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Karl’s commentary l Amos 8 11 Bible study verse l NEW Apartment

good morning everyone this is Karl F
Rose recording live from Bedford Pennsylvania on Sunday february 16 2014
and I am now in my new location and I can start doing some videos I feel more
comfortable here than where i was before they have all these stickies these are
from from all of 2013 and with a date every day wake up to a and I read the
Bible and I’m directed to a particular verse I’ve got the dates here of the
dates here and the particular vs so I wanted to start doing this last year but
as many of you know I had a lot of snags from where I was living up for had a
little scare with job yesterday but he’s doing okay and yeah my blood sugar was a
little over this morning but that’s okay too so anyway let me proceed and this
I’m just going to read from this verse and and I’m not gonna I’m not a preacher
I’m not a minister or anything I’m just someone who believes and I just want to
share what I’ve been led on february 13 13th of last year I was led to Amos
eighth chapter 8 verse 11 let me read that to you this morning and then you
can take it from there and feel free to comment and as long as you’re nice and
clean and you’ll keep your comments clean and nice and friendly that’s okay
but anything that I don’t know object to what I don’t like I’ll just simply
remove and I will block any unacceptable users who
post any unacceptable comments that’s just what I do I don’t have time to play
games around here anyway let me proceed ah Amos chapter eight verse 11 says
behold the day’s come saith the Lord God then I will send a famine in the land
not a famine of bread nor a thirst for water but of hearing the butt of hearing
the words of the war that’s what I got februari 13th of last year anyway that’s
it these are going to be short little videos so god bless you all god Bless
America god bless the country you happen to be in and be sure to hug your
loved ones and that includes your pets and in these frigid temperatures please
keep your pets inside and there’s no excuse to leave your animals out with
lousy temperatures that’s just not right take care

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Thank you Karl, Very nice video. Lord God bless you and your's.

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