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Inside NYPD cop Valerie Cincinelli’s alleged murder-for-hire plot

An NYPD cop gave her boyf
iend $7,000 to hire a hit
an to kill her estranged
usband — and the lover’s
wn teenage daughter — in
heinous plot that ended
n her arrest Friday, auth
rities said. Officer Valerie Cincinell
was even fooled into thi
king her hubby had been o
fed — thanks to a photo a
thorities staged that sup
osedly showed him dead in
his car, court papers sho
. “The evidence in this cas
is overwhelming,” Brookl
n US Attorney Richard Don
ghue said in legal docume
ts, as prosecutors succes
fully argued for Cincinel
i to be held without bail
see also NYPD cop allegedly tried
o hire hit man to kill he
husband An NYPD cop was busted by
the FBI on Friday… Cincinelli, a 34-year-yea
mom of two, hatched the
cheme in February, when s
e asked her unidentified
oyfriend to hire a hitman
court papers say. But the beau told the FBI
and began working as a co
fidential source, includi
g by letting the feds rec
rd his phone calls with C
ncinelli and wearing a re
ording device when they m
t in person, documents st
te. As part of the plot, Cinc
nelli allegedly withdrew
7,000 from a TD Bank bran
h around Feb. 18 and gave
it to her boyfriend, who
hen used the money to buy
5 ounces of gold coins to
purportedly pay the hitma
. At one point, Cincinelli
as recorded allegedly ask
ng her boyfriend, “Did yo
do it yet?”, according t
a law-enforcement source
familiar with the case. On Monday afternoon, the
oyfriend told Cincinelli
hat the hitman was at her
estranged husband’s place
of work on Long Island, b
t she said he should be k
lled in “the hood” or “th
ghetto” so “it would not
look suspicious,” court p
pers say. The boyfriend also said t
e hitman had located his
aughter in New Jersey but
“did not want to carry ou
the murder near a school
” court papers say. “Run her the f–k over, ho
about that,” Cincinelli
llegedly responded. At one point, Cincinelli
sked her boyfriend why he
“could not carry the murd
rs him/herself,” the cour
documents said. On May 8, the boyfriend t
ld Cincinelli that the ki
lings were going to take
lace that weekend, the pa
ers said. Cincinella — saying she w
s worried how it would lo
k if both slayings occurr
d so close together — tol
her beau “to have the hi
man kill [the teen] over
he weekend and then wait
week or a month to kill”
her husband, the document
said. On Friday morning, a Suff
lk County detective who w
s working with the feds w
nt to Cincinelli’s home i
Oceanside and falsely to
d her that her estranged
usband, Isaiah Carvalho J
., was dead, court papers
say. Cincinelli cried “fake te
rs” during the meeting, a
source said. After the cop left, the b
yfriend, who was also the
e, recorded Cincinelli di
cussing “what her alibi w
uld be if she were to be
uestioned by the police,”
court papers say. He also showed her a text
message from the feds tha
he claimed came from the
hitman, which included a
taged photograph of her e
tranged husband “appearin
dead in his car,” court
apers say. Cincinelli was arrested a
her home a short time la
er and charged with use o
interstate commerce faci
ities in the commission o
murder-for-hire, which c
rries a maximum 10-year p
ison sentence. Prosecutors didn’t divulg
a motive for why Cincine
li allegedly wanted to el
minate Carvalho, 32. Carvalho sued his wife fo
divorce last year in Nas
au County Supreme Court,
nd they have a trial set
or June, according to cou
t records. Cincinelli — who has a so
with Carvalho and a daug
ter with an ex-husband —
anted her boyfriend’s 15-
ear-old daughter killed b
cause “she was getting in
the way,” a source said. Cincinelli used her cell
hone to track the girl on
social media, court paper
. Cincinelli joined the NYP
in 2007 and formerly wor
ed as a domestic -violenc
officer in the 106th Pre
inct in Queens, and sourc
s said she met her boyfri
nd while working a case. In 2017, she was suspende
for a month and then pla
ed on modified duty after
a Howard Beach man with w
om she’d been involved in
a relationship told the I
ternal Affairs Bureau tha
she spent time at his ho
e while on-duty, sources
aid. It’s unclear if that man
who was described as an
lder “sugar daddy” who pa
d for Cincinelli’s car an
other bills — is the sam
one who helped the feds
uild their case against h
r. Carvalho declined to disc
ss the alleged plot again
t him with The Post on Fr
day, saying, “You gotta g
ve me some time. I can’t
alk about this right now.
His divorce lawyer, Matth
w Weiss, said Carvalho wa
“extremely grateful for
he diligent effort of law
enforcement. “He’s obviously shaken up
but he’s doing OK, all th
ngs considered,” Weiss ad
ed. Cincinelli’s father, who
ives in Virginia, called
he allegation that she wa
ted Carvalho killed “bull
–t.” “They were married, they
ave a kid together. … The
e is no way on the planet
my daughter would have so
eone try to murder him. T
at’s nonsense!” he said. The dad also said that Ci
cinelli “was going out wi
h some wacko who made an
llegation against her bef
re that she tried to kill
him. “This jackass made allega
ions about her, and I’m s
re he’s behind this.” He refused to identify th
man. Carvalho and Cincinelli m
ved into a white Dutch Co
onial home in Oceanside i
October 2013 and split u
about two years ago, a n
ighbor said. Cincinelli s
ayed in the home with the
r two kids ages 9 and abo
t 5. She once had her estrange
husband arrested followi
g a dispute, the resident
said. After he moved out, cops
ere present every time sh
handed over their son fo
shared custody. “You’d see it and feel ba
for the kids,” the neigh
or said. “It looked nasty.” A team of FBI agents spen
about 90 minutes searchi
g her house Friday aftern
on, with one carrying a c
rdboard box when they lef
with a man carrying a sl
dgehammer and pry bar. Cincinelli was hauled int
federal court in Central
Islip wearing a maroon “P
NK” brand sweatshirt from
Victoria’s Secret and neo
-green sweatpants. She looked like she’d bee
crying and said only “Ye
, ma’am” to a series of p
ocedural questions from t
e judge. Prosecutor Catherine Mira
ile said she used her cel
phone to perpetrate the
lleged plot and an FBI ag
nt executed a search warr
nt by holding the in fron
of Cincinelli’s face to
nlock it using facial-rec
gnition technology. Federal defender Tracey G
ffey argued for Cincinell
’s release on bond withou
addressing her guilt or
nnocence, but Judge Anne
hield denied the request,
saying, “There is very st
ong evidence of guilt of
he crimes of trying to ge
these two individuals mu
dered.” Additional reporting by S
ephanie Pagones

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