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JAMAICAN REAL ESTATE ADVICE: Documents Needed To Rent a House/Townhouse/Apartment/Condo in Jamaica!

Hi everyone it’s Paula Roper Bacchas your
Real Estate Pro here in Jamaica today I am here to discuss the documents that
you will need when you’re making an offer to rent a property in Jamaica this
is a residential rental, however before I start I would like to invite you to
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remember it’s free today we will be discussing the documents that we will
need from you when you are offering to rent a property here in Jamaica through
a real estate company number one we will need a copy of your government or state
issued identification this includes passport driver’s license national
identification or state identification these are the type of identifications we will require from you to proceed with making an offer to rent a property here in
Jamaica number two we will need a copy of your
TRN TRN stands for a Tax Registration Number so if you had used your Jamaican driver’s license as your identification for number one
you can skip number two because that number is also your TRN number three we will need proof of address for your current residence Acceptable forms of utility bills are your JPS Bill (Jamaica Public Service) Bill otherwise called your your electricity bill we will also accept your National Water Commission
bill or your NWC bill we will also accept your Digicel bill or your
Flow bill so any of these above will qualify as proof of address number
four we would need you to complete our customer information form our customer
information form is a very easy form to complete we will provide it
to you you will answer the simple questions that are on the form and then
we can proceed number five you will have to complete our renter’s profile sheet a
renters profile sheet is a very straightforward document that asks you
straightforward questions that you can simply complete and we can be on our
way questions that are included on our renter’s profile sheet are very simple
these questions include where you are currently living what is your reason for
leaving that residence or what is that reason for you moving to to this
prospective new address we will also ask you questions about your employment
history where are you currently working how long you have been working there
will also need you to complete on this form who will be living in the residence
so we would need to know who are the persons who will be living with you if
you have children a spouse maybe a relative who will be living with you all
of this information must be given on your renter’s profile sheet you will also be
required to give us two references these references cannot be blood-related to
you they cannot be family members or close friends a good reference would be
an employer a supervisor another reference we will also require is your previous or current
landlord so we would also need their name address telephone number email
address so that the prospective landlord can contact them to find out what type
of tenant you will be before they make their decision number six we would need
you to complete your offer to rent form so on your offer to rent form you will
be completing your name your address your current address how much you’d be
for in the landlord to rent that property per month if you will be
offering what they are asking for or the list price or you’re deciding to offer a
little less whatever you will be offering the landlord will be on the
offer to rent form offer to rent form you would also be letting the landlord know
how long you would like to rent that property for if you would want to do the
standard one-year or maybe you would want to do a two or a three year
sometimes even a five-year rental so all of this will be included on the offer to
rent form number seven we would need you to provide us with the last three pay slips not one not two three last payslips I know a lot of
persons may believe that providing your last three pay slips might be a little
bit much but this is for security for the landlord to prove to them that you
are in a stable work environment and you will be able to pay the rent when the
rent is due this is very very very important and this will go a large part
in making the decision if they will want to rent to you Thank You very much for watching my video I really do
appreciate it if you learned anything I’m asking you to give this video a big
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