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Introducing our new Tropical House

[Music] My name is James Cretney. I’m Chief Executive here at Marwell Zoo. And
I’m standing in the site of our new Tropical House energy for life, which is really exciting
for me. I’m very fortunate because my office overlooks
this site, so everyday, I’ve been able to have a front row seat. Watching the builders progress this building
from out of the ground, as it’s risen the walls have gone up. And more recently we’ve seen these huge great
white arcs go up these roof structures. Very soon we are going to have plastic roof
structure going up onto it soon. So very quickly going to take form. And it’s been interesting too seeing are guests
look over the fence and watch what’s going on. And I know they’re really excited about
what’s happening as well. And we had a dream to do this many years ago,
I mean literally 4 or 5 years ago. We thought how are we going to do something
to get rid of all our waste. Then we had the idea of putting it together
as part of an immersive landscape within this Tropical House setting. And so we’ve been working with lots of consultants
and architects and planners to help put all these dreams together. And somehow come out with a solution, which
we think fits both our animals and the people who work here. But of course the visiting guests that come
here for a great day out. We’ve got a really rich array of wildlife
that’s going to go into this building. And there others best place to talk to you
about that. But I think we’re all looking forward to seeing
the sloth turning up. Monitor lizards too for me it’s going to exciting
to see those. But also the bird life, with our walk through
aviary. It was very obvious that people like getting
up close to seeing birds and having them free flying in this building is going to be a real
treat. And I’m looking forward to seeing that. [Music]

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Good luck, and I wish you all the best.

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