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IKEA – An easy-to-pack studio apartment

Hey! We’re the IKEA Ideas Team. Our catalogue colleagues built a studio
apartment for a person who moves a lot- -and loves to try out new places and spaces. Here we go. Let’s take a tour while we pack everything-
-even the entire kitchen. Speaking of the kitchen, let’s go there first. It’s small, but has all the
essentials for cooking- -cleaning dishes, storing food
and sorting waste. Since it’s lightweight and easy to
disassemble, it’s easy to move, too. These shelves, rails and cabinets
really use the height of the wall- -and help keep the work surface
free from clutter. And this shelving unit stores the rest. Let’s pack up the kitchen. That’s one room done. Let’s keep going. Here’s the super open walk in closet- -with plenty of compartments and
boxes for clothes and accessories. It’s simple to set up and to take down. Like this. On this wall, a clothes rack fits perfectly. And it doubles as a coat rack by the door. It packes up quickly too. Let’s step into the living/sleeping/dining room. Just kidding we’re already here. This sofa rolls out and unfolds as a bed. The table works as a coffee table, dining table
and has a whole library underneath. With the books already packed and
ready to carry, we’re almost done. Let’s bring in some moving help! And there it is, a home ready to go.

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