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Jak wymienić tusze w drukarce Epson | DrTusz

Hi, It’s Ema from DrTusz While reading your comments, I notice that there are some problems with replacing inks in the Epson printer. That’s why today I’ll show you how to do it correctly. If we want to change a few inks cartridge in Epson, we have to do this according to the instructions on the display. This device has run out of black and yellow ink. The set of inks substitute is available on drtusz.pl I choose SETTINGS from the printer’s menu SETTINGS then MAINTENANCE and the CHANGE THE INK CARTRIDGE Now I open the top cover of the printer the top cover of the printer and press the button START. The print carriage has set itself to the replacement position. Remember to removing the venting tape from new inks. Each ink needs to be replaced singly. First the black one. I put the new cartridge and press the button START again in order to check if it works. It’s very important to not replace several inks at the same time. Otherwise, the printer may reset their chip and treat inks as blank. Now we can see the message on the display, that our ink is not original I choose “YES” because I’m aware of using a substitute. I choose to replace the ink cartridge again to replace the yellow cartridge. Start! I take the old cartridge out of the printer and put the new one. I press START again, choose “YES” and close the printer cover. And that’s all for today, I hope that video was helpfull. If you have any questions or a doubts, let me know on the comment. Subscribe us to be up to date.

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