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IT’S OPEN! Come Join! – LiveStream & Giveaway Announcement – PandaCraft Towny Episode 2

Stay tuned to the end of the video
for an awesome announcement I think you guys are all gonna like hey is the black
Belt Panda and welcome back to towny this is episode 2 since the last episode
I did a lot of work off-camera I made this little contraption in the wall to
turn concrete powder into concrete really easy by just holding down right
click I worked out pretty well I used it to get the red concrete and light grey
and black concrete that I needed for the build and then I went mining found a
bunch of resources like lapis or redstone found plenty of redstone and
even tons of iron there was a bunch of iron here and then to get the wood I
just cut down pretty much almost every tree in the area and for the concrete
powder I needed a bunch of sand so I went around and got a bunch of that and
then I also needed a bunch of gravel so digging away but the dye was much
harder to get I had to boat around the ocean for ages harvesting whatever squid I
could find for their ink sacs so I could dye the concrete black and I nearly
suffocated a few times and then of course I had to do some terraforming
around the town just to make it look a little bit better I cut down some of the
hills added some blocks in where they’re needed where I moved sand from the
concrete powder gathering harvested the farm pretty regularly so we have a bunch
of crops in storage now and then I just use the shovel to create some paths
around the town and the areas I was using just to make it look a little bit
nicer of course found some chickens for harvested them for their meat and leather
plenty of food now I even found a witch hut and I just broke a hole in the top
and used that to defeat the witch hut and I just broke a hole in the top
and used that to defeat the witch and inside the hut I managed to snag
cauldron and a flowerpot that was sitting in the window I even found a
village with a bunch of different crops so I harvested a bunch of beetroot
carrots potatoes whatever I could find tried to leave enough behind for other
players that might need it in the future and with all those resources I gathered
I was able to build what you see behind me here the Town Hall sort of thing yeah
it’s kind of small I know but you know I had limited resources to work with and I
wanted it to fit on top of this hill there’s not a lot of space here but
what’s really cool is I built this and even though there’s really not a whole
lot up here I did move the chests up here if we head down below with T spawn
you can actually see that from down here you can see that from down here that’s
really cool so I’m gonna go ahead and play for you guys the whole build
process for that enjoy so now that that’s done I’m gonna start
setting up the town for the public for you guys to join whenever you want we
got to set up the plots so I went ahead and made a little diagram I’ll put that
over the screen here so you can see that of where I want the different plots the
green ones are residential plots the pink ones are embassy plots so players
in other towns can claim one of the pink ones
the blue ones on the left side are going to be shop plots the red outline
indicates where you know that the talents plots are gonna be so nobody can
really claim those but I’m gonna use those to add stuff to the town and then
the yellow squiggly lines that you see running around are the roads or paths
that I plan on putting in so we can go ahead and start getting some of those
plots set up one cool trick if you hold f3 and press G you can see plot borders
just like that so plot borders in town 8 they’re chunks they’re chunk Center down
the chunk 16 by 16 so every chunk is a plot and this is gonna make it really
easy for us to figure out where to put everything
so going by that map this is the front of the farm here we’ve got the pumpkins
we’ve got the farm here so right over on top of that hill there if we can get up
there that’s gonna be some embassy plots so so let’s head on over there I’ll run
up here and what’s really cool is someone made a town over here and they
made a path a little road way look at this
they made a roadway going from their town to the edge of our town zombie oh
and some players donated some stuff to me so that’s really cool oh-oh-oh-oh dye
dye dai you’re getting away that easy
Oh creeper creeper why there’s so many monsters over here what is going on Oh
ha ha ha what’s what’s all these mobs oh my gosh why are they all burning burn
darn it no dye dye
get out of here get out of here okay I think they’re dead all right
that battle regenerate itself no worries but yeah so a player built this road
here which is really cool oh boy oh boy oh one of them dropped a
bow ha take that ha take that ha ha dye that’s what I thought
all right yeah another okay so this road here goes over to this players town it’s
just a little thing but it’s really cool they even made this little underwater
section of the road so this is falling derps town right here so this is our
neighbor got a little floating island over there so hi neighbor
alright let’s get back back over this way we’re gonna start setting up these
plots jump over here hopefully that’s that’s it for the monsters cuz that’s
not cool alright did a regen regen we’re good we got we got our land back okay
now you gotta get you got to get up there get up top here so this is a plot
here oh there’s a wolf up here I wolf I got some bones come here come here come
here come here come here come here ah we got another dog sweet all right
cow get out of here alright so a bunch of flowers up here so
this is another plot here so all we have to do is plot set embassy and now it’s
an embassy so now when we put it up for sale anybody who already has a town you can
actually buy this plot and have a plot in our town even though they’re in
another one so that’s really cool we’re gonna set this one to it that chicken
look like it was coming right at me we’re gonna set this one to an embassy
and then we’re gonna set this one to an embassy and then this one over here
all right and there’s those for embassy plots on this side and if we head over
let’s see where our way if you head this way so that was embassy one two and then
directly connected to it in this direction all right let’s go this way
this is gonna be a regular plot so I’m gonna sell these plots so if I do plot
for sale I think yes plot for sale we can set the price so I’m gonna make the
plots probably a thousand yen each I think it’s a fair price thousand yen all
right all right sorry to getting dark don’t some will do blocks FS one two
three there we go one thousand for this one and let’s see one more over this way
all right and we got a claim this one so T claim all right so we claim this plot
and how will set this for sale and then we’re gonna go this way and we need to
claim this one as well set it for sale all right and then it’ll probably clean
this one up here as well yep so claim set it for sale we’re gonna go back over
here and we’re going to set this one for sale and then if we go this way then
this one here should be for sale boom for sale 1000 yen look at that so it
says it when you when you walk into it awesome this plot right here is gonna be
an embassy plot so p-set embassy no plot set embassy all right and then the one
next to that is going to be an embassy and then if we go this way we’re gonna
have a road coming through here but then this is gonna be an embassy so there’s
gonna be a couple embassy plots really close to like the talent center here
which i think is going to be really cool so and this is an embassy alright and
then if we face this direction so we’ll put the Embassy’s up for sale
later I got to figure out the price but this is going to be a shop so plot set
shop nice now we got another shop here okay
these will be pretty cool locations for shops I think okay and then this one is
also a shop and then going this way we’ve got an embassy yep so set it once
we walked into it so that’s cool let’s go back over to here and this is
going to be a regular plot here so I’m gonna do plot FS one two three there we
go and then head down this way this one up for sale
head on over here this one up for sale and then this one goes up for sale ever
buys this one’s gonna have some caves and stuff nice all right
get out of my face leaves this one goes up for sale did I get this one yeah I
did all right and get over there get over there Isis
is on the hill did I put this one up for sale I did okay so this one goes up for
sale as well boom all right so that should be all the
plots on this side of the town now let’s head on over to that side of town there
we go all right so we’re at the back of the town hall so this plot right here
immediately next to the Town Hall is not for sale but this one down here is all
right so set that for sale and then I’m gonna go one plot over this way set that
for sale and then this plot here goes up for sale these are some cool plots here to have
two so anybody who’s a member of the time will be able to buy these plots
here all right that one for sale I see something walking around over there I
see a spider oh we got to clean this ah wait me what get me
what get me nope nope dye dye dye get out of here get out of here dye dye
alright did I claim this not enough town blocks
let’s see 158 out of 158 oh no we got daylight and I just remembered that
there are bonus blocks so if we go to town menu we can buy bonus blocks let’s
see what one bonus block costs 25 yen alright so we’ve got one thousand three
or forty yen let’s go ahead and buy some bonus blocks so I bought that one and I
bought one earlier when I was testing it out so that makes three and we should be
able to claim those plots that were back there so I’m gonna go do that really
quick I’m over here should be this one right I believe so
plots FS 1000 and then this one we can do t claim right boom set it for sale
and then this one we can do t claim set it for sale
and then is that it right yeah okay stand out you little where you at where
you at dye yeah that’s what I thought God here okay now thought that that
grass was a creeper for a second so that’s as done yeah let’s set those
embassy plots up for sale I’m thinking they should be a little bit more
expensive because players who have towns already established probably have you
know more money easier to make money so well probably it’s not hard to make
money at all like I’ve been making a bunch just doing the jobs so these are
pretty cheap I think but we’ll do the embassies maybe 2500 I think should be
pretty good so up at this Embassy plot here so we can do plot FS 2500 there we
go and then if we go over here there should be another embassy plot so we’ll
set that one up for 2500 set that one up and set that one up and then we can go
ahead and do the embassy plots on the other side all right so we’re over here
this one so do for sale and this one for sale and then this should be a regular
no this is a town plot here roads gonna go there set this one for sale and then
that one for sale now that we got that set up we can turn off these plot
borders here all right much better and no more annoying lines in my face
alright so I’m gonna open this town to the public so any of you guys watching
can join and in order to do that first of course you have to connect to the
server and you can get here by connecting to County dot panda craft dot
org once you’re on the server you’ll end up in spawn which looks like this right
here so this is spawn you can get jobs from this guy here such as woodcutter
you’ll get paid for cutting down logs miner you’ll get paid for mining you
know they’re all pretty self-explanatory and you can earn money through those
jobs pretty easily you can also fish and you’ll catch custom fish and you can
sell those to this guy here the fish merchant so that’s another great way to
make some money and once you have enough to purchase a plot in the town you can
do so but first you have to join the town so let’s head back over to the town
I’m gonna open the town to the public so all you have to do is run the command
slash town space join space Pando Lea I don’t know if the P has to be
capitalized but I would capitalize it anyway just in case so once you type in
town join Pando Lea you should automatically be a member of the town
and will eventually add some cool stuff like a community farm you can try using
this if you right-click on these they should be harvestable I’ll double check
to see if that works with the permissions if not I’ll try to
find a way to make it work so that anybody can you know harvest the crops
but that way players don’t have to break them and worry about replanting them so
just try right clicking and should be good to go but then when you have enough
money you can just find one of those plots that are our for sale so let’s
head on over to one here right there so you should be able to do slash plot and
then spaced by I believe let me see here Lots let’s see plot a plot claim so if
you do / plot space claim like so town cannot afford to claim one town block
costing 1000 yen yeah cuz I guess that the town’s trying to claim it you got to
use /t GUI just T GUI and you’ll have the menu here and you can click on the
plot menu and you can claim the plot that you’re currently standing on if
it’s for sale so you click that as long as you have enough money you’ll be able
to buy it so that’s how you buy the plots and again those embassy plots that
we put up for 2500 yen if you’re already in a town you can still buy those plots
in this town and have a plot in pan dolia while being part of another town
so that’s really cool alright so special announcement all right you guys ready
for this this Saturday at 3 p.m. Eastern Time I’m gonna be doing a live stream
here on Panda Kraft County we’re gonna stream for hopefully you know at least 2
to 3 hours maybe more and there’s gonna be some cool stuff go now we’re gonna be
working on the town but every hour we’re gonna do a drop party and I’m gonna I’m
gonna be dropping some cool stuff so you guys definitely definitely gonna want to
participate in the live stream event get some of that cool loot from the drop
party but more than that for every 10 players right that log onto the server
we’re gonna do a giveaway we’re gonna give away one item from the panda craft
store of your choosing so if you win the giveaway it’s gonna be completely random
I’m gonna randomly draw a player and you can only win once but I’m gonna randomly
draw a player and if your name is drawn you’ll be able to choose one item from the
store that you want and I will give that to you
so it could be a rank upgrade it could be a furniture kit it could be a
building kit tags whatever you want keys you know you name it you get to pick one
item from the store so we’re gonna be doing that this Saturday and again I’m
gonna try to do some work on the town this Saturday as well we’re gonna
probably build those roads I’m gonna try to maybe get some cool buildings up
maybe like like a blacksmith type deal or even a jail or an inn I think an inn
would be cool but we’re gonna be doing that this Saturday and you guys can
participate you’ll be in the livestream playing with me I’m gonna be on the
discord server which can get to a discord GG / panda craft and you guys
will be able to hop into the voice Channel and talk with me during the
livestream so I’m really looking forward to that I want to push the server to its
limits I want to see what it can do we haven’t had many players on so the more
players we can get on this Saturday the better so even if you’ve only got a few
minutes to spare feel free to hop on this Saturday 3 p.m.
Eastern Time and we’ll see what this server can do I’m hoping to get at least
20 or 30 players on but if we can hit some higher numbers like a hundred that
would be amazing if we get a hundred players on this
Saturday that would be absolutely amazing we haven’t seen a hundred
players on panda craft in probably a couple years now and I’d really like to
know how well the server handles it cuz we got some really good hardware and I
think we can do it I think we can do a hundred players with no lag so yeah
looking forward to seeing you guys here Saturday 3:00 p.m. Eastern live stream
drop parties giveaways and working on the town chatting up in discord I think
it’s gonna be a blast so if you like this video please click that like button
subscribe if you haven’t done so already this is the black belt panda thanks for
watching and I’ll see you in the next was much
harder to get I had to boat around the

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