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Inheriting granny’s tea shop in rural Japan

Rumi Ricotta (maiden name Kamiryo) and her French husband Adrien moved to to the town of Tsuwano… in Shimane Prefecture in April 2017 from Osaka, where she was born and raised. They have come to succeed her grandparents’ tea shop in hopes of keeping the almost century-old family business running. It was in early 2013 when Rumi’s father was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. It became clear to her that it was unlikely he would ever be able to return to Tsuwano to succeed his parents’ tea shop as she had thought. That was when she started contemplating doing it herself. Running the family business would mean more flexible working hours, and it would also enable her aging grandparents to retire. More importantly, Rumi felt instinctively that this would be the best shortcut to support her father’s wishes. Now, whenever she gets to enjoy a leisurely dinner with Adrien and their daughter Rina after work, or simply enjoy each other’s company… she realizes she has found the true happiness of life she has been looking for. Right now, Rumi hopes to promote overseas sales. The first market she is eyeing is France, Adrien’s home country. “I hope (my father) will be a bit relieved if he sees my family as we are right now,” Rumi said of her father, who died last April at age 64.

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