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I Tried Every LA Coffee Shop So You Don’t Have To

Hey guys this Morgan Yates and for today’s video I thought it’d be fun to check out seven coffee shops in LA that I’m constantly seeing all over Instagram to see if their drinks measure up to their photo potential I Have Shelby with me here today who is going to be trying all these coffee shops with me. This is actually a collab So if you liked the idea of this video, I’m gonna do We’re trying the rooftop Bars in LA the coolest ones So between our two videos, you can see which bars and coffee shops You want to go to literally ever you need to know in LA freeze coffee shop? We’re trying will be rating them on four different factors including the overall aesthetic or Instagram potential the Environment or vibe if you will which includes the music the type of crowd and the frilliness the employees the workability Meaning are their outlets fast Wi-Fi and plenty of tables and finally we’ll be reading just how good the coffee actually is we’ll also be including the price of each drink we ordered so that you can see which places are a bang for your buck and which are just not worth the social media hype the first place we are trying is Actually not a coffee shop. It is Joe in the juice. However, this is on this list for good reasons because it’s good And they have coffee they don’t they have coffee. Yes, of course first up We visited Joe in the juices Brit mode location, which is actually one of the more spacious coffee shops. I’ve been to in LA Yes, it’s the to shop it serves coffee Whatever there’s an abundance of seating both indoors and out and every time I’ve been there most tables are mysteriously empty Which is great for knowing you can count on getting a seat there and getting a bunch of work done. Another thing I love about John the juice is that it’s a great coffee shop to actually go and work out which are hard to come by and places are so popular and also places do not have outlets P, but the Outlet, there are outlets beside pretty much every table. They also have super fast Wi-Fi. That doesn’t require a password So all things considered I give John the juice an eight for work ability The only thing keeping this from being a tenth is that the music is rather loud? So if there’s someone who gets distracted easily, you might want to work elsewhere next for the coffee. I ordered the large iced latte I think this was 450 or smaller sizes I got a small cold brew yesterday or like the tiniest iced coffees probably anywhere in LA great taste test. I think it’s good I think it tastes very comparable to out for its next door. It’s very smooth. It’s not like a super strong espresso I would give this like an eight and a half I got a juice because I’ve had one too much coffee today already. It was seven dollars I Gave John the juices atmosphere in eight The staff is super friendly it generally it’s a very chill kind of quiet crowd and they do have great music Although sometimes they blast it a little more than I would like. I also give their aesthetic and eight It’s pretty simple in there But they have some really cute decor like these chairs in the background and their windows on three of the four sides So it’s super bright inside giving you that perfect photo lighting as well next up We’re heading right next door to a coffee shop You’ve probably seen every youtuber post a photo of at least once and that is Alfred coffee They have locations all over LA and are known for their but first coffee slogan So we’re a Morgan’s favorite you guys come here and my go-to as always a nice vanilla latte with oat milk They have the best open milk here I got a cold brew with oat milk and vanilla so pretty much the same thing But the lotta is actually a little better it occurred to me because I knew that guy working I think he didn’t charge me for double price a soda you thinking of one tube or 50? This was yeah. So is this what a homie like that love nice workers workers 10 out of 10. The decor is so cool Yeah, it’s really cute inthere like all of the locations don’t really have seating inside So for workability typically like seedings very taken at most of the locations except for the one we’re at right now Which is in Brentwood did that wouldn’t even have any indoor season, you know, actually this one imporant one so indoors There’s only like a Ledge at the window with two seats but there is actually a lot of outdoor seating here and I feel like the other locations don’t have that that’s like there are no Outlets like that. I feel like they do not want you to come here. Yeah. Thank you Come you get your interim picture and you go I will say this is one of the more expensive Coffee shops, if you want like a latte, yes, I feel like they don’t really run like seven dollars Which is a lot a seven dollar coffee. I would remind like a 5 out of 10 I just like didn’t get enough oat milk or vanilla. It’s my own fault. I did not order the right thing I’m gonna rate this a 10. This is my favorite coffee drinking all in LA. That would be really good have had that before Incredible and let you try it, but you’re sick Alfred’s Cheers to you. Yes, great establishment. I have Alfred a7 for their aesthetic Each location is super colorful and I love the neon lights But when it comes to actually getting a photo of yourself with your coffee It’s not really going to happen inside any of their stores because they’re all extremely busy small and the locations other than Burt 1 tend To be kind of dark I give the environment a 9 however because they’re all just fun good energy places to be with personable Employees of fun decor and chill music next up. We trekked downtown to a place I have never been but that I saw listed on almost every magazine article and blog post about the most Instagram mobile cafes in LA And that is Verve coffee roasters. Let me start by saying immediately upon entry I was confused as to how this place made those lists. There’s not really any decor going on no colors No art and it’s actually far darker in person than my camera makes it look but they do have a cue outdoor section So we chose to sit there mixed feelings about this. I feel like it would be good to work inside There are a lot of available tables However outside which I would say, it’s the cuter part of a coffee shop does look a fly swarmed on me I don’t know if you can see it was important thing. We’re here for the coffee I got and I spent a lo watching it with oat milk It was 650 which I feel like is on the more expensive side for a lot type It’s my sweetness a little bit and it’s very bitter he’s kind of like a counterculture which isn’t my favorite I’d honest leave this like a for like I wouldn’t Crave this or like really want to go out of my way to come back for this. I just bought some tofu cheese I’ve already had two cups of coffee today. It’s really actually so good. Yeah people here are very hipster Getting a standoffish vibe, but it’s okay. Everyone’s here just do work. So it’s fine overall. This place sadly left me disappointed I’d only give it a five for its aesthetic and for the atmosphere. I have to give it a three I hate to say the staff weren’t friendly or welcoming at all And it was so dark inside that I feel like coming here for coffee would almost lower my mood You definitely can get a cute photo outside since I really wasn’t impressed with a coffee or anything for that matter I’d recommend that you probably just go somewhere else on this list. So we did just that next up We headed to a Grand Central Market downtown where G&B coffee is located. We are now in Akron It’s also great for Instagram photos, but the coffee shop as well is like a super bright background, so I see And photos here. So I just got their iced coffee at Lucas list And I got it with almond macadamia nut milk, which I’ve never tried before Definitely tasting like the macadamia more than I am the coffee, so it’s not super but it’s not bad. I would give this like Like the coffee flavor isn’t really that strong yeah, it’s sort of milky. It’s almost like watery It tastes watered-down. I thought it was gonna be better. I Really wanted to love this place because the staff was so nice, but the coffee sadly was just nothing special I will give this place an iron for its aesthetic between the neon light wall and the bright coffee stand itself There’s definitely a lot of photo potential. However, the workability score here is a zero while there’s usually open seating It’s an extremely loud place with no outlets in sight and it’s really just somewhere people come to eat and hang out I will give it a 7 for the atmosphere. It’s a really high-energy fun place to briefly stop by ultimately I would come back here if I happen to be nearby, but I definitely order something else next up We had to try Phil’s coffee, which apparently is a chain But I’ve only ever heard of it from Emma Chamberlain’s videos Also if you’re wondering yes I’m aware that she posted basically the same video a couple of weeks ago Shelby and I had actually started filming before that But then we both went out of town for weeks. So we aren’t copying her with this Sometimes people just say the same idea at the same time And sometimes the person was the same idea is one of the biggest people on YouTube Honestly crazy thought that happen really much crazy when you texted me that I was like you’re kidding So when you walk into Phil’s it doesn’t feel like anything special It just looks like your standard coffee chain the line when we were there was actually rather long and there was no sitting room inside So I was really hopeful that this busyness meant that we’d finally get a good drink after the last couple of flops I just have to say that I fully expected to come here and hate on this place. I didn’t expect it to be good and Simon everywhere Definitely definitely like a no-frills typing place It’s a chain, but I really didn’t expect it to be great and it is really really good I got an iced ginger snap thing like it is so so that definitely isn’t a healthy drink on the menu But it tastes really bomb. This drink was for 16. It’s a good size It Philly looks pretty standard especially for like fancier type drink this place. Strangely. Give someone a hometown cough Personally only because the staff was so nice and they have like an honor system at this location Apparently where you like order on one side and then like go around to the other side to like pay but there’s so many people You could literally like you don’t enough have your drink up there when you pay so you can lie, or you just walk out I am I’m thoroughly impressed. Actually I give this like a 9, okay I got the mint mojito drink and this is so good. It is really sweet. Like I would not get this on the daily It’s like a desert. I like this place like I would totally come back here. Mmm Like 9 out of 10 one thing to note if you’re looking for like a cute Instagram coffee shop, man This place isn’t really that cute but like the coffee is good aside from the delicious drinks. I get fills a 3 for workability I just wouldn’t do it. I give the aesthetic a 3 also There’s a bunch of weird art on the walls and it’s just kind of not that cute inside In fact, I don’t know how you’d get a photo here at all give the atmosphere of 6 all the staff were super nice and funny and it seems like a friendly crowd but at the end of The day is still just a big time chain coffee shop vibes if all you care about is the coffee though I have got decided with Emma that this place rocks our last moments with our Phil’s coffee So because we’re going to the next place, this is so sad like I love this for our next to last coffee shop We stopped by a must trendier chain that has several locations in big cities and that is bluebottles specifically their downtown location minimalist plays lots of simple deployment neutral tones so what I got here was only 425 and I got their heist coffee and got it with oat milk and Sheldon said they don’t charge extra for whole milk. I didn’t pay attention that that’s awesome also Definitely interesting that they put all of this and it’s like it looks like a hot coffee cup even though it’s ice That is nice to alleviate plastic usage gotta love that Not like my favorite it’s not Alfred Alfred something here print I would give this nigga seven So I got the New Orleans which is an iced coffee drink here so I asked it for it with almond milk and they’re like Oh, that’s like a dollar 25 extra but his free drink is really good It’s actually one of my favorite like coffee drinks from any coffee shop because it tastes very like creamy, but not too sweet Not too creamy feel that coffee flavor I get blue bottle a six for workability if you can manage without an outlet for a while this location actually has a lot of Seating to get some stuff done and the noise level isn’t too loud for the aesthetic I’m giving it a 7 because while you can get the simple photo here when it comes to spending time here It just it’s too plain for me to be excited to be there. I give it a 7 for the atmosphere as well I really have any complaints but it’s just not somewhere. I’d ever seek out to go. Hang in conclusion These might be fighting words, but I think Blue Bottle is overrated, especially in LA coffee’s good But it’s not life-changing enough for me to crave it and I think they’re just more exciting places to go last up is maybe the coolest and most Agreeable option of this list and that is career cafe located on Melrose in West Hollywood. Also located across from the pink wall Knock out to pick someone if you’re in addition to the bright white interior Career cafe is known for being able to add a printed design to the top of your drink which they call a ripple you can Get everything from a palm tree to a quote like good vibes only or you can even download their app and import your own photo To get printed on top like Shelby did alright, so we made it here really loud Lots of residual Instagram baddies have trickled their way and over here from the people That’s definitely like the crowd vibe here is like a lot of Instagram girls I just got one that says I love it la as we’re trying all the la cop shop So this does add I want to say like two or three dollars to your order I just got a nice vanilla latte shelby’s latte with tip with $7 I actually customized my latte and I got a picture of Leo and it’s just so funny You have to do a picture that has like a lot of contrast for it to show up. Well like this one didn’t work so well, but you definitely could see him like that’s Leo as you can tell this is a very Instagram of a place they’ve got the neon signs the white break It’s pretty I really like the tile – it’s cool. This also would not be a good place whatsoever to do work They do have Wi-Fi which is nice and they actually kind of have like a decent amount of oh, okay There’s outlets by one table. This place is extremely loud with the music, but it tastes really good I actually give this drink an 8 their lattes are delicious but the aesthetic rating I think this place is worthy of a 10 between the bright lighting cute floors of neon lights and a coffee art that you can’t Find anywhere else. Well, I’d only give them a two for workability. I’ve got to give the environment a nine I always have a lot of fun coming here and everyone around seems to be in a good mood and that is it for trying Ellie’s most instagrammed coffee shops let me know in the comments which one you guys would want to try and Once you know this video make sure you head over to Shelby’s Channel Yeah, I may have gotten this one again today next time Make sure you go check out Shelby’s video where we’re going to so many la rooftop Bars almost all about. Yeah, so that’s it Thank you guys so much for watching and I will see you in my next video

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