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ISA Paris Apartment Tour

Hi, ISU! I’m Jenny and this is my apartment in Paris, France. So I ended up renting my apartment through ISA, which is my affiliate company. So essentially I got to move in on the first day of the program, and I will need to leave on the last day of the program. That is something that’s a little bit different than renting an apartment on your own, where you know you might be able to stay a little bit longer at the end, which would be a huge benefit, but that’s okay. It was very, very difficult to be able to rent an apartment in Paris without you know certain documentation and stuff while being a foreigner and the prices were just probably seven to eight times what you would find in Chicago for rent. It helped me a lot to be able to rent an apartment through ISA and so far, I love it. I’ve had no issues with it. I’m going to take you around my apartment today, so: welcome to my crib! Entering the ISA apartment, we have a nice long foyer here. It’s a very spacious apartment for Paris, so I was very intrigued by that. We have a great security system. There’s a gate outside and some really nice deadbolts on here, so it’s a very safe building. It’s mostly all families that I’m living with here. From there, you can easily enter the kitchen. Although it seems small in the perspective of America, this is a pretty large French kitchen so that’s exciting. We even have our own washing machine in unit. Not all apartments have that but some of them do so it can be very helpful. It’s a great kitchen. We’re able to invite our friends over just to cook some meals and things like that. Dinner parties are fantastic ways to keep costs low. And then this is what my bedroom is like. We have a four person apartment here, but we actually only have three roommates living in here. So there’s a room with two single beds on the floor and one with bunk beds. I’m just living in the bunk bedroom myself and it’s great! We do have heating, no air conditioning though. I mean as it’s typically like that in France. So there are some really nice old fireplaces. It’s pretty spacious for just some college teenagers living in here, so that’s really great. In France we have a shower room separate from bathrooms, so that’s something to get used to while you’re studying abroad, but we have a full-size bathtub which is great. ISA is here to help us with any problems with that, if we have plumbing problems it’s not a big deal. Then you just move down the hall to see the other bench bathroom here. The best part about the apartment is where all the fun happens, which is our huge living room! So I couldn’t believe that this was actually our apartment when we walked in just because this size is not normal at all for for Paris so we get to invite some of our friends over, and we all have dinner together. We don’t have a dryer so drying racks are a must. But we live right near the Catacombs of Paris, near the museum of it. So it’s a very safe area, very old Parisian building, very creaky floors where you can hear all of your neighbors. But it’s a really great place to hang out and of course we always have .our guide books It’s actually such a touristy way to get around Paris, but it’s so helpful to know the history of everything that you’re looking at and living with. So other than that, this is a look at a Parisian apartment. So thank you for joining me, and I am so happy to be living here! We do have some great other things about living with ISA apartments such as already having a lot of our textbooks left over from past students, lots of spaces left over, of course it comes fully furnished like this. So it’s a really great experience!

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