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In Their Own Words: Faulkner Apartments at UVA

The thing I like the most about Faulkner
it’s just that I do get my own room, having that social aspect, but I also
like to have my own privacy and downtime. The thing I like most about Faulkner is
how close it is to some great places. It’s very close to JPJ, so it’s very
close to the basketball games. It’s close to a lot of concerts and career fairs.
There are great libraries to post up in. I also like that North Grounds is right
there. It’s kind of its own remote gym, so
it’s not always packed like the AFC or Slaughter. The community at Faulkner is a
little bit more laidback because it is upperclassmen housing. It’s definitely
just very chill, and I feel like I’m living in, like, kind of an apartment
area, so it kind of gives me that sense I’m living off Grounds, and I’m just
living on Grounds. While the community is laidback individually, the community as
a whole really bonds together. It’s a better sense of community and allows us
to really connect with different students who might be in our same
housing situation that we’d never see on Grounds. My favorite spot is the iconic
gazebo. But no matter what time of day you’re walking by, I feel like you could
always find someone in the gazebo and just have a little chat with. It’s
especially beautiful during the springtime when it’s really sunny, and I
really appreciate that there is that wonderful nature area in Faulkner. So a
nice area, it’s like our own miniature Lawn and then the gazebo is our Rotunda. Faulkner may seem far from Central Grounds, but it’s a very quick
10-minute bus ride, and it’s a wonderful 15 minute walk if it’s nice out. You just
have to kind of plan accordingly. I think that’s just the one thing, the one
compromise, to make for such a great housing area. Faulkner has so much to
offer. Pros are that get your own room, you have three other roommates, so it’s
great to kind of switch it up and mix it up a lot once in a while.
It’s a nice community where you get to connect with people. But there’s also —
it’s very independent, so it feels like you’re living off Grounds. I have more time to
have fun, I have more time to focus on my studies. I really do love this place. Out
of the four years that I’ve lived at UVA, this is the best place that I’ve been at.

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