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INSIDE a $56 Million Bel Air MEGA MANSION

Entering through its own private double
gated street. This architectural achievement of design and sophistication
is a four-story mega mansion. Built atop the hills of Bel Air California My name is Erik Conover and I am going to take you on a tour of this one-of-a-kind mansion
in the beautiful hills of Bel Air The mansion has 9 bedrooms and 15
bathrooms It’s just under 19,000 square feet of living spaces and over 6,000
square feet of outdoor space with parking for 30 cars! It’s listed exclusively by Michelle Oliver at Douglas Elliman. asking a cool 56 million
dollars Now if you are already subscribed to my channel you know that in this
series we tour the most incredible luxury apartments in New York City and
we have some pretty ridiculous apartments coming up in future episodes
so make sure to click that subscribe button This series has been all about
New York City and apartments but about six months ago Mike moved out to LA so
we thought it’s only proper to bring the series out here this is our first tour
in Los Angeles when you purchase this house you’re more or less purchasing a
compound right you have this wall gating off this whole driveway which you said
what 30 cars yeah your front door is this giant piece of glass on this track
that just slides and disappears into the wall once you walk in you’re greeted
with this grand foyer entrance with these beautiful couches beautiful high
ceilings the lighting is magnificent as well as this insane glass floating
staircase from the floor you walk in left and this
will be the sitting room in this sitting room what I really like is because all
the glass opens up and makes it this indoor/outdoor fluid space you could be
sitting on indoor furniture inside your house but still get that ocean breeze
and feel just the most relaxed you could ever feel when these glass walls are
open this indoor sitting space flows to this outdoor sitting space with this
fire pit here views of downtown LA on the cold clear night I mean what more
could you ask for from this first sitting area we walked back to the foyer
to the other wing of the house over this way we have the dining room when you
walk in a place like this you are almost taken aback by how luxurious it is and
how big it is for a little frame of reference I’m six foot four look how big
this marble wall is in the dining room just as a little backdrop and we go on
this way to the kitchen this is probably the kitchen where the owner if they
wanted to do some cooking this is where that would be done it has this
beautifully oversized countertop island over here you have a wolf stove top six
burner from this first kitchen the room flows into a more intimate sitting area
as opposed to the one that we first saw this room has a fireplace built in the
wall definitely a cozier feeling it’s a little more isolated it’s a place to
come and unwind and kind of get some alone time we are now back to the main
foyer of the house this first floor mainly for entertaining and now let’s
head upstairs this second floor is all about private space right off the
floating staircase is the hub of the second floor you have what could be a
space for a nice cozy office area with a bookshelf along the wall and then a
sitting area over there with a TV first things first I’m going to show you the
master bedroom of the house so when you first walk in you have a little sitting
area it’s got a couch a TV a fireplace kind of a place to just relax maybe
while your significant other is getting ready and you’re already ready to go so
you kind of have a living room inside of your bedroom which is just insane then
moving through into the actual bed area obviously this incredibly large bed with
this oversized headboard here kind of right in the center of the room with the
touch of a button the entire master bedroom wall opens up to a wraparound
deck giving you those astonishing bel air view
again the theme of this house is blending that line between indoor and
outdoor space seamlessly into one when the glass walls are open that feeling of
pure relaxation in the house its unparalleled this is where the king and
the queen of the castle wake up every day this is if you’re a billionaire
hundreds of millions of dollars when you’re worth that much money this is the
view you get when you wake up first thing in the morning this is the way to
start your day when you’re at the top of whatever you’re doing from the bedroom
area we’re flowing right in to the master bathroom the centrepiece of the
master bathroom is this eggshell soaking tub Mike I want to show you something
we’ve never seen and something that we probably could never think of look at
this you have a shower fit for 10-15 people with five showerheads you have
this island to show off your Rolex your jewelry anything you want to have easy
access to that you can see when you go to Saks Fifth Avenue and you clean up
their spring collection this is where you come home and put it all
floor-to-ceiling closet space LED lights the works
this closet runs the entire back end of the master suite wing and it’s more
storage space than anyone could even dream of from the master bedroom back
out to the foyer we head to the second wing of the house which has guest
bedroom at number one and further down the hall is the mini master bedroom
which has floor-to-ceiling mirrored glass windows which make the room appear
to be floating over the rest of the home from the outside reflecting the skyline
of downtown LA all right let’s head back out to the foyer to the third wing of
the mansion which is the guest wing here we have bedrooms number four and five
both complete with full bathrooms now from the private top floor let’s go all
the way to the downstairs which is where all the amenities are it’s basically the
entertainment hub of the house right off the stairs you have this little lounge
entertaining area and you make your way over this way and there is a thousand
bottle wine cellar this wine cellar it’s a private room that has an opening and
closing glass door and it has floor-to-ceiling wire hangers
hold every bottle of wine you could ever want a thousand bottles of wine in one
room this is insane this is where your gourmet chef and their staff will come
to make any meal you could ever want any time of day let me just say when you own
a place like this you are not scrambling your own eggs for breakfast so not only
did we have the regular kitchen upstairs any meal you could ever want in your
house as if you’re at a five-star restaurant this is mind-blowing Mike
when you have a property this big your chef is gonna live on the property with
you so built into the side of the hill on the lower level you have basically a
home within a home with four guest bedrooms they could how’s your
world-class chef your cleaning staff guests or any of your friends who need a
place to crash it’s actually hard to grasp the true scale of how large this
home is but with that said let’s head back to the wine cellar where you’ve
just grabbed your favorite glass of wine from your thousand bottle cellar and now
you head on over to your very own professionally designed and engineered
theater there’s wood paneling all around this whole place is soundproof it sounds
like a true movie theater this is a proper screening room inside of your
house I mean this is the type of room where Tarantino or skirts say as he
calls up Leo and says hey come on over I got the first cut of the movie let’s
watch it from the theater back out to the foyer we head to the fitness and
wellness wing of the mansion this is complete with an in-home massage studio
a state-of-the-art steam room and of course a custom cedar sauna moving from
the hallway to your own private personal gym this gym has a treadmill elliptical
stationary bike there’s a full weight set and honestly this gym is big enough
where you can customize it and put whatever you want in here and like
everything else in this house this is a convertible indoor outdoor gym you could
come out here on a nice sunny day do your workout on the patio
beautiful views of downtown now let’s head back up to the main floor for the
main reason why you would spend that 56 million dollars on a house on a cliff in
bel-air and probably the reason why you clicked on this video is for the pool
where you have the infinity pool going off to downtown in the distance
another big factor here that’s highly underrated is the privacy that you have
in this pool the closest neighbor that you can see
from this pool is the Getty Museum which is miles away from you and on a clear
day you can even see the Pacific Ocean and speaking of views as the Sun sets in
the sky turns purple the mansion at night lights up the hilltop and is a
true entertainers dream home comment down below more mansion tours if
you want to see more crazy places like this in Los Angeles make sure to
subscribe to my channel for more luxury content and with that I will see you in
the next video


Erik Conover

Aug 8, 2019, 4:07 pm Reply

Welcome to SEASON 2 of YouTube Luxury Listings!! For the next 10 episodes we will be touring the most incredible properties not just in New York Cit, but around the WORLD. Comment below your favorite room in this Bel Air mega mansion and what cities you want to see luxury tours in!!!


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Aug 8, 2019, 11:57 am Reply

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DracolasMC_ YT

Aug 8, 2019, 11:57 am Reply

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Aug 8, 2019, 12:20 pm Reply

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Tony Gao

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der hund der dich liebt

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Ayman Elheniedy

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