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In the Shop: Symmetry Disinfecting

My name is David Morrissey I am a New Product Engineer with Visa Lighting and I’m the product lead with the small Symmetry. One of Visa’s best-selling products is the big Symmetry, about 45″ in diameter What we wanted to do is expand the family to incorporate a smaller Symmetry which allows for drop-in installation into a standard 2×2 ceiling grid, as well as a drywall install. The biggest feature of the small Symmetry is our partnership with Vital Vio and the incorporation of White Light Disinfection® into Symmetry. What this means is you can walk into the room, flip the light switch on, and have it disinfect the air and the surfaces around you and it’s perfectly safe. It’s not just a light fixture. It’s an art piece. it’s a beautiful fixture with a concave lens that just adds an artistic flair to the room. Some of the biggest challenges we had with the small Symmetry was maintaining the quality of the illumination of the big Symmetry in a smaller body. What that meant was trying to find a happy medium between performance and appearance. We overcame these challenges by utilizing industry-leading tools in research and design. Here at Visa Lighting we’re very excited about the future and the big splash that Symmetry is going to make in the market today.

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