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Karabunar vilige, Bulgaria; Industrial land for sale

Karabunar is a village in Southern Bulgaria, Pazardzhik area. The village is situated in the Southern part of Ihtiman’s forest, between the rivers Maritsa and Topolnitsa. The majority of soil below the village consists of clay-sandy sediments . Diluvial slits lay over the hills of the surrounding heights which make them especially suitable for growing grapes. It attracts wine producers. There have been already built four wineries in the area. On the territory of the village Karabunar is situated a plot of 42,000 m2, designed for the construction of winery. The distinctive sorts for this region are Merlot, Mavrud and Cabernet. The location of the lot is very convenient transportwise. Distance from Sofia,the capital is 80 km – there is an airport, a highway -9 km. The village Velingrad is at 35 km; The village Varvara- 4 km – the two villages are famous for their mineral springs and sanatoriums for treatment and recreation. The proposed site has the status of industrial use and DDP (Detailed Development Plan) for the construction of a winery. However, the designation can be changed in case of need. Infrastructure:
Asphalt road to Velingrad
Drinking water For sale :
Contacts: +359886148917

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