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In Residence Ep 13: “Doriana and Massimiliano Fuksas” by Benjamin Seroussi

If you plan every day Some contemporary building it’s fantastic to live in an old building The contradiction between what you are and what kind of life you live
in the whole building Our home is the first inspiration because we live here we love to be here We have a beautiful landscape just out of the home Then I think to be here is fantastic for the light I don’t like objects I could live in nothing with only just a bed just a table at which I can eat read, make drawings The real luxury is to have volume Your life cannot be
in an iconic building or in an iconic home We want to be free in our house For me the house,
it’s like a theater set where you play your own life This one represents a special period because we had just one daughter she was born in Paris and so all the house is about,
themed about when she was a child When you do housing what you do is not very far
from what you are The evolution of our architecture
and the way which we live in is exactly the same We don’t want to be cliché We don’t want to be a brand We want to have inspiration creations very easily We don’t want to be a pop star We don’t want to be pop We don’t want to be star A little bit pop, yes Perhaps you

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