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Kleard – Open House/Showing App with Safety Built-In

Kleard is a toolkit for real estate
agents that helps them become safer and more successful. Show homes confidently
with on-the-spot verification with built in safety alerts and end showing
reminders. If you ever need to show a home and don’t know the buyer simply
meet them in person at a public place or outside the home you’re showing and use
the Kleard app to enter in their information. The buyer will instantly be
text messaged a verification code which you’ll then enter into the app, this will
allow Kleard to link that buyer to the cell phone they have on them. This is
important because of a crime were ever to occur police would be able to track
the cell phone and apprehend the criminal quickly. Using Kleard will make
potential criminals think twice about committing a crime. Once the buyer is
Kleard, they’ll be logged into the Kleard system and you can assign them
to a showing. You can always activate an urgent Safety Alert as well if you’re in
danger. Kleard will timestamp the start of the
showing and link the buyer to the agent and Kleard will also log the showing
location, and you can feel great knowing that there’s an actual trace of who you
were with, where, and at what time. When hosting an open house, simply put
out your Kleard signage and start open house mode. Visitors are welcomed by the signage
letting them know about Kleard. They then enter the home and sign in
entering in their info and Kleard then verifies this information on the spot. Once the visitor is signed in and
Kleard, the agent instantly gets notified on their mobile device with the
visitor’s info. If you’re ever in danger, you can quickly send an alert to your secondary contact notifying them where you are and that you’re asking for help. Aa loud siren can be enabled as well. After you’re all done with your open house, you can send a quick auto personalized message to all those who came in and you can get that much closer to your next transaction. Whether it’s for a showing open house or if you just want to easily stay in touch with your leads Kleard is the tool kit you want as a real estate agent.

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