wow. I did it. (applause) Those were the hardest
noodles to slurp ever. If you guys come here to
Korea during the summer, consider getting one of these. (upbeat rock music) Okay, everybody, so I was
walking and I saw this stall with a bunch of display of
fried stuff and fish cake, and I thought, let’s get a stick. So I’ve got a variety
stick, so it has all kinds of different flavor of fishcake, and let’s just bite into it. Ready? Oh. Oh, yum. Oh, wow. (mumbles) (laughs) Okay, next! I’m just kidding, one second The fishcake’s texture’s
got a bouncy texture to it. In terms of this, there’s not
much flavor from the fishcake, but there is a lot of flavor
from the savory hot dog. I wonder what the other
ones will taste like. How do I do this? Do I have to finish this
and then bite the next one? I think so. Okay. (laughs) It’s so much to chew! You definitely eat this
stuff for the bounciness and the texture. It’s very greasy, and this
is actually just left out and they microwave it to reheat it. But it’s one of those street
food that is fun to chew. You know? Weirdly, you’ll have
random fishcake craving. So this is pretty good. And I like that you can
get a variety of flavor. And this is only 2,500. Pretty cool, right? On to the next. (laughs) It’s like, we’ve
been walking around so much, I feel kind of lightheaded. This whole market, it’s really, literally, so (bleep) huge. Walking around after eating
this, really salty and greasy, still good though, in a street food sense, it’s time to get a juice. So this is freshly squeezed juice. And, to be honest, the
reason why I got it, is because it looks so cute. Look at his face. Oh my God. Look how cute that is. So we’re gonna open it and try it. How to do this? Look at this. I got octopus hands. This is dangerous, don’t
do this at home, kids. (laughs) I might have a heart attack. Oh! (mumbles) I can’t. (laughs) Thank you. She has to open it for me. (speaking in foreign language) Thank you. (speaking in foreign language) (laughs) All right, let’s try this. Oh, so refreshing. Oh my gosh. Yeah, tastes like a
freshly squeezed orange. I think that’s literally
what it says on the sign. Freshly squeezed orange. No sugar added. Come and get your own! Now that the commercial break
is over, on to the next thing. (laughs) (upbeat rock music) Welcome to another episode of TJ and a lot of food in
front of her. (laughs) Today we have a lot of
food in front of me. I have the hairtail soup,
and it looks spicy AF. It looks very much like kimchi jjigae, which is just, like, spicy kimchi sauce. It is just red, red, red. It is covered redness. And inside is hairtail fish. Hairtail fish is like,
if you’ve ever seen it, it’s very long and silver, it looks like a belt. So like a tail, I guess. And you can see it here. It’s cooked in several ways. You can fry it, you can put
it in stew like they do here. And they, actually, with the meal, they give you the fried
version here as well. So we’re going to try some of the soup and then try to dig into the fish. Ready? – It was at this moment
he knew he (bleep) up. – Oh, fuck. So spicy. This feels like they just
put in a ton of spicy sauce. They’re like, suffer, girl! (laughs) Let’s take another spicy sip. Oh! Oh! After a few more sip, the spiciness starts to numb your tongue, and it’s all gonna be okay. Okay guys, so if you’ve
ever had kimchi soup or kimchi chicken, it tastes like that, but you get a lot of
savoriness from the fish boiled in there. This soup is so so spicy. I’m sweating through my pores. Check that out you guys. Oh, the fish is just falling apart, it’s been boiling in there
for a while, I assume. Look at that. I wonder if there’s
gonna be a lot of bones. Oh my gosh. Look at, oh wow, that just
fell apart on its own. It just melted apart. So I’m gonna bite into this,
but being very careful, because I’m not sure if
there are little bones. (mumbles) There are definitely little bones. So what I’m gonna do is I’m
gonna put it on my plate. Besides there being bones, the
meat really just falls apart. Look at that. Just fell apart. Oh, it’s coming out! Oh! That nice split. Split, yes! Look at that! Oh, that’s awesome. Oh, this piece right here, I’m gonna dip it in
some of this spicy soup, so that it’s nicely coated. Say goodbye! Oh yeah. Wow. I’m very surprised at
how tender this fish is. It’s not the most tender. It’s definitely got a chew to it, but it’s quite nice, quite fresh. Put it in some of this soup. This soup is really what makes it, because it gives it so much flavor. Okay! I see. So I just wanna let you guys see what the fried one looks like. Oh. Yum. So there’s definitely meat on here, but because it’s such a thin fish, you definitely have to
flake it apart and peel it and get the meat out there. I don’t recommend just biting into it. At least for me because I’m
really scared of little bones. Okay, you can see from there that there’s so much little bones. So you’ve just gotta be careful, you’ve gotta like break it off cautiously. Also, FYI, you can’t go
wrong with fried fish. Fried fish is always good. (laughs) Also so sorry for the rustling sound, they’re just cleaning
utensils in the back. That’s what it’s like
to eat in the alleyways. You can get this entire set for 9,000, which I think is a pretty good deal, especially since it’s fish, it’s seafood. And the amount of fish you
get here is ridiculous. What is this? (laughs) Sorry. I was, like, flipping, and
I was, like, what is this? What’s this? Let me take a bite. Oh. I think it’s turnip. No, turnip’s one of my favorite things. I do love fish, I do enjoy it. But bony fish is such a hard
eating experience, you know? It’s very unpleasant in some ways. So as delicious as this is,
if you hate bones like me, you’re gonna have a problem eating this. They tried to make us
order two sets as well, because we have two people. Luckily this lady is a
lot nicer, so she didn’t. But just know that when you
guys come to the market, if you have two people, it’s
harder to do food tours, because they’re gonna want
you to order a whole set, and it’s gonna be a lot of food. And there you guys go, that was the tour of one of the largest and
the oldest traditional market here in Seoul, Korea. What did you guys think? Oh my gosh. I thought there was a huge amount. I’m stuffed, it literally is so big. They were not lying about
it being one of the largest. I think it’s the largest as well, and it’s still so functional. A lot of things do
repeat in terms of food, but you definitely get
more traditional foods here instead of the trendy street
foods we get in Myeongdong. I definitely think this
is a good place to walk, eat, explore and shop on
your travels here to Seoul. Now, it’s that part of the video where I turn it back to you, and I ask, which of the items that we tried today would you love to try? Thank you so much for watching this video. Be sure to give it a thumbs up. Also thank you to our
sponsor, Storyblocks Video, I’ll leave the link in the description. Get all your stock footage there. Yes, like I did. Woohoo! All right, I’ll see you guys next time. Bye! (upbeat rock music) ♪ Meow ♪


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