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Iwi to bless house where fatal shooting took place

The pair who died in
a suspected murder-suicide shooting near Masterton has been named. Police have confirmed
that the victims are James Teddy and Jody Ratima. The pair were found at an address
in Tinui yesterday morning and it’s understood that they
were in a long-term relationship. For more, let’s cross live now
to reporter Eruera Rerekura who’s been following this case. I’m here at Wellington Hospital
where the bodies of both victims are undergoing post-mortems. Police have named the pair as 54-year-old Teddy James
and 48-year-old Jody Ratima. What do you know of the pair? Neighbours said that Jody
was a lovely woman, both she and Teddy usually
kept to themselves and the pair had lived
at the Tinui property for about 18 months. You’ve been in touch
with local authorities – what have they had to say? A spokesperson for local iwi Rangitane o Wairarapa said
that there will be a ceremony to clear and bless the site
at 5 pm this evening. It’s unknown what the tangihanga
arrangements are at this time, Scotty. Thank you for the update, Eruera.

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