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IKEA Small Spaces – Making space to be together in a small apartment

Hi! My name is Camilla and I work
as an interior designer for IKEA. And I would like to take you on a
small tour in this room behind me. Normally, maybe you would put
the sofa along that wall over there. Instead we put up lots of shelves
and gained space for storage. Instead of a sofa we
put two chaise longues– –in the middle of the
room facing each other. So that they can have a cosy time
together, hanging out, reading books– –or they can do separate things. One could for example watch the
screen over here or play a game. Or… They can actually
watch television at the same time. On this projection
screen that we made out of a– –roller blind that
we put in the ceiling. A smart idea when
you live in a small space– –is to have
furniture with multi–functions. This table, for example,
can become a desk. If you open it up and inside
it has a lot of hidden storage. It has wheels, which makes it
moveable and you can move it around– –in the room if you want to use
the tabletop for other occasions. Another thing is to use the walls
and the entire height of the room. You can put storage
all the way up to the ceiling. Thank you for listening.
Hej då!

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